radio button

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    inserting values in next open space on list.

    Hello, On picture "actiondeck"(blue) when I select the "no" form control option box in Row 8, it makes cell "R8"=2 an dbecause of that makes cell "P8" Red. What I am trying to do: is that when "R8" equals the value 2 or 1 then it will report the question number("1") in the next available row of...
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    Drop down questions with radio buttons

    Hello, I am trying to complete a form that originally shows 6 questions, each with 3 radio buttons assigned a macro and grouped in a "group box". The macros will reveal a a row to a follow up question that may have another set of radio buttons grouped with a "group box." My issue is that when...
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    Cells, multiple radio btns, and formatting

    All, I have a Pass/Fail column, B. In B2 I have three radio buttons, Pend, Pass, Fail. My need is to 1. Have multiple rows in column B with the same radio buttons. There may be skips. So for example, B2-B10 will have the radio buttons. B11 will not have the radio buttons. B12-B20 will have the...
  4. J

    how to transfer datas in sheet to my radio button userform ??

    Dim wks As Worksheet Set wks = Sheet9 If wks.Range("BO3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "Yes" Then apeyes.Value = True ElseIf wks.Range("BO3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "No" Then apeno.Value = True End If If wks.Range("BP3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "Yes" Then apeyes1.Value = True...
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    One Radio Button To Trigger Another Radio Button On Different Excel Sheet (Same Workbook)

    Hi All, I have a radio button on sheet1 module 1 called (Sec1No). this is the code : Sub Sec1No MsgBox "blah" End Sub Then I have a radio button on sheet2 module2. Is it possible that when the user clicks on the first radio button sheet 1 to then automatically check the radio button on...
  6. S

    Multiple checkboxes selection?

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to make an user form for someone to select a date, number, and status (using checkboxes). Option buttons work fine, but now management wants to have the ability to select more than one. I'm trying to think of a way to do that, but I'm not sure how it would be...
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    Copy radio buttons with a new row in table

    I have a table and the last 3 columns have radio buttons tied to them. Is there a way to make them duplicate when adding a new row to the table, as formulas do? Or, is there another solution to make this work without having to make the user type in the field?
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    Star Trek Vs Star Wars Survey Yes No Maybe in Excel VBA

    I am trying to make a yes no maybe survey Star Trek as Yes and Star Wars as No and No Pref as maybe. This is how far I have got I am also tallying the totals in field A1:C2 <tbody> A B C 1 Star Trek Star Wars No Pref 2 0 0 0 </tbody> Private Sub btnOK_Click() Dim intSelection...
  9. A

    Enter value into cell with an InputBox when a radio button is selected.

    I have a worksheet named "Main" that I would like to have an InputBox to pop up when a radio button is selected; (Option Button 3 with value = 1 in cell A311), and have the value of the InputBox placed into cell R2. I have placed the following code directly into the objects sheet but can get it...
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    Radio Button, filtering MACRO

    Hello ~ I need some help with the following! I need to use a Radio Button in sheet1 to filter a list in excel in sheet2 and then output the results in sheet1. The options for the radio button will filter on sheet2 column B. So a user will select one of the three options (which is "Type")...
  11. K

    Reposition text of a radio button

    Hi there, I have some radio buttons in a spreadsheet. Currently the radio button text is to the right of the button itself. Is it possible to move this text so that it is below the button? Thank you.
  12. K

    Radio buttons stop working when moved across worksheet

    I'm having a strange problem. I have 3 worksheets that have 2 sets of radio buttons at the bottom of each sheet. On the first sheet, these radio buttons work fine. On the 2nd and 3rd sheet, the radio buttons on the bottom-middle of the page work, but the ones on the bottom-left side of the...
  13. K

    Made a workbook in 2010, now the radio buttons don't work when opened in 2013.

    Just as the title says - the radio buttons cannot be selected, and the user also can't right click on them. I struggled to find someone else who had the same problem, but we followed the steps in these two posts and it did not fix it: unable to click ActiveX control and form control Excel 2010...
  14. D

    How to display the chart using radio button

    Hi,Can anyone let me know how can we display the chart using the radio button.Example: I have the expense amount of each month from July to December in six chart on sheet 1. On Sheet 2, I have added 6 radio buttons named from July to December. Left side radio button with month name and right...
  15. D

    Radio Buttons and dynamic data / searching for a method to make it 'non-dynamic'

    I have a worksheet with 4 separate tables, each with 20 rows of data. In each of the tables, I have 1 column for stock symbols, so 80 symbols total. The data comes into these columns via a live stock market feed so it is dynamic; the symbols move up and down the columns based on formulas from...
  16. B

    Radio Buttons (Form) and copying cell link

    Dear Xperts: I am a school teacher creating an excel spreadsheet with radio buttons. I have a cell,lets say D3, it has four radio buttons, and a linked cell D4, which gives the result of 1,2,3,4 based on which radio button pressed. The radio buttons are grouped. They are contained in one cell...
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    Dependent drop down list mayhem with sample file link

    Hello, Looking for some help with dependent drop down lists. File: There are three sheets: the two that matter are Degree Audit, and Sheet1. What I need is a drop down list in 'Degree Audit'!A27 that changes...
  18. D

    Change data validation dropdown list using radio buttons

    Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with data validation drop down lists. I'm making a degree audit sheet in Excel. I have a radio button on the degree audit sheet with two choices: A.A. and A.S. I have data validation drop down lists for classes in physical science and life science which...
  19. S

    Radio Buttons linking to different cells

    Hi all Hoping someone out there can help with something that is probably very simple... but is driving me insane! I've created a survey with 5 "multiple choice" options for each question. I want to use a radio button to selcet one answer for each question. I have linked the five buttons to a...
  20. J

    Automate IE with VBA - Click - Server vs. Client Side

    Hello, I'm creating a vba script to open up an Internet Explorer form and populate it. Everything works (text boxes populate, regular button clicks works). However, when creating a .click method for a radio button (normally if a user manually clicks it, it gets redirected to a new page with the...

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