1. J

    Connect fact sheets with different dimension

    Good day everybody! I'm currently desperately trying to link three tables together so I can filter everything. I following three tables: tblEmployees <tbody> ID Name 1 Kevin 2 Arnold </tbody> tblPlan <tbody> Date ID Action 01.01.2019 1 A 02.01.2019 1 A 03.01.2019 1 Ill...
  2. P

    Change query, updated column based on cel value

    I have "inherited" a database to maintain. In it is TABLE1 with a unique staff number, followed by several columns with the qualifications each staff member can have. In TABLE2 I have feedback from trainers. They fill this in to let me know someone has a new qualification. There is one field...
  3. J

    IF formula help

    I have a massive spreadsheet of people and their qualifications. Vlookup will only return their first qualification on the list, but I need to know each one by line. I’m trying to use an “IF AND” statement. So, if column 1 contains the persons name and column 2 contains qualification name 1 (at...
  4. B

    Help in correcting excel formula

    Can anyone help me correct the following formula: =IF(C2>100,IF(T2="Change of Ropa",ROUNDUP(VLOOKUP(DATE(2006,1,1),$Q$2:$R$28,2,0)*1.86,-1)+G2),IF(C2>100,IF(OR(T2={"Superannuation","Appointment","Annual Increment","Enhancement of Qualification","10 Years' Benefit","18 Years' Benefit","20 Years'...
  5. T

    Qualification in Excel

    Hello, i have a very basic knowledge of Excel. Is there an online course that guides you through Excel with some form of certificate or recognition that i could list on a CV? I'm not worried so much about the cost, it's more having something to recognise I have learnt Excel skills.
  6. H

    Checking qualification levels before assigning possition

    Hello I have a problem The problem is that I need to find a way to get excel checking the minimum qualifications to reach a certain level. As it is now excel will check the amount of points which is in this scenario "1.000.000" so this means Champion's League (CL) but it did not pass the...

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