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    Match Destination Formatting - Importing Table Data from a Web Query

    I'm trying to import a table from a webpage, but am having problems with formatting. For example, using this webpage and slice of code as an example: www.kenpom.com With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:="URL;http://kenpom.com", _ Destination:=Range("$A$1")) .name =...
  2. K

    Query Table from Internet page

    I am looking to download data from web site. From what I have read, it is quicker to take the data into a query table and then select data from a specified table. How can I either dispaly the tables on a worksheet or determine the structure of the web page. . My starting point is the...
  3. D

    Subscript out of range error in query table code

    Hi All, I've scavenged some code from a forum and I'm getting a subscript out of range error and I'm not sure what's going on. I'm really pretty new to VBA so go easy on me please. Also, sorry for the code snippets not being up to snuff in terms of formatting...I couldn't get the MrExcel add...
  4. O

    VBA Web Query - Unable to open site

    Having trouble with a web query that looks up historical stock prices through Google Finance. The code works for some stocks, but then it errors out for other stocks. When you manually type the stock ticker into Google or manually create the URL link (in Word, for example), it works just fine...
  5. T

    VBA refresh of query table not working

    I have a query table on a csv that was set to prompt for a file upon refresh. I decided I'd rather use a Form control with a Common Dialog control to gain better control of this process. It seemed pretty simple, I'd just disable the refresh in the Query properties and set the Connection to be...
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    Loop to add sheet with query table

  7. Default300

    Query DataSource Filename & File Path: ?HowTo Update Query Automatically when either one Changes?

    Windows XP Home / Professional Excel 2003 / 2002 VBA 6.5.1024 MS Query 11.8164.8172 Question (concise version): I have several QueryTables in an Excel Workbook. The Query for each was created from the User Interface, and with Microsoft Query, (not VBA so far). During development, I am changing...
  8. J


    Hi, I have some code to read in several textfiles in specific sheets in a workbook. The problem is weird. -First, If the name of the textfiles is hardcoded everything works fine. -Second, if the name of the textfiles is read out fo the excell-sheet, it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't...

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