1. Guybrush Threepwood

    Using Filter for Criteria in Multiple Columns and a Specific Row Range?

    Hi all. Here's a head-scratcher for you all... I have linked to an example workbook in Google Sheets below (unfortunately I don't have Excel on my home PC). Basically I have one worksheet - "Sheet 2" - with a bunch of data. I have another worksheet in the same workbook -"Sheet 1" - that I need...
  2. ibmy

    Count How Many Set Ranges Meet Condition in Above Current Row

    Hi, CDEFG1Var AVar Bexpected result...
  3. ibmy

    Check if Number Exist in Row Range

    Hi, Sample of 100+k rows data: DEFGHIJKLM1MaxBIBexpected result :231.207021.207024Max Exist41.207021.2067551.207021.2088961.207021.2030271.207021.2070281.207031.207031Max X91.207031.20701101.207061.207063Max X111.207061.20702121.207061.20705131.207061.20702141.207021.20699151.207241.207246Max...
  4. ibmy

    Count Distinct Value In Row Range

    Hi, Sample of 100+k rows: FGHI1Bexpected result...
  5. A

    Formula Range Changes When Deleting Rows.

    I have a file for tracking where certain loans are while I maintain them. I use sum() and count() formulas to help me make sure I have everything. But what happens is after some time of deleting rows the range in the formulas no longer captures all the data and they need to be readjusted...
  6. J

    Dynamic named range

    Hi How do I create a dynamic named range which I can use in an email macro so the updated range (will only change the number of rows down but not the number of columns ) can be copied and pasted into an automated email generated in outlook? Thanks! James
  7. C

    Getting rows and columns from range object

    I have some data in a spreadsheet, and have used VBA to create a dynamic range object from this data like so: Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rng As Range Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1") Set rng = ws.Range("A1").CurrentRegion I am new to VBA, so I don't know exactly what this range object is...
  8. F

    Test for non contiguous range

    How you check if non contiguous selection is on more than 1 row and more than 1 column. In this case, don't continue macro. In image below, grey cells represent selection. Tried to test using below but don't get the expected answer. MyRange.Rows.Count MyRange.Columns.Count
  9. C

    For Next loop skipping blank cell, but indexes past next cell

    All, I decided to make my first post a fun one. I am working on some code to essentially find any cell in a given range that has text and append .01 to the end of it, but need to skip any cell that is blank or null. Currently this is working ok, except when it skips a blank cell lets say row...
  10. J

    VBA to compare rows in two different sheets, if match highlight cell

    Hello. New to this board. I found some code that compares two worksheets (sheet 2 with sheet 1) to determine if there are any differences in the rows. The code works perfect for highlighting the entire row. If there is a difference in the row on sheet 2, it is highlighted in red. Instead of...
  11. A

    Find and Replace Value in List Named Range Reference

    I am making a bracket for basketball teams by region. I select the winner of the game based on a list referencing the named ranges you see pasted below. I pull data from multiple web queries into each regional bracket and have many formulas. Because of this, its quicker to copy the sheet and...
  12. C

    Subscript out of range error

    I made a small change to simply skip/remove F4, F20:F24, F94:F101 from the original working rangeBudget as shown below. Original rangeBudget array on Line 43 no error, works. Modified rangeBudget array on Line 39 gives error. Range F81:F:90 on the Months sheet is the last highlighted range...
  13. R

    Lookup 2nd last value in a range

    Hi, I have a formula that looks up the last value in a range. This formula is =LOOKUP(2,1/(L2:BI2<>""),L2:BI2) I would like another formula to look up the 2nd last value in a range. Could someone supply this for me please? Thanks in advance
  14. R

    Multiply IFS Function

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a Multiply function that replaces the SUMIFS? Basically the formula will look for 3 critertias and will return 4 different values. In a SUMIFS formula it will add the values however I need each of the 4 values to multiply. Example 2, 3, 4, 5 in a SUMIFS will return...
  15. G

    Range Variable show value of it in basic format

    Hi everyone, Is there any possibilty to simply write value of range variable into cell? See my code Dim SpecifiedRange As Range Set SpecifiedRange = Application.InputBox("Označ myšou v exeli z 3D rozsah kopírovania pre 1 kartu", Type:=8) Dim Range1K As String Range1K =...
  16. P

    VBA worksheet change when copy paste multiple range

    Hello everyone, I'm back here for help again so please bear with me. I have a vba code that is triggered when there is a change in a range of cells. It works well if the changes are done cells by cells but i get an error in the case if i were to copy and paste for multiple cells in one go. I...
  17. R

    % Percentage Formula for a random range

    Hi, I am sure this may be availabe in simple math but I need a formula for it. Say I have a range of numebrs where 1 is the lowest and 73 is the highest, with all other numebrs in the range. How to i streth this both ways so that 1 becomes 0% and 73 becomes 100%? Which means 37 may be in and...
  18. O

    Dividing a sumifs() statement by another sumifs() statement - Problem: Second sumifs() not recognizing valid ranges.

    Hi, I am trying to divide the result of one sumifs() statement by the result of another sumifs() statement, but the sum range and criteria ranges referenced in the second statement are not working.The ranges are valid but they are not highlighted in the sheet and the formula returns an error...
  19. T

    Range with Name Manager

    In VBA, I have a multi column range on one sheet (DocMgr!$Q$8:$V$27) where, on another sheet, I need to find the max value in the second column if the first columns meets a certain condition. The way I found to do this is to write an array formula to a cell and then get the resulting value like...
  20. S

    Find list of words in range for array formula

    I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to populate by using an array formula. Right now, I have a formula that looks in a range and identifies if the word "Spouse" is within it. However, I would like to update the formula to search for "Spouse" & "Ex-Spouse" within the same range, but my current...

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