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    Have a Yes/No show up based on table data

    Morning all! Was working on an excel spreadsheet and could use your help please! Based on the table below, is there a function I could use to populate another cell with either "Yes" or "No" depending on the table's data? More specifically I have two separate sheets that are populated with...
  2. I

    help with adding max date

    HI Guys i have a countifs statement that is doing the on the below set of data <tbody> Name Status date Alex Qualified 30/03/2019 Alex Qualified 30/05/2019 Alex Qualified 30/04/2019 Alex Not Qualified 29/04/2019 James Not Qualified 26/04/2019 James Qualified 26/04/2019 James...
  3. I

    count ifs with date range from date time field

    HI Guys i am doing a count ifs statement on the example data below <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> Name Stats date Alex Qualified 30/03/2019 01:18:01 Alex Qualified 01/04/2019 10:08:01 Alex Not Qualified 30/04/2019 02:01:01 Alex Qualified...
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    Count ifs with date range

    HI Guys i am trying to create a formula where it does a count if the date range condition is matched else bring back blank, below is the data <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name State Created On Alex Qualified 30/04/2019 Alex Qualified 01/05/2019 Alex Qualified...
  5. S

    Best way to create overview sheet showing elements of monthly sales forecast sheets from staff

    Hi - I need to create an overview sheet which pulls rows from each team member's sales sheets if they are more than 75% qualified. These are in tabs in the same Workbook. So, if a cell in sheet KIRSTY column J (Qualified) is either 75% or 100%, then that whole row should be copied into another...
  6. W

    Assign Module to a column

    I have a formula in a Module that I want to assign to Column H. This formula determines if the training date is past Today() and will either display Not Qualified or Fully Qualified. Column H is dynamic based on the amount of training required for the job selected. I currently have it housed in...
  7. R

    Return value based on criteria in a chart

    If I enter the number of family size, I want the cell to return "Qualified" if the Income is no greater than the income that correlates with the Number in Household (refer to chart) otherwise return "not qualified." For instance, if I enter Family Size of 2 and enter the income as $15,000.00...
  8. T

    Formula Help!

    I need a formula that will sum several cells in different tabs, but i need it to evaluate the cell F3 for it they are qualified on each tab before assigning points. If it says not qualified in any of the four tabs f3 column, i need it to say Disqualified. I was using this IF statement but it...
  9. M

    Column Sorting Trouble

    Hello! I have a challenge for you geniuses. I am trying to sort my column with an INDEX-MATCH formula. The Formula is pretty standard: INDEX(Formulas!$AL$9:$AL$196,MATCH(Standings!C7,Formulas!$C$9:$C$196,0),1) The INDEX-MATCH is pulling results of another formula from another sheet. That...

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