1. C

    Sheets feeding into master

    Is it possible to have a master document that links to several other workbooks.Once someone completes a questionnaire for example,the data automatically feeds back to the master document? Anything similar will do.
  2. A

    Excel based questionnaire

    Dear Colleagues, I need to establish excel based on questionnaire which is basically start with 5-6 questions, once submitted by user, it should generate main questionnaire based on inputs ( for example if the question of "are you student?" was answered as "yes", there will be additional...
  3. K

    VBA to activate a sheet using a particular cell entry

    Hello all! I'm working on a spreadsheet questionnaire that requires a ZIP Code entry. Each ZIP Code entry may require additional info based on region. This addition questionnaire will be on the sheet I'd to activate. I'd also like to have that ZIP entry to auto-populate the corresponding city &...
  4. K

    Questionnaire through Outlook

    How create to send questionnaire through Outlook and automatically collect answers in Excel?
  5. B

    Calculate the lowest 20% threshold for the answers to a questionnaire?

    I have some data that is the answers to a questionnaire and I need to work out the lowest (and highest) 20% threshold for each question. I am aware of the PERCENTILE.INC formula, but when I use it it gives the threshold for all the questions combined, but I need this just for the individual...
  6. P

    How to put together a questionnaire that returns a specific next question from your current answer...

    I have mapped out a flowchart for all possible types of transaction for a business. I want to put together a questionnaire that picks up a specific next question from the answer you have just given. The problem I am having is the amount of different scenarios to incorporate. Any suggestions on...
  7. W

    IF AND or another option??

    I'm trying to create some easier forms for a health questionnaire. I'm not having much luck. =IF(G4=Male,AND(G3>=45,"1",""),IF(G4=Female,AND(G3>=55,"1","") What am I missing? Or should I use the look up formula?
  8. T

    Modifying existing dynamic questionnaire

    Hi all, so I have a dynamic macro based questionnaire which allows me to set the parameters of the questionnaire, such as the type of question and answer being provided - whether the answer is a radio button, check box, or free type text box. I can then click on the "create questionnaire...
  9. N

    Conditional formatting for one cell based on a Average from a Questionnaire

    I am trying to get my conditional format setup correctly for a questionnaire. I want my auditors to go into a facility and plug in a score for each question. Once I do my sum to get my total score then get my average, I want to be able to color code that score. My questionnaire is 15 questions...
  10. S

    Weighted Questionnaire results

    Hi all, I have a question regarding getting data / results out of a questionnaire where each question (Yes or No questions) represents a certain amount of points one can get. I know it is not the best explanation hence i made the following table to make more clear what i mean. <tbody> Points...
  11. J

    Survey selection visual markers

    I am trying to create a clickable survey/grading form and would like to have a red circle encompass a cells contents when selected as pictured below. Any ideas on how to make this work? I will have approximately 10 questions, each with the below graphic following it.
  12. J

    Questionnaire to filter answer

    I have projects that will have certain variables. I would like to create a questionnaire in excel that would filter to the correct part # after the 5 questions were answered. What is the best way to do this?
  13. B

    Creating a questionnaire in Excel 2010

    Hello everyone! First time posting on this page after using it many times. I have a challenging form I was trying to create but I'm not to sure where to start. I know what i would like for it to do but just don't know how to get it there. I approached my university professor who insisted Excel...
  14. S

    Need some help with graphs.

    Hi, I never really use excel, nor am I any good at it so this question may be seem stupid to many of you. Basically for a school project, I had to make a questionnaire and retrieve data and then plot it in excel, I'm trying to find out if internet speeds at a student's house affects how much...
  15. C

    Analysing ranked data from questionnaire

    Hi, I joined this forum hoping someone will be able to stop me tearing my hair out! I have just completed vistor surveys of nature reserves and am looking to do some simple analysis of the results using excel, this is fine until i reach a few of our questions. We were asking what improvements...
  16. B

    Differentiating between blank cells

    Hi I have been trying in vain to solve this problem so I am hoping that someone will be able to help me...? I need to calculate survival rate of a questionnaire: I have a data sheet with answers to a questionnaire (numbers). Some people have abandoned the questionnaire and others have skipped...

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