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    Best approach to calculate Impact vs Timing

    I'm trying to generate a bubble quadrant chart, but need to further refine my data. The quadrant will have Impact along the X axis and Timing along the Y axis. The size of the bubble should be the quantity of the Category. My data looks like the below: Category Issue Description impact...
  2. A

    Charting with Quadrants

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to have Excel plot a series of co-ordinates on a chart separated into 4 quadrants. Ideally Excel should plot the movement along the co-ordinates possibly with arrows. What's the best way to do this? I'm wondering if a scatter plot will work? Thanks in advance!
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    Quadrant Chart with Labeled X-Y coordinates

    I need to be able to generate a scatter plot with the following data: 3 columns, 1st column is project name, 2nd column is feasibility, 3rd column is financial impact. Using the 2nd & 3rd columns as x-y coordinates, plot the x-y point using the 1st column as the x-y point label. Any ideas how...
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    Silly Chart Question

    I have 33 projects that have three values associated with them: - project number - a Project valuation (0,1,or 2) {equivalent to 'green', 'yellow', and 'red'}; - and a Project Manager Override Evaluation (0,1,or 2){equivalent to 'green', 'yellow', and 'red'}. the table looks like this...

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