1. D

    Consolidate data from multiple worksheets in a single worksheet

    Good afternoon.. 1st Post: Helping out a friend with a mentor program, but I need help compiling live data from 100 sheets into one sheet. Here is what I have: I have 100 sheets in a Microsoft Excel workbook (saved to a OneDrive folder) that use identical column headers in each table. See...
  2. D

    how to refresh specific groups/queries

    Hi i am wondering if there is a way to refresh a group of queries using vba one group is called "Source data" or if that is not possible is there a way to refresh specific queries, some are connection only and others are tables example of queries: "filepath_New" "file_Path_Code_Old" thank you!
  3. D

    HELP.. can't get my index & match formula to work

    I have two tables. In the first table are the rates by resource (columnA) and the MonthYear (ColumnB-Y) In another table, table 2, where I have the resource (columnA) date MMDDYYY (columnB). I need for table 2 to look up and match both the resource and date from table 1 and return the rate...
  4. S

    VBA query pasting data in with new columns rather than just pasting values into existing columns?

    Hi! I have a macro/vba that imports a .txt file (i wanted to be able to assign the macro to create a button to import rather than copy/paste), I just wanted pastevalues starting with a specific cell, keep the layout/formatting because its in a nice grid. I had it working fine for a week then...
  5. B

    Best way to query against multiple optional criteria.

    Hi there, I want to create a table where a user can enter data for a 'Stock Alert Message'. The data entered will consist of a Stock Code, Group, Type and Category. I would then like to run a query against this table which will only show us Stock Items which have an alert. I'm struggling with...
  6. B

    MS Query or is there another way of combining data into one list?

    Hi all, This might not be possible to do as I am unable to find a way to combine the information in a table into a Query to sort in a pivot table. Below is extract of my table columns A - G, rows 1 -15, etc It is currently in table format to produce a Query and Pivot Table, but what I would...
  7. J

    Queryname or table name als column in Query

    Bye all, I would like to add the query name as a column name in my Power Query. For example, the query name is "Cost1", so I would then like to have a column cell with the data "Cost1" at each row. Or is there any way to add the table name as the column name Is there any particular formula I...
  8. O

    macro to load SELECTED query to worksheet

    I have this generic VBA code that allows me to load a query to a worksheet (by default I don't load queries to save time etc.) but it only works if I fill in the query name. But I want to be able to simply select the query and then run my macro (which will then fill in selected query's name)...
  9. J

    Need Assistance - VBA Macro So Slow - Moving to Query & PowerBI

    Hello, Looking for some guidance as I am a complete newb when it comes to PowerBI and Power Query..... Here is my dilemma I have a workbook that has 50 (US states) sheets plus 4 summary sheets I have written (with the help from Joe & Fluff) VBA macro that goes and looks at the cell color If...
  10. I

    Power Query Statistics Greyed Out for Certain Columns

    Was trying to add a Z-score column and needed to calculate mean and median but I can't for certain columns with a large number of null values. Both columns are in the same merged query data source and are both decimal types. I can calculate statistics for one and not the other.
  11. R

    Excel Data recall - Specific line of data to be pulled to a different excel sheet.

    Howdy all, I just received a very extensive date sheet and I would like to pull only the lines of data pertaining to 2022 entries. There is a specific column which shows 2022 creation date. So, what I need to do is run a query or a sum= type of statement which pulls only those rows where 2022...
  12. T

    My Query Takes 10-15mins to Run!

    Hello, I've built this query on Access, there's about 13 tables linked. The total size of the db is only 2.3mb. The largest table has 14k rows and 70 columns (but not all of them are being used). So it's not huge and mostly runs pretty quickly when i run the query, but then when i add 3 more...
  13. A

    Query for all possible permutations

    Hi all, I work tagging iguanas with unique combinations of coloured beads for field identification. I have a table with 13 unique values corresponding to these bead colours (for example Db is dark blue, B is black, R is red, etc.). When an iguana is given a bead tag the order/number of the beads...
  14. O

    Dynamically add rows and columns and keep manual data

    Hi all, As recommended in another post, I converted my macros into a table-based Excel which includes queries. I am now facing a issue that I hope somebody can help with. I am trying to create a table that has both columns and rows dynamically updated. I managed to do this, but the content of...
  15. D

    DAX Direct Query

    Hello, I have a question regarding some DAX functions, What exactly does This function is not supported for use in DirectQuery mode when used in calculated columns or row-level security (RLS) rules. mean? I presume the function has to be nested...
  16. R

    Copy paste multiple columns based on the account name

    Hi team, Can you please help me find a solution to the below issue? I tried Vlookup, but it is really time-consuming. I have two sheets. One with the contact details and one with the product details. I want them to map it based on the account data. Sheet 1: Sheet 2 Result required ...
  17. A

    Query Editor Support in Power Bi and Tableau

    Hello All, I am working on a project and I want to know which one supports a query editor between Power Bi and Tableau? According to a source, Tableau does not support this feature may be and I have no idea about power bi? Can anyone explain to me who supports query editor?
  18. L

    Get external data from a website that requires a login.

    Long story short, I managed to push data from "public" websites. Quite straight forward process Data > Get External Data > Run Web Query and I get the data I want. My problem is how to do this if the data I need to access is personalized for a single user. I do have access to login details and...
  19. J

    Table.Buffer - Queries won't Refresh on other computers

    Howdy! Since I see update speed benefit in it, I typically use Table.Buffer in all of my queries by wrapping the very last line. Example Source = #"My Data" in Table.Buffer(Source) as table However, when someone else uses the same template file on their machines, the queries won't refresh...
  20. K

    How to change Month No. according Dropdown List selection ????

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