1. A

    Radar Chart - custom source data labels

    Hi, I've created a range of radar charts to display data. Since I am unable to make the axis different for each data point, I have indexed all the values as percentages of values. Lets say the original data points are in cells A1:A6 The indexed data points are in cells B1:B6 The radar chart...
  2. S

    Excel Radar Chart - Remove Dummy node (parameter)

    Greetings! I am plotting a radar chart with 6 nodes (based on each of the parameter values). The Excel plot rightly plots the dimensions on 6 different nodes, but also creates a dummy node axis, without any parameter. Is there any advise on how to remove this 7th node (with the 6 parameters to...
  3. R

    Radar Chart - need a suggestion

    Hello everyone, I have a created multiple radar charts to monitor 7 indicators. The 7 indicators are all rated on a % scale 0-100%. To improve resolution for items above 90% (couldn't tell the difference between 98% and 100%), I changed the scale to start at 80 and go to 100%. However, now...
  4. G

    Radar Charts

    Hello, How do you move labels on a radar chart? I have 45 "Pie" slices that have a description for each and they are illegible at twelve and six o'clock positions. The labels overlap each other. Is there a way to separate the labels a bit further or change their axis to be radial instead of...
  5. M

    Empty Cells cause a line to zero in Radar Charts not based on a Pivot Table

    Hola I am struggling with a Radar Chart to eliminate the line between datapoints in case some datapoints being empty. A) I created a table referencing data from a Pivot Chart and added a Displayed Values Average and an Whole Data Average columns. Selecting that table as basis for Radar Chart...
  6. I

    How to create RADAR looking charts, not exactly RADAR chart Type

    Hi, I downloaded an Excel Dashboard from the net. I saw a RADAR chart. all the calculation sheets are hidden & protected so i cant figure out anything/ cant see the data. I am posting the data I can on the front end and the chart it creates. snapshot...
  7. L

    Custom Labels for Tick Mark on Radar Chart Axis

    Using Excel 2013 and looking for a way to automate creation of a Radar (or Spider) chart with custom labels for each tick mark on each axis of a chart. I'm attempting to show a business' market activities relative to 4-5 market dimensions (Channel, Geography, Product/Service, etc). For example...
  8. V

    Petal / Radar Chart Axis Label Color

    Is there a way, in a petal or a radar chart, to set colors to the axis labels around the outside of the chart? I am looking to alternate the colors somehow. So, for instance, in a petal chart with four petals, each petal having three points of data, I would want point one to be the same color...
  9. W

    Smooth Shape Radar Chart

    Hi guys, just wondering why this VBA code posted in this link, seems it's not working.. Do you guys have any ideas how to make it work? I would like to draw smooth shape for my radar chart.. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/VBAdrawradar.html#SmoothTransShape Thanks a lot before...
  10. B

    Excel 2010 - "smoothed line" in Radar charts changed??

    Hello all. I've upgraded to Office 2010 and have noticed that there seems to be a difference in the way that radar charts are handled since Excel 2007. I have long used the radar charts to show smoothed lines around the radar. I've done this by formatting the line properties for the series and...

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