1. H

    Export each Sheet to .bat format without Double Quotes

    I have the following VBA code (below) that I am attempting to run against each of my 21 worksheets. The idea is that each worksheet should get saved out as a .bat filetype - and simply contain the text exactly as it appeared in each respective worksheet. The problem is, the text contained in...
  2. F

    remove quotes and apostrophe from cell

    looking for best way to remove the feet('), inch(") and the hyphen from d3
  3. E

    Std Dev problem when using extra condition

    Hi, I need to calculate the standard deviation for 'Duration' data, based on 2 conditions in multiple columns that both need to be TRUE. I had some trouble but ended up using the DSTDEV command. I want to be able to avoid getting an error when there is no data that meets these conditions. I...
  4. D

    Access Macro to create new word and excel documents from templates

    Hi All, I'm new to Access, so I'll apologise now if this is a silly question. Currently, I use an Excel template to put together detailed Building and Construction quotes. I want to use Access as a database for all our quotes. Is it possible to enter the data in to Access, and have a macro...
  5. R

    Converting Cell Formula (MAX) to VBA Formula

    Hi Folks, Just a quickie (I think/hope)... :roll: I had a formula in a spreadsheet cell: =TRUNC(MAX(((MAX(E5-5,(E8-4)))/10),1)) that I needed to move into code, i.e.: Sheet1.Range("J18") = TRUNC(Max(((Max(E5 - 5, (E8 - 4))) / 10), 1)) The VBE/Compiler doesn't like it in this form. After...
  6. G

    How to use Formula in DataValidation List Source

    Hi friends, I need to use a formula in the Source: of my Data Validation to include the Sheetname for my drop down list. The following formula should work if someone can please show me how to properly QUOTE it. I get very confused trying to put quotes within quotes. To be clear, the...
  7. F

    How to add quotes to variable references

    In example below I need to add quotes around the last cell reference and to same formula across columns. I didn't add quotes because autofill doesn't work with quotes. Thank you in advance =SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&SheetList&"'!"&"$B$35:$B$1000"),$A2,INDIRECT("'"&SheetList&"'!"&M$35:M$1000)))
  8. G

    Issue with csv file

    For work, need to save a csv file to be sent to customer. They upload into their system for invoicing. For some reason, the csv I'm sending, they say is in the wrong format and fails when uploading into their system. After looking at the data, when you open the file with notepad, the text...
  9. B

    "Select " in filename on DoCmd.TransferText

    I have code to import a .txt file into a table. I'm running into an issue where the filename begins with "Select " (note the space after Select). If there is no space after "Select" the code runs properly. This is clearly an issue with how the DoCmd.TransferText is processed and not the code...
  10. V

    sound alert if any error occurs

    Hi people, I am using a excel file where stock quotes are keep updating for every second. During the process when random errors occurs excel sheet will show error messages. I want some sound alarms whenever any message box appears or the sheet stopped updating latest quotes. Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Predicting sales figures from quotes

    Hi all Probably quite a basic question for you experts on here but I'm trying to solve the following problem: I have values of quotes and values of sales for c.30 weeks worth of data: Example, Week 1 Quotes: £3m Sales: £1m Week 2 Quotes: £4m Sales: £2m etc...
  12. gheyman

    ACCESS Question Using a Table from another Database

    Were i work there is database that has several tables. But pretty much everything is based on one main table in that database. Most of the other tables are for Combo/listboxes sources data in the main table named QUOTES MASTER FILE. The Owner will not allow anyone to touch the data, especially...
  13. S

    sumif does not work if as intended

    Can anyone explain how to solve this issue with my sumif formula. Cells A1 has a value of 100/300, and cell B1 has a value of 30. Cells A2 has a value of " > 100/300" (without the quotes), and B2 has a value of 20 if I do a sumif and search for 100/300, I return 30 as expected. However, if I...
  14. B


    Afternoon Can someone assist with the correct syntax for the below countif :confused: cell(1,12).formula ="=countif(G1:G100),"<=10000")
  15. E

    VBA Application MacroOptions

    Hi, This Macro code won't list all the Argument Descriptions, it only list the first description in the array "ArgDesc (1 to 2). How do i list all the strings in the array "ArgDesc" ? thanks Sub DescribeFunction() 'This can be used to add help text to each function Dim FuncName As...
  16. M

    Putting double quotes around text

    i have a formula in cell A2 with a text output. I need to add double quotes at beginning and end. however if I try to use this code i.e. a double quote inside a pair of double quotes as you would add any other text ="""&A2&""" I just get this which isn't helpful <tbody> "&A2&" </tbody>...
  17. S

    search column for Quote, then msgbox

    Hello, I am trying to get a textbox to show if quotes are found. Column C is the description column, and contains 1/4" oak, 3/4" poplar, etc. if found, i want to call another macro, and if not found, display a messagebox that says "no quotes found". I have this in a larger macro and i get...
  18. P

    Run-time error '9' Subscript out of Range Help

    I am getting a "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" on the following code: Worksheets("Exhibit ""I""").Activate The worksheet name is Exhibit "I". If I remember correctly about what that run-time error means, on this line of code its saying it can't find a sheet with that name to...
  19. gheyman

    Access Query Type?

    I have two tables. Both have a field called "Quote Number". One table is called "Quotes Master Table" and the other tblProposalStatus I need a list of all Quote Numbers that are in the Quotes Master Table and not in the tblProposalStatus. I will then need to append those Quote Numbers into...
  20. A

    Stock Quotes in Excel !!!

    Hello Friends, I have a code which gives the stock quotes in web browser. Is it possible to have list of 50 stocks from Indian Stock Market & have TO & From date columns. So whatever stock is selected from the list & respective dates, the data will be downloaded. Thanks In Advance AR

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