quotation marks

  1. X

    VBA to add quotation marks around all cell values in a sheet?

    So I am looking to create a macro that adds quotations marks around all cell values in a sheet. How would I do that?
  2. E

    Referencing text that have quotation marks in formula

    Hello! I tried searching for this in google but it seems I'm being led to something else. I'm writting this formula and need to reference a string that have quotation marks in them. Formula looks like this: =IFS(A2="Yes",0,B2="What he said was: "Mr.Excel.Com" (website)",10) Excel won't let me...
  3. L

    How to set range to text that includes quotation marks?

    Hello! I'm currently having an issue with my code and below is the part I'm having trouble with: Dim AA As Long For AA = 1 To Cells(Rows.Count, "AF").End(xlUp).Row If Range("AK" & AA).Value = "”USE SCC 02 FOR INITIAL DOSE, SCC 06 FOR" And Range("AK" & AA).Value = "NON 0 VALUE REQUIRED...
  4. M

    VBA Not Interpreting Single Quotes Correctly

    Hello, As part of a larger macro, I'm trying to input a formula into a range of cells. This formula does an indirect lookup of a worksheet name as a tab name, and therefore requires single quotes. However, VBA keeps trying to interpret the first single quote as a comment, and therefore...
  5. A

    remove quotation from excel while pasting the data

    Hi All, When ever i'm pasting data from Excel to TXT i'm getting quotation mark (") for each cell. How to remove them. Remember i have copy lot of cell's so i can't use F2 and copy data and paste.
  6. A

    #Value error

    Hi guys Id be grateful if you can help. Im getting a value error on this formula and I cant work out why this is the case The Vlookup returns the value 421 - So Id like the formula to resolve to =ROUND('BlueCross Rates'!U421,3) =ROUND("'BlueCross Rates'!U" &...
  7. Y

    Extract text in double quotes including the the double quotes

    Hello everyone, I am trying to extract text in double quotes including the double no matter what position they occur in. for example: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 219px"><col...
  8. J

    Macro to insert Concatenate formula with "-" between values (using R1C1) Not Working

    Hello, any thoughts on why the below macro is resulting in a runtime error 13? I am trying to concatenate the values in column N and DO with a "-" in the middle. If I remove the "-" it works..... just not sure why I cant put a "-" between the two values. I also tried without "" and it doesn't...
  9. M

    CONCATENATE adding quotes

    Good afternoon, I have a long formula that generates a LOOKUP function from varying sources it is looking for the maximum value in Column I then getting the correlated point in column B, to perform the LOOKUP of the timings in column A, this data is a wave form and I need to find it's initial...
  10. L

    Data Sort ignoring ""

    I have a tab that is pulling data from another part of the spreadsheet and leaves a "" for a blank cell. I need to sort some columns alphabetically & numerically but the "" is obviously showing as a string. Is there a way to only sort the non "" cells? Thanks for your help
  11. F

    CSV Quotation Mark Help

    Hi, I need to export a CSV file from my CRM to be imported into SAGE 200. The problem is that I need string fields to have quotation marks around them. I cannot find a way to have the quotation marks show only, for example, on columns A, C and D. When I try and add them manually instead of...
  12. D

    Adding a line of code to a macro to strip Quotes from the text file created

    Hello - I have, with the expert assistance from a user here, the following code. I need to, however strip the text file it creates of the " marks Excel has decided to add in before I close the file created. Does anyone know how to accomplish this by possibly adding a line of code in? I think I...
  13. M

    Find Function looking for one Quotation mark

    Hello and thank you for your time, I am trying to take a string of text and remove everything after the first quotation mark ("). For instance: ab c "123" def becomes ab c Here is my formula: =left(a1,len(a1)-find(""",a1)) Excel does not like """ I have tried """" and '"'. Quite...
  14. R

    replacing csv text with new text

    Hi all - i'm new to this website, so apologies if i've posted in the wrong place... I have a csv file which i need to open and then in the fourth row replace the following text ! !,0, with " ",0, i.e. replace the ! with " I need to do this in a vba macro and also once the csv...
  15. G

    Removing quotation marks around values

    I have a worksheet containing cells with values enclosed in quotation marks (see attached image). I was wondering how to remove the quotation marks and simply leave the actual value in the cell. e.g. In the image: in cell B2 i have the value "D1", but i want to remove the quotes and just have...
  16. C

    Complex Hyperlink Function

    Hi, in VBA I have Sheets("" & tab_name & "").Cells(1, 2) = "=HYPERLINK("""" & 'Sheet1'!A2 & ""'Sheet1'!A1"""",""To Main Roll-Up"")" tab_name is a defined variable. The code inserts an equation containing a hyperlink function. In 'Sheet1'!A2, I have the current workbook name (ie [Book1])...
  17. J

    Losing Data when Importing from Excel to Access

    I am working in an Access Database and have pasted data from Excel. I did not receive any paste errors, but found that there was a bunch of data missing from the Access table. After reviewing, it appears that the excluded records included quotes in the description field. I figured out how to...

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