radio button

  1. C

    Multiple checkbox inside a cell

    Hi I am trying to create a checkbox for multiple lines inside a cell. Essentialy a to-do list. Im using a calendar to visually list tasks for each day based on what work day it is for and end of month task list. Currently I have inserted a special character in my text (which services as a...
  2. brendalpzm

    Option Buttons as Radio Buttons

    I'm using activeX controls, and I'm wondering if there's a way to use command buttons as option (radio) buttons and link the result to a cell, For example if I link thebuttons to the A1 cell, when I click on button 1 the result shows up in A1, and if I click on button 2 the result changes in A1...
  3. R

    Change Power Query Source based on Toggle

    Hi, I have looked around and haven't found a workable solution for what I am trying to achieve. I have a query (importA) importing data from txt files, and I have a sheet (ManualData) for data to be put in manually. I want to add a setting option (toggle/radio button) to set the query source...
  4. N

    Determining if a Radio Button is Checked Without VBA

    I am using two radio buttons in a spreadsheet that either fill a 1 or a 2 into a linked cell. I have several other cells with IF statements that do something depending on the value in that linked cell. My question is, is there a way without VBA to determine if a radio button is pressed without...
  5. B

    Simplifying VBA for radio buttons?

    I'm very new to coding and trying to simplify a form to be filled out for work. Here is a screenshot of the cells: Essentially, when "Yes" is selected, the box will turn green and have "Y", and when "No" is selected, the box is red with "N". My current VBA code is Sub OptionButton1_Click()...
  6. M

    Radio Buttons Falling Out of Group

    Hi I have a workbook in which I need to be able to select from three column-filtered views: year, quarter and month. To do this I created form control group with three form control (not ActiveX) radio buttons. Each runs the same macro that check for the radio button selected and hides or shows...
  7. J

    enable/disable radio buttons

    Can someone help me regarding enable/disable radio buttons? Sample: Asia -PHP -SGP -VIE Europe -ROM -DEN There will be radio buttons on each items. If I select Asia, I want to disable all radio buttons in Europe including the options below Europe (ROM and DEN) and vice verse. Thank you!
  8. R

    Calling variable from radio button in userform to a module

    Hi Experts, I have a workbook with a User Form with two radio buttons (a,b), an 'OK' Command Button and a 'Cancel Command' Button. On Sheet1("Form") I have a command button that loads the User Form. I also have a module in VBA, where I would like to write a subroutine (called by Clicking the...
  9. G

    Return Named Range Value using Radio Button

    Hi there, I am trying to figure out how to return an item from a named range using a radio button on a different worksheet. Ideally, I'd like to be able to return a single item and then in another separate instance return a whole array. So below, the single item example would be click one...
  10. R

    inserting values in next open space on list.

    Hello, On picture "actiondeck"(blue) when I select the "no" form control option box in Row 8, it makes cell "R8"=2 an dbecause of that makes cell "P8" Red. What I am trying to do: is that when "R8" equals the value 2 or 1 then it will report the question number("1") in the next available row of...
  11. R

    Drop down questions with radio buttons

    Hello, I am trying to complete a form that originally shows 6 questions, each with 3 radio buttons assigned a macro and grouped in a "group box". The macros will reveal a a row to a follow up question that may have another set of radio buttons grouped with a "group box." My issue is that when...
  12. R

    Cells, multiple radio btns, and formatting

    All, I have a Pass/Fail column, B. In B2 I have three radio buttons, Pend, Pass, Fail. My need is to 1. Have multiple rows in column B with the same radio buttons. There may be skips. So for example, B2-B10 will have the radio buttons. B11 will not have the radio buttons. B12-B20 will have the...
  13. J

    how to transfer datas in sheet to my radio button userform ??

    Dim wks As Worksheet Set wks = Sheet9 If wks.Range("BO3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "Yes" Then apeyes.Value = True ElseIf wks.Range("BO3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "No" Then apeno.Value = True End If If wks.Range("BP3").Offset(0, 0).Text = "Yes" Then apeyes1.Value = True...
  14. R

    One Radio Button To Trigger Another Radio Button On Different Excel Sheet (Same Workbook)

    Hi All, I have a radio button on sheet1 module 1 called (Sec1No). this is the code : Sub Sec1No MsgBox "blah" End Sub Then I have a radio button on sheet2 module2. Is it possible that when the user clicks on the first radio button sheet 1 to then automatically check the radio button on...
  15. S

    Multiple checkboxes selection?

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to make an user form for someone to select a date, number, and status (using checkboxes). Option buttons work fine, but now management wants to have the ability to select more than one. I'm trying to think of a way to do that, but I'm not sure how it would be...
  16. S

    Copy radio buttons with a new row in table

    I have a table and the last 3 columns have radio buttons tied to them. Is there a way to make them duplicate when adding a new row to the table, as formulas do? Or, is there another solution to make this work without having to make the user type in the field?
  17. S

    Star Trek Vs Star Wars Survey Yes No Maybe in Excel VBA

    I am trying to make a yes no maybe survey Star Trek as Yes and Star Wars as No and No Pref as maybe. This is how far I have got I am also tallying the totals in field A1:C2 <tbody> A B C 1 Star Trek Star Wars No Pref 2 0 0 0 </tbody> Private Sub btnOK_Click() Dim intSelection...
  18. A

    Enter value into cell with an InputBox when a radio button is selected.

    I have a worksheet named "Main" that I would like to have an InputBox to pop up when a radio button is selected; (Option Button 3 with value = 1 in cell A311), and have the value of the InputBox placed into cell R2. I have placed the following code directly into the objects sheet but can get it...
  19. R

    Radio Button, filtering MACRO

    Hello ~ I need some help with the following! I need to use a Radio Button in sheet1 to filter a list in excel in sheet2 and then output the results in sheet1. The options for the radio button will filter on sheet2 column B. So a user will select one of the three options (which is "Type")...
  20. K

    Reposition text of a radio button

    Hi there, I have some radio buttons in a spreadsheet. Currently the radio button text is to the right of the button itself. Is it possible to move this text so that it is below the button? Thank you.

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