1. A

    Power Query: Import text files content into a single cell of each row

    I'm trying to import txt files into excel. All of the text has the same pattern. That's why I want the content of each file to be in a single cell, so later I can use "Add column from example" to extract the piece of information I need. However, the content was imported into multiple rows for...
  2. Richard U

    Power Query to return records between two values

    I need to load records from another excel file into another based on a range of characters. The user can enter the first and last into two cells with corresponding ranges (firstone, lastone) From these two values, I need to do a power query to load in the data where the customer name is in...
  3. D

    Power Query Refresh gives old data

    Hi all, I've searched around but can't find any instance where this problem has been solved. I've got some queries set up in Excel (2016) that get stock data for the day from a website. Typically I'll open the workbook and hit refresh all, and the data loads. Today, though, it's loading...
  4. D

    Adding new Source Column in Power Query Editor (Excel 2016)

    I have a spreadsheet that is basically a trimmed down version of my master that gets distributed. To trim it down, I have removed columns and implemented conditional formatting for readability. Needless to say, very complicated (mostly due to the conditional formatting giving the reader pretty...
  5. A

    My table keeps changing my cell value after saving

    Hi everyone, I have a query table in my spreadsheet. I added a column and put "No" in every row (See attached picture for a simplified example). So when the query is refreshed and add more rows, new rows will also have "No" as their starting value. And that's exactly what I want. Then when the...
  6. R

    Power Query Data Source - Not Pulling from Sub Folders

    MS Excel 2016 This is the first time I've used a query, so I could very well have constructed the applied steps incorrectly. My problem is that records from newer files are not present. The query is designed to compile lists of reviewed records from weekly reports. They are the same lists...
  7. P

    Query Screen with Multiple Options

    I would like to use our case details listed on a spreadsheet to allow staff to enter one or more criteria and have the details of all relevant cases show up on another tab. I have attached a sample of the type of information recorded. If possible, but not a requirement I would like to query...
  8. jeff4smith

    Power Query Value from Named Range based on Another Column

    I have a Query that includes a column with list of last names, i.e. Smith, Jones, etc. In my worksheet there is a named range of Week_Smith, Week_Jones, etc and this named range is a single cell, which contains a date. I would like to add a new column to the Query to return the named range of...
  9. I

    Excel data heavy - pivot table-vlookup required

    Hello, I have a quite intense (some may think its pretty basic) excel document, which shows information within it that I am looking to condense into a pivot/vlookup basis. There are multiple sheets (within a workbook) - so i am trying to have a 'link' feature to do this correctly. its also...
  10. C

    Query Connection Property - Refresh every 'n' minutes.

    I run an SPC chart with a power query created table that tests results against Nelson Rules. The samples runs fairly quickly, so I have the Refresh every set to 2 minutes during the day. The refresh triggers a Worksheet_Change event that checks the timestamp of the most recent run, to the...
  11. R

    [Expression.Error] When refreshing table with new info

    File link: Gofile Hi, I am pulling in 10 tables from William Hill (bookmakers) with all the English Premier League anytime goalscorer odds. Part of this process includes tweaking the data in the 'edit' mode which I've detailed below. However, when the gameweek is over, the tables are updated...
  12. A

    Reverse Engineer a formula

    I have the following cell data. A2 = 108.59 B2 = 20% C2 = 27.15 C2 has the following formula in it: =A2/(1-B2) - A2 this gives me the 27.15 What I want to do is have in D2 a hard value of 23.00 and then in E2 I want the % value based on the formula in C2. IE - If C2 was 23.00, what would B2...
  13. M

    Refresh Queries THEN Pivot Tables

    Hi, Looking for some help with some VBA - I'm a beginner with it so it's much appreciated. I have an Excel workbook with a number of queries on different tabs that refresh when I click Refresh All (and Excel handles these in the right order for the final Merged Query), but the Pivot Tables...
  14. A

    Running macro after data retrieve is slow

    Hi All, I have a MS SQL stored procedure returning data to excel. After retrieval I carry out some actions using a macro. When I run the query and then run the macro, the macro takes a long time. If I run the query save, close and reopen the workbook and run the macro first, then it executes...
  15. M

    Google Sheets | Where do I put a TOTALS array in the following formula?

    Good afternoon, Please could you advise where i would put the following array: {QUERY;{"TOTAL",SUM($E$5:$E)}} ...in this query: =IFERROR(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("sheetname","INVOICE_ENTRY!B2:J"), "SELECT *" & IF ((LEFT(G4,1))="*", "WHERE Col7 STARTS WITH '"& RIGHT(G4,LEN(G4)-1) &"' AND Col1...
  16. L

    Help with if then query

    i All, In English, I want to populate the cell J4 based on the table value (see attached image) If cell IA = WDDS the populate with table WDDS value 6:00 If cell IA = WDAS the populate with table WDAS value 12:00 If cell IA = WDNS the populate with table WDNS value 20:00 If cell IA = WEDS the...
  17. M

    Query refresh date / time : how to retrieve in VBA ?

    Hi All, Is there a way to retrieve in VBA the latest refresh date / time of a query ? Thanks!
  18. J

    Inventory spreadsheet with table parameters so I can select either retail or wholesale and then a price threshold

    I'm working on a spreadsheet for our inventory. The inventory is pulled out of a SQL database called Inventory. The retail price field is called PriceRetail and the wholesale price field is called PriceWholesale. The table starts in cell A6. I have a dropdown in cell B3 so I can select...
  19. C

    Access Report Using CrossTab Quary for people

    Tyring to build a report that shows Organization and position that people are in. For example: There is a table that shows all employees (admin) and them in the respective positions Sort ORder Org Big Boss Manager Worker 1 South Group me 1 South Group vacant 2 North Group Tom...
  20. MrKowz

    [Excel 2016] Query Silent Refresh?

    Good day, everyone! I'm in an environment that is running two different versions of Excel. Excel 2016 and O365. I developed a utility which has three data connections to other Excel files, and these data connections are causing me issues. In Excel 2016, I've recently discovered that when a...

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