1. M

    PERCENTRANK by group excluding another group

    I am trying to calculate the percentrank of each annual salary by salary grade level but need to exclude for instance departments that start with "IT ". For those who are in the IT department I would like to see blank and make sure their number is not part of the percentrank calculation. So...
  2. B

    Rank (Spearman) Correlation of Non-Adjacent Values in Excel in Single Formula

    Rank (Spearman) Correlation of Non-Adjacent Values in Excel in Single Formula 1. In a single formula, I am trying to get the Rank (Spearman) correlation between two arrays. One of the arrays contains non-adjacent values. I can get the Pearson correlation with this formula...
  3. A

    Conditional Rank without duplicates

    Hi Excel friends, Looking to solve this problem without using an array formula: name value Conditional Rank (formula required to solve for this column) a 2 1 a 2 1 a 7 3 a 5 2 a 5 2 a 15 4 b 15 3 b 15 3 b 17 4 b 2 1 b 11 2 Basically I want a formula to give me...
  4. DRSteele

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Using tiebreakers is frequently required in sports leagues and sales data to come up with winners and losers. We can use a clever trick to rank with tiebreakers, a process otherwise made difficult by the many conditions. Here we have sales data for automobile salesmen, and we want to grant...
  5. R

    Single Ranking with Two Data Sets in One Column

    I'm trying to rank scored participants from highest score to lowest with one added criteria. Those who fouled, designated by an asterisk before the score, are still given a score but ranked lower than all the ones who did not foul.
  6. W

    RANK gives different rank for same value

    Hi guys, I'm getting totally crazy over the RANK-function. In this sheet, B2 = RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$3) and B3 = RANK(A3,$A$2:$A$3), and as you can see, it gives me two different ranks for the same value. These are constants (not formulas) and prove that the value is the same, formula in C2 =...
  7. M

    Ranking using VBA

    I'm trying to rank a list of values using VBA rather than a formula as the numbers will be continually changing. I'm basically trying to run the code at a set point to rank the lowest 3 numbers on the sheet and leave them set rather than recalculating with a formula. Thanks
  8. B

    Rank and Count Formula

    I'm trying to create a formula that will rank and count responses to survey data that will summarize the top 5 in the format below. The data will be structured similar to the table below with new responses being added to the bottom of the table continually. For this example, the data is in...
  9. J

    Modified Rank function?

    I have worked out a UDF which replicates Excel Rank() function. Now, I am trying to modify it such that instead of outputting 1 2 2 4 as the ranks for a set {2,5,5,8} it should output 1 3 3 4; and it should be able to handle any data as per the modified logic. Public Function Rnk( _...
  10. M

    Ranking with Index Match Functions

    'm looking for some guidance on creating this lookup in excel. i have a table similar to below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 STATE SalesPerson Count Percentage RANK MA TX 2 MA AA 68 99.4% 1 CC DD 3 MA BB 393 97.5% 2 AA CC 4 MA CC 566 100.0% 3 BB EE 5 TX BB 319 0.0% 4 - BB 6 TX...
  11. E

    Excel VBA replace duplicates for large formula

    Hi All, I have some percentages for 3 weeks for 3 different Areas in Area 1) B1:V100 Area 2) AB1:AV100 Area 3) BB1:BV100 now what i want to do is get the 5 largest values for each day 5 largest for each day ie B1:B100 C1:C100 D1:D100 etc Now i know i can rank them and use a countifs...
  12. V

    Custom sort order

    I have a list of products that need to be sorted in a very specific manner - the final sort order should be as described in the column titled "Overall Rank". The problem I have is that I need to first sort the products by the column titled "Date". Then, for a subset of the products (namely E...
  13. B

    Ranking with Tiebreakers

    Need some help ranking, this is just a small sample. I found a formula on here to rank the teams based on columns D & F, but can't figure out how to use L as a tiebreaker instead of order in the spreadsheet. Obviously this is just a small sample of the sheet there are more columns so the...
  14. M

    RANK(SUMPRODUCT Unique Ranking With Tie Breaker Problem

    Hi there... I am having a bit of trouble with the formula below which is intended to provide a unique (no duplicates) ranking of Productivity scores (highest to lowest) using another metric as tie breaker as needed (lowest Score is best). The formula is used in cells AM7:AM31 and the tie...
  15. M

    Ranking Groups with Multiple Criteria

    <tbody> A B C D E GROUP TARGET ACTUAL % ATTAINMENT EXPECTED RANK A 9 17 188.9% 1 A 7 13 185.7% 2 A 6 11 183.3% 3 A 12 18 150% 4 A 6 9 150% 5 B 1 11 1100% 1 B 3 9 300% 2 B 4 8 200% 3 B 1 2 200% B 6 6 100% 4 C 7...
  16. C

    Index and match with large function

    Hi, I am using the Large function to calculate the rank and Index and Match to return the user name of that rank. Some of the ranks have similar values and then returns only the first name of that rank value. I would like it to return the correct user name for each rank value.
  17. R

    Rank and Scores

    Hi, I´m fighting against an elusive formula to assign scores, I have tried to use arrays and combinations of functions seen in old posts... with no positive results. I have a long list of rows of concepts, each of them related to several values that appear in columns, so they must be compared...
  18. R

    Issue with rank formula

    Hi guys, I need a rank formula, these are the data. [/URL][/IMG] The expected result is in the green column. So, rank the same values in one (multiple values all equal the same), without jumps of numbers, and consider the different names in another rank (Pescara and Chieti). I need a formula...
  19. T

    How do you do a RANKX Dax calculation properly??

    I am trying to build out a DAX RANKX formula that will rank Employee ID by Profit. Here is the formula I have today see below... However, this formula messes up when I start to layer in multiple dimensions into rows. Rank - DO Profit by Employee:=IF(ISBLANK([DO...
  20. K

    Rank using 3 criteria

    Hi there. I've been struggling with a problem for almost a week now. I'm trying to assign a rank score to some data based on 3 criteria. The end result should be in a single cell (in fact, I'm using nested if statements to add different combinations, but this is the toughest one). Criterion 1...

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