1. D

    KeyPresssed Eevent not being called

    I am trying to do certain actions like "Target.Interior.Color = vbYellow" when any value is entered into certain excel cells. I have a KeyPressApi Class StartKeyPressLoop() that monitors the Message loop for keypress messages and the does: MsgBox ("raise event") RaiseEvent...
  2. PetLahev

    RaiseEvent is fired only for the last control

    Hello I've been trying to solve this problem for hours with no success. Please, kick me It should be simple 1, form with labels that are added dynamicaly 2, a common class that catch labels event I prepared a sample with one form and one class code in the form - UserForm1 Dim storeInstances...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    RaiseEvent not modifying ByRef argument as expected !

    Hi Dear all. Strictly speaking RaiseEvent is not a procedure but looks and does the same as one (ie: Executes code) . It also accepts arguments which can be passed ByVal or ByRef. When an argument is passed ByRef to a Sub/Function , the procedure can modify the argument itself however this...

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