random number

  1. G

    How to return a random cell value based on a condition

    I am looking for a help with a formula in excel. I have two tabs in my excel Updates: One: My input is in cell F1 When the input is 1, it should check if ID 1 is available in "updates" sheet and return a random "Code" from "updates Sheet" which has ID 1. IF ID 1 is not available in Updates...
  2. S

    how to generate decimal random numbers between -0.57 to 0.37 in excel

    Hi, how can I generate decimal random numbers between -0.57 to 0.37 in excel? Thanks.
  3. M

    A Challenge - Randomly Work Through a List

    Hello, I have two questions: 1. RANDBETWEEN() This function automatically recalculates each time the spreadsheet recalculates. I realise I can turn off automatic calculation, however this will cause other problems. How can I produce a random number and essentially "keep it" for use else where...
  4. S

    How to Create list of random numbers which gives specific total value?

    How to get specific total as sum of randomly(using randbetween/rand()) generated values? I always want to get specific value as the sum of randomly generated values For example I have sheet as shown below. <tbody> A B 1 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 5 2 =RANDBETWEEN(5,10)→ 6 3...
  5. C

    random unique numbers/ names put into a grid - help needed

    I am doing a cow patty drop for my local non-profit community group. We are selling tickets (numbered 101-676) for the event. In order to show who's name ends up where in the tennis court that will be marked in a 24 x 24 grid, I would like to show each ticket number (or preferably the...
  6. W

    Creating multiple, repeatable lists of random numbers

    I am trying to create challenge/response cards. Each card will have a 5-digit number in the upper-left and lower-right corner along with a series of rows containing a line number and 3 pairs of challenge/response words. Rather than have have copies of these cards, I want the central office to...
  7. M

    VBA Random Number with no Duplicates

    I have a question regarding some VBA code I am using to generate random numbers. In a varying range, I want the code to generate a random number, and then check all previous ranges to ensure there are no duplicates. When I run the code step by step, I can see that it sometimes work. I.e. The...
  8. F

    Random number from Selection

    Hi, I want to select random value from selection. I have just: Dim my_range() Range("A2").CurrentRegion.Select my_range = Selection How to use Random function to select random value from my selection?
  9. M

    Excel Wisdom

    Assuming I have two tables, Table 1 and Table 2: <tbody> 1 9 11 20 40 6 10 23 44 49 10 18 23 24 40 5 10 25 29 44 10 16 18 31 42 1 4 9 43 50 </tbody> Table 1, are numbers between 1 and 25 randomly selected and Table 2, are numbers between 20 and 50 randomly selected...
  10. Y

    Randomly selecting a certain repeating number in a matrix

    I am trying to randomly select a repeating number in a matrix. I have seen the different random number and random select codes out there, but specifically what I'm asking is how to go about selecting a number that repeats in a matrix multiple times, not numbers between a certain range or a...
  11. C

    Random Number Generator

    Dear all, I am trying to create a Random number generator that only includes the numbers: 0, 1, 3 and 5 Can anyone please help?
  12. T

    Sequential Invoice...with a twist.

    Hi. Hope your day is great. Wondering if you could help me with the following: I think it may be easy for you (but very appreciated by me!): I have maybe 25 invoices in one folder, depending on what item the customer orders, and the invoice # is always in the same cell. What I need is a macro...
  13. JackDanIce

    Random not very random

    Hi, For a bit of fun, I have a list of quotes which when my main macro is run, automatically selects and displays one. Simplified code I'm using is: Sub Randomi () Dim i as integer i = (i * Rnd() + 1) MsgBox i End Sub But everytime I first run this macro after first opening the...

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