1. D

    Counting Unique names only, based on a couple of criteria

    <tbody> Quarter SR Client q1 jane abc company q1 jane mcg inc q1 jane mcg inc q1 house box llc q1 bob hti q2 bob hti q2 bob apple q2 jane abc company </tbody> I have this set of data. I want to do two things: 1. calculate the number of total unique clients by Quarter and SR...
  2. D

    SUM IF - Quarterly Calculations

    I am needing a formula in my revenue column is only added for the Quarter chosen in column A <tbody> Quarter Revenue Q1 500 Q2 250 Q3 350 Q4 100 Q1 2500 </tbody> I want a formula that will extract only the revenue for each time "Q1" is listed. This can not be a pivot table, as it...
  3. L

    Semi-Dynamic Fiscal Year & Quarter Formula

    I have a workbook with the following dynamic formula that determines the fiscal year and quarter based on todays date. When I run the formula today it will result in "FY 2019 Q2" but when I open the same workbook in April 2019 it will change to "FY 2019 Q3" but I do not want that to happen...
  4. R

    Date & Quarters

    Hi, I need a simple formula to get the quarter number from date. In below table, if column A is already date, it should mention the quarter in column B. But if column A is already quarter, it should simply equal in column B. Changing date format is not an option. I tried to create a formula...
  5. S

    Forecast Quarterly Tasks

    Hello All! After countless hours of research, I have created an account so that I can have my question answered directly. I have quarterly training that must be accomplished by the end of each quarter, but those dates are based on an "Initiation" date. Based on THAT date, I need to: 1)...
  6. V

    Nesting if then with and and or

    I have a sheet. There is a date column for length of task, start and finish of project tasks. The finish column is a formula of length of task plus start (so not in date format). To the right of these dates are quarters with quarter end dates. If the project is being worked on during this...
  7. D

    Number of days per quarter between 2 dates

    Can someone help me to calculate the number of days per quarter between 2 dates? <tbody> Start date End date Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 01 jan 2019 30 jun 2019 89 91 0 0 01 feb 2019 01 mar 2019 28 0 0 0 01 feb 2019 01 aug 2019 58 91 0 0 01 nov 2018 01 aug 2019 150 -150 0 60 01 jul 2019 31 dec 2019...
  8. L

    Power Query to Get Fiscal Quarter Based on Month Name

    I want to create a custom column in Power Query that would have a formula to get the fiscal quarter based on the month column name in my data set. Oct, Nov, Dec = Q1 Jan, Feb, Mar = Q2 Apr, May, Jun = Q3 Jul, Aug, Sep = Q4 As noted above, the month column in my data set only use the first...
  9. J

    Count occurrences occurring by Month, Quarter & Year

    Hello- I have 2 columns Column A list of dates Column B color type I need to determine how many times red shows up in a month, then quarter, then year. I'm stumped. Thanks much!
  10. G

    Pivot Table Grouped Quarters Data Format (Qtr1> 01)

    Hi. This feels like it should be an easy answer, but for the life of me I can't find it. I've a pivot table where the dates are all correctly grouped into quarters & years. However, I want to change the format of the entry for quarters from Qtr1 to 01. This would make the field heading Quarter...
  11. T

    Create date from quarter / year

    I am having an issue with how some people entered their work. When they closed the tasks they closed it as the year it was closed and the quarter it closed in and not a date of close. Can I create a date of close by taking the Quarter and the year and combining them to show something like this...
  12. U

    headcount and spend by quarter, only spend by last 4 quarters and headcount by last 1 qtr

    Scenario is let's say we have customer in row, quarters in columns and spend / headcount in values. Is it possible to only show one quarter headcount while showing 4 quarter spend in the same pivot table? https://imgur.com/VM7ScsE for reference (it is not in pivot table format but gives you...
  13. K

    Distributing units across quotas

    Hi, I'd greatly appreciate help finding a formula that will calculate the figures in red (cells C3:F6) in my mockup below. Column I contains sales thresholds at which different bonuses are paid in 4 tiers labelled in Column H. If I sell 100 units in Quarter 1 (Cell B3), that would mean all of...
  14. J

    Add yearly total to chart split by quarters

    I've just discovered Power BI for desktop (literally two days ago) and am enjoying playing around with it, but I've come across a charting problem - something that I could easily do in Excel that I can't figure out how to do in Power BI. I have a table of sales data showing quarter number (Q1...
  15. Shweta

    Assign quarter dynamically based on the starting month

    Hello All, I have a data validation list for all the months from January to December. I want to assign quarters to my months based on the selection in the validation list. For example, If "November (11)" is selected in the validation list, Q1 should be May-July and Q2 should be Aug-Oct. And...
  16. D

    get next quarter date , third friday

    hi, i'm trying to make a formula so that the next quarter, third friday is shown....(ie December 21)
  17. B

    How does this formula Work in Power BI

    I have separate column for the Year, Quarter and Date. I have 3 records representing each quarter. I want to create a formula that will assignment the month associated with each quarter. The columns that i have in this table is this: Year Quarter Month 2012 1 1 2012 1 2...
  18. G

    VBA to determine Quarter and year from range of dates

    Hello, currently i have the following which populates in column O the latest quarter and year from a range of dates in columns K-M LR = Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row Range("o2").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=""q"" &...
  19. A

    Round to nearest Quarter

    Hello, Please advice, how to round a fraction to nearest quarter, for example: <tbody> Value Result 1.1 1.00 1.2 1.25 1.3 1.25 1.4 1.50 1.8 1.75 </tbody> Thanks in advance,
  20. P

    Number of quarters, last date of highest quarter and days after quarter

    Hello, Have been registered for a while and have been using the forum to address my various problems over the years. Thanks a lot for all the help I have had and for the help provided to the various forumers. I've now come up with a problem that I just cannot seem to either solve or a...

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