1. J

    IF formula based on a value between 2 numbers, and also matching specific criteria

    Hello, I have a group of employees that have results for various metrics. I want to assign a Score for each of these metrics based on specific values that their result is between. For example, one metric might be quality, and I might have scores 1-5 where 5 is anything greater than 98%, 4 is...
  2. ukbulldog001

    Grade using two range/conditions

    Dear MrExcelits, Need help in deriving Grade A to E using two sets of data. Tried my best and stuck. Please help in formula. No macros please as I would share this file. Example as below: Grade Table to consider: Book1BCD2GRADEQUALITYDELIVERY...
  3. K

    Drop down list fills out table for data entry guidelines

    Hello! I hope I have come to the right place. I have been searching for the past several days for a solution to my conundrum and I haven't been able to find anything. The company that I work for is...significantly behind the times in regards to data entry and computer use. I have recently been...
  4. G

    Counting unique instances given another criteria

    Hello! I am creating an Access report. Inside the report, I have created a box that will count the number of project inspections (based on Review type column) given a date. It is worthy to note that a single project inspection on a given day can have multiple findings. I am not interested in...
  5. C

    Multiple search criteria to filter value to a new sheet

    hi guys, Need some help on a file that needs filtering though a drop down list. Background: there are different quality of oil shipments that we are getting from the supplier vs the contracted quality that we agreed upon. Every sample of oil is presented into a table called the crude oil...
  6. R

    ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddPicture - How to improve quality of images?

    Hi, guys. I am using "ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddPicture" to import images into my worksheet, however the pictures decrease quality every time I did that. Is there any way to set a better resolution or something that help this point? Sub Insere() BoolImage = True Dim Imagem As Object Dim...
  7. R

    Extract a number from a string

    I have a column like this. Quality Score: 5 (20180412) Quality Score: 5 (20180220) Quality Score: 4 (xxxxxxxx) Quality score: 4 (20180713) Quality Score; 4 (20180605) I need to get just the scores in a different column so I can average them in a pivot base don toher criteria I have in other...
  8. A

    Place Group thick border- If two or more cells contains same value

    Hi Can anyone please help - I have to place a thick border in the entire row based on values in Column "A" until two or more cells contains the same value. if cell A2 & A3 have the same value so i have to place a thick border which will show that these rows have same values...
  9. S

    Object becomes blurry when converting to pdf

    I am using CutePDF converter but the object in my worksheet comes out blurry. I have tried changing the print quality resolution but it is still really blurry. Any suggestions?
  10. S

    Classify data by simultaneously validating 3 parameters

    Hi, I am facing a live problem and hoping that someone can help me. I have 3 trucks and bunch of vegetables and fruits and I have to distribute these products in each of these trucks. The parameters that I have to check are Type, Quality and Availability. Explained with the screenshot: <style...
  11. J

    Count comma separated value with one of criteria in between commas

    <tbody> Sum 1-Jan 2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan 6-Jan ? HQ5 HQ1 HQ1 LQ1 LQ3 LQ2 </tbody> HQ=High quality LQ=Low quality Hi, I have a gantt chart that I log how many high-quality products and low-quality products that are produced per day. How do I keep the get a sum with a criteria for each...
  12. J

    Issues with reverting numbers to dates

    Hi guys, See below, I have used the following formula intending to retrieve the red bits. =LOOKUP(MID(A2,3,2),$J$1:$K$5)&LEFT(C2,5)&"-"&D2&"_"&"PN_"&B2 instead, it Returns as: Finance_Department_43107-43287_PN_876789 I tried to Change the Format cells as Dates, it still won't work. oddly...
  13. C

    vba creating a PDF from an excel sheet but pictures are poor quality

    Hi, I have the code below which selects a range in excel and prints it to a PDF. The range is mainly made up of text boxes, graphs, shapes and 3 pictures. The quality in the PDF is excellent apart from the pictures which are poor (fuzzy) and let the rest down. Any ideas of how I could change the...
  14. D

    Excel Weighted Percentage

    Hi There, I have question regarding weighted percentages. Apologies in advance if this isn't in the correct thread. We currently mark our employees from 0 - 100 in what we call there quality score we then apply a weighting to get our new score: Currently the weighting for quality 25 so we...
  15. S


    my table is like below I need to count how many r there are for all process only for Quality (5) I need to count how many r there are for all process only for SHE (2) etc Many thanks for any help <tbody> Process Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 Process 1 Quality n r g a r g g a g Process...
  16. M

    Inherited code - VBA to copy multiple sheets from workbooks on Sharepoint

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me please. I have been asked by my bosses to complete a macro started by someone else as I'm 'a bit IT'. I was a COBOL programmer in a previous life and that was 7 year ago, so have no idea about VBA code! Apologies if my questions are very basic. I would...
  17. A

    Using cell value as range name in list validation

    I am trying to use the value in a cell, A7, as the data validation range name for another cell. I have created a range called "Category", which is populated with 3 values, "Quality", "Productivity" and "Value". I have also created ranges named "Quality", "Productivity" and "Value". Each of...
  18. M

    Access Duplicate Records

    Hello, I need some suggestions. I have a Form that will add records to a table. These are the fields that will need to be filled using the form: Entered By Date Entered Cycle Month Report Type Date Reviewed Reviewer Type Reviewer Reviewer Report Area Main Section Topic Section...
  19. M

    Need Help in VBA Codes

    I have an excel sheet with multiple columns (A,B,C,D,E,F) below <tbody> Date Worked Project Name Code Service Deliver Worked Hours 9/14/2017 Alfa Ram 123 Quality Check 2.5 9/14/2017 Alfa Ram 123 No Work 2.5 9/14/2017 Alfa XYZ 579 Quality Check 2.5 9/14/2017 Alfa XYZ 579 No Work 2.0...
  20. J

    Problems saving workbook using cell values in path and file name

    Hi guys, I'm trying to modify some script that I found on the forum. As it is written it will go out to Sharepoint grab a specific file and save it to a specific path on my hard drive. I am trying to modify it to use a couple of values from the worksheet "MACRO" so that the rest of my team can...

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