range names

  1. P

    Need a VBA module to open 2 excel files and copy named range data from File1 to File2

    Hi excel Gurus, I wish to open File1.XLSX and also File2.XLST and copy ALL the named ranges from File1.SheetA and paste the value into File2.SheetA. I think the VBA will in a separate file called MODULES.XLSM Sounds simple and I have seen some code that I could adapt but hope there might be...
  2. KC Cat

    Named range duplicated with worksheet duplication troubles

    I have a workbook with a summary worksheet that leverages a large data set that I pull down from accounting monthly. The monthly data pulls are preserved on individually named worksheets (e.g. Feb22AllTrans). I have 5 named ranges on the monthly worksheets that my summary worksheet points to...
  3. I

    VBA - naming columns as ranges using row 1 labels

    Hi all, I've often used the following two lines of VBA to name column ranges based on text labels in the first row of a worksheet, and this has always been really useful when manipulating data. Set rangeToName = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A:BZ") rangeToName.CreateNames Top:=True...
  4. A

    Index Match Range Names +/- formula

    I'm trying to combine a table of project revenues (from multiple workbooks) for planning with a dynamic control to delay or pull forward (Offset) a project. The various project workbooks have varying start dates and formats therefore I am using index/match too ensure the matching of the right...
  5. M

    VBA goes past range requested

    I have the following code. It works fine and does what I want, but then is continuing past the list of names. After the last named sheet is created, it throws an error after it creates the next new worksheet, but can't name it as it has created and named the last worksheet I wanted it to...
  6. M

    Range Names and Conditional Formatting

    Hi Newbie here I have a range name which I would like to format using conditional formatting. When I change the cells that the range name refers to I want the it to format the new range. This might not be the easiest way to do it so I'm open to alternative suggestions. Essentially what I...
  7. L

    Need Help efficiently creating Monthly totals from Sum formula in an Array using data in another worksheet in Excel 2007 & WinXP

    Using Excel 2007 and Windows XP Here is what I have. This is part of worksheet 1. (There are 10 grouping, all the way up to Child 10) A B C D E F G <tbody> 1 Child 1 Child 2 2 Dates Pd # of Days Amounts pd #of Days Amounts 3 <tbody>...
  8. S

    Excel displays range names when magnification is reduced (below 40%)

    In Office 2013 Excel on Windows 8 (and also Office 2010 Excel Windows 7) when I reduce magnification below 40% using MS tool near far bottom right all of the names that I assigned to ranges appear (in large font!) How do I stop this? I hoped I could post screenshots, but don't know how to...
  9. B

    Urgent help required for AutoFilling a formula containing range names!

    Hello guys, I have a number of equations containing range names in a massive excel spread sheet that would take days to alter manually as the regular autofill function does not seem to work for this. Here an example...
  10. I

    Replace range name in a formula for range

    Hi there I'm trying to change a range in a formula, from =COUNTA(range_name) To =COUNTA(D2:D10) Any ideas on how to do this? My macro first named some ranges but then I need to have just the ranges. THX!!
  11. FracinDean

    Worksheet Change Event Using Named Ranges

    Can I use named ranges to trigger actions using the Worksheet Change event? I'm having trouble discovering the correct syntax. I tried Target.Range and Target.Name and Target.Address but those didn't work for me. I have several different cells & actions, so something with a SELECT / CASE...
  12. R

    VBA to create new range from list

    I have two sheets for two different pieces of equipment with the exception of the sheetname the sheets identical. I would like to copy the range names between the sheets changing only the first two characters. My current list is the top block of characters while the second block of charactrs is...
  13. J

    Naming New Worksheets During Loop

    Hi all - below is a loop that cycles through 10 "check" columns in a spreadsheet named "Template", selects the "check" item in the filter for each column, and pastes the results to a new spreadsheet for all 10 checks (10 new worksheets). What's driving me crazy is trying to figure out a way to...
  14. E

    Keyboard shortcut

    Hi, Hopefully a straightforward question. When editing a formula, Excel automatically provides a drop-down list of Range Names that match the characters you have typed. Is there a key you can press to use the highlighted name. I've tried all sorts of variations, but with no luck, so I'm...
  15. E

    Using range names with Worksheet_Change

    Hi, I need to run some code whenever a user changes the value in certain cells. Currently the code is... If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C4")) Is Nothing Then Do Something End If or sometimes... If ActiveCell.Address = "$C$4" Then Do Something End If which work fine, but I want to...
  16. E

    Named ranges in Charts

    Hi, I have a table of data that I use to create a chart based on Location. Currently the table has 10 locations, but only 6 are currently used. The lines on the chart just drop to zero for the blank locations, and I want to use a dynamic range for this axis. However, when I try to enter...
  17. K

    Conditional formatting: Format entire row based on single cell value and using defined names

    Hi all, I'm kinda new in VB/VBA and I was wondering if the following is possible: Currently I'm using a workbook, containing multiple sheets, to create a status overview. One of the sheet is used to list all open defects and contains information like unique ID, description, affected version...
  18. V

    Complex Copy&Paste

    I posted for the first time a little while ago and was pleasantly surprised with how fast--and awesome--the response was. Silly me, I really should have asked what I'm about to post here but I honestly don't know if this entire copy and paste project can be turned into a macro. So here goes my...
  19. V

    Sum of Named Ranges Across Sheets

    I have a cell with a named range called TEMP in each of the sheets in Sheets A thru E. These cells are found on different rows in each of the sheets. Is there a formula that will sum up (across the sheets) the amounts in all the cells named TEMP?
  20. L

    Changing Local Names to Global Names

    I am creating an application using Excel 2003. I have already created a workbook that contains a lot of cells with data validation linked to lists which are all stored on a sheet named List Maintenance. Each of the individual lists is named with a range name. The validation settings refer to...

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