1. I

    Highlight Approximate Match in a column (Not exact Match)

    Guys I am stuck again ! I have a list of names in column A. I want to highlight the names if it matches 70% For example : 1. Ram Kumar 2. Rama Kumar 3. Akash Tripathi 4. Aakash Tripathi 5. Mr. Ram Kumar 6. Akash M Tripathi 7. Ram Kumar Excel conditional formatting finds Row 1 & 7 as exact...
  2. A

    Best PC for calculating huge data?

    Hey Dear community, I use VBA to calculate very big files, with my pc ( 6gb ram ) it takes 35 - 40 minutes for calculation. I wanna know what if i make same calculation with server? ( 125gbram etc ) will there be very big difference in calculation time? or is there calculation time limit...
  3. H

    How can I create a Custom List?

    I am Looking to Create a Custom list from one that I put an X next to the item in another Column. For Example I want all the Items i put an "X" in Column B to List those Items in Column D. <tbody> A B C D 1 Motherboard X Motherboard 2 RAM X RAM 3 Video Card Power Supply 4 Power...
  4. G

    PowerPivot can't complete import

    Hi, would appreciate any help on this... I have a PowerPivot which imports 1,988,837 rows from an external connection, it gets to 1,980,000 but doesn't complete. I'm running 64bit Excel with 16GB RAM, Task manager shows RAM and Disk use near 100%. Is there a way to import the Rows before it...
  5. A

    Why does this Googlesheets workbook take so long to update?

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mrmVxKVgG1JWtIpXi6pca2mck8WJhbFQACsxtCqXCOQ/edit?usp=sharing I've got a tonne of VLOOKUP references - and maybe the conditional formatting isn't as efficient as it could be (it was the only way I could figure it out). Everything does what it needs to do...
  6. S

    Join many columns into just one cell and sum the quantity

    Hi guys, Thank you in advance to those who can help me. I know there's same issue with mine but I can't find the exactly the same because what i found almost on the internet is just only two columns, but in my case I have four columns. I also found code like below, but like I've said this is...
  7. M

    Excel RAM Usage question

    I run excel 64 bit version. I have a Master excel sheet that runs other excel driven macros where I can open up multiple instances all running many macros all at the same time. I was running a test where I had 21 instances run at the same time on a 7700K with 32 Gigs of RAM, the RAM usage got...
  8. H

    How to Get Data of a row based on the maximum value of a cell in that row?

    Hello All, I have spread sheet with the data till 2000 rows, with 4 columns of data. The headers are like "App Name", "Ram Usage", "Category" & "Total Space allotted" Column "App Name" will contain names of Different apps might be repeating. Column "Ram Usage" contains the values of how much...
  9. S

    What processor do and RAM do you need?

    Hi folks, I'm looking to buy a SurfaceBook 2 for home and working from home. My IT person at work said I'd need at least an i7 and 16MB of RAM. A SB2 with those options is *really* pricey. I'm wondering if I can get by with an i5 and 8MB. For background, I work with Excel files that are...
  10. N

    How much RAM do you need for large spreadsheets?

    Hi, lately I've had to work with some huge spreadsheets, usually about 200,000-300,000 rows and 300 or 400 columns. Many times when I have to run formulas, even a simple VLOOKUP or COUNTIF, the program freezes and sometimes crashes and I sometimes get an out of memory error message. Would...
  11. C

    Consolidating multiple cells into one

    Hello, I'm trying to make a macro or formula to group data from multiple cells into one based on if a part number is the same. There are five columns of data: Part# Year Range Make Model Style Essentially what I need to do is if a part number repeats then all the year ranges will be...
  12. S

    Need to buy a high end EXCEL pc.

    Hi I need to purchase a new high end PC. I currently have a 2 year old XEON pc, with 32gb ram, 64bit, SSD. I need more power from Excel. Cant figure out if i need more ram or a faster processor with more cores. I use a 100mb file that OBDC to our server. But I only see about 20% cpu usage and...
  13. B

    RAM needed to run Excel

    I'm thinking about buying a laptop. I'm presently looking at a model that has 6GB of RAM, is this enough to run PowerQuerty, PowerPivot, etc? What would be the optimal system configurations for running Excel efficiently? Thank you for your help, Michael
  14. R

    Issues With Running xlsm files with Hyperion Add-In

    I have created Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled (xlsm) files containing 195 lines of VBA code (teo subroutines, two functions) and total file sizes ranging from 162 kb to 205 kb. The files run perfectly on my computer but when my boss runs it, it takes twice as long and then the screen freezes...
  15. T

    Excel using RAM

    Hi, I have Excel running on windows 7 64 bit with 4 GB RAM. I need to work with large files and perform many calculations on a few hundreds of lines. At the moment it runs pretty slow. What should I invest when considering a new computer for that matter: a very strong CPU or plenty of RAM. In...
  16. M

    Computer Specs for Excel Power Users !!

    First of all, hello Excel gurus! :) I'm happy to finally join the community, especially that I had a pleasure to meet Bill Jelen personally a few months ago. I would like to ask you about your dream computer specification for the purposes of financial modeling in Excel. Right now I use Lenovo...
  17. R

    Illustrate/animate hydraulic ram with excel chart

    Does anyone know how to illustrate/animate an hydraulic ram using an excel chart? I've been working on a spreadsheet to do all the general hydarulic ram calculations and I thought it would be a nice feature to illustrate as much of it as possible. I mainly want to show the stroke and angle the...
  18. ClimoC

    Disproportionate RecordSet size?

    I have 2 csv's, one 30mb the other 150mb. Once they're recordsets, comparison code begins. Values from the 30mb csv are appended to the extra columns I added to the RS from the 150mb file. It's been running for ages now (a lot of comparisons to do) - and with each passing moment, the RAM being...
  19. T

    How much RAM?

    I am running Excel 2007 on Windows 7 and have 3 Gig of RAM. I am manipulating data in lengthy downloads, say 100,000 rows and 15 columns in order to get it into a user friendly format. I am using auto-filters, VLOOKUP, various arithmetic formulas, etc. I have to do the Copy/Paste commands in...
  20. R

    Excel and Ram

    Hi, I am currently using a Lenovo machine which runs of win 7 32 bit , excel 2010 32 bit. I always use to get speed related issues and the IT said that I need to move to a 64 bit OS with higher Ram. Before switching to the higher Ram I decided to do a speed test and for this test I am using a...

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