range reference

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    How Do You Reference with a Single Statement Many Worksheet Names?

    I am doing a data pull that consolidates the data from multiple workbooks into a single workbook. My current code works as advertised; however, I would like to make the code more flexible by having it refer to specific cells in a spreadsheet on what and where to pull my data. I am having a...
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    Reference a Column Number in a Range

    Thanks to all who attempt to assist. Will give feedback on solutions. Why I am I getting a "Run-time error '1004'. Application-defined or object-defined error on the following line: Sheets("Template.Line.Item.Data").Range(Cells(2, 13) & Cells(LastRow, i)).Formula = _...
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    Test if cell reference is inside the range

    I have range of cells I want to compare for overlap (Thread:http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/899433-compare-2-item-arrays-if-they-overlap-other-2-item-arrays-those-two-columns.html), and I managed to devise the formula that SUMs (for testing) using parts of range before and after the...
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    Storing range references in an array

    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding a solution to this problem. I have a worksheet into which I want to copy data from many different ranges on many other worksheets, the exact number of ranges depends on how many are found. What I need to be able to do is have my macro identify these ranges...
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    UDF:Applying a formula to individual cells in a range

    I'm writing a function in VBA where I am entering a range for the variable and calculating from there. The mean of that range is calculated, but for each cell in the range I want to subtract the mean from it and square that value. The result of each cell will be summed. For instance, if the...
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    Determine if range is empty

    Hello: I've got a recursive loop stepping through rows to copy cells from Sheet A to Sheet B if they are present in Sheet A. I am currently struggling with a method of determining if a certain range of cells is empty. The range is from Cells(i, 60) to Cells(i, 101) or range("BH" & i ":CW" & i)...
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    Syntax must be incorrect for range reference

    The following sub to create and name wsheets results naming the new sheet with the value of "A9" only, but what I want to name the new sheet is "A9" + "B9". Where have I gone wrong? Thanks. Sub CreateWorksheets() Dim newSheet As Worksheet, itemSheet As Worksheet Dim cell As Object Dim...

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