1. Paul Ked

    ADODB Error - "Cannot update. Database or object is read-only."

    Hi all I'm getting the above error on a new PC I'm setting up, it doesn't happen with the other PC's in use with the same code! With CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") .Open "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=K:\KKDB.accdb;" .Execute "INSERT INTO TestOpen...
  2. L

    Excel Error when opening read-only - This workbook is locked for editing by another user

    The XLSM file is stored in OneDrive. If I open the file for editing, all is good, everything works. If however I mark it read-only in the Properties tab -or- open it with Excel 2016 on Windows 10 using the /R switch, Excel gives me a line with yellow background telling me -- < bang >...
  3. B

    Disable read-only warning in yellow alert

    Is it a new thing all of a sudden that Excel is warning me that my file is read-only in the yellow security message towards the top of the sheet? Can I disable that somehow? To be clear, I want to keep the document as read-only, but I don't want to get warned about it every time I open it.
  4. A

    Multiple User Auto Update

    Hi, Hopefully someone can please assist. I need to have a spread sheet visible to multiple users at the same time. The Master Copy is the only one that needs to be edited. The other users are purely a Read-Only. Is there a way for the Read-Only to Auto Update, with out the user exiting out and...
  5. S

    Change to VB code to ignore error when saving file

    I have an Excel file A on my server that reads live data. Via a macro, a different Excel file B is opened every 20 minutes, specific cell ranges are copied over from the original file A and then Excel file B is closed. This stops working when, presumably, someone else is querying Excel file B...
  6. J

    VBA: Update Read-Only Workbook

    Hello there, I'm not sure if this is even a possibility... I'm hoping so! Currently, in wb1, I have a macro that opens wb2 to update data and if wb2 is read-only, it will ExitSub. My concern is, wb2 will be accessed VERY frequently by other users so I’m wondering if I set wb2 as read-only to...
  7. M

    Macro for Always saveas option

    Hi All, I save a file is some path, where the file is saved as Read-only recommended. But few of then are opening as write and overwriting the file. Can i have a macro, when the user saves the file, it should pop-up the msg saying they are not allowed to save the file in that path and show the...
  8. R

    VBA Macro to check if worksheet is already opened by other user

    Hi, in an Worksheet that is stored on a sharepoint I've implemented the following macro: Private Sub Workbook_Open() If Application.Version >= "16" Then ActiveWorkbook.LockServerFile Else 'Under Excel 2016 version End If End Sub Reason for this: In Excel 2016 this file is opened as...
  9. L

    Excel fails to open XSLX file if marked read-only

    I have a "template" XLSX file I use which is stored on OneDrive. Occasionally I forget I've opened the template so save the (week's timesheet) into it .. oops! So I change the Template file in OneDrive on my desktop to be read-only (Alt-Enter and tick the "read-only" box, & press OK). But now...
  10. L

    saving a Read-only file

    I have a Read-only file and I want to un-Read it so that I can make changes and save them then revert it to Read-only. I have tried the ff codes - but none of them worked.. many thanks ThisWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess xlReadWrite SetAttr ActiveWorkbook, vbReadOnly ActiveWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess...
  11. T

    VBA Application.OnTime issues

    I have a shared file on a LAN. I borrowed some code online to kick out idle users (who presumably forgot to get out of the file). I tweaked it a bit so that it puts them to read-only instead of kicking them out altogether (not sure if it exhibited the undesirable behavior I'm about to...
  12. Roderick_E

    Read-Only file

    So I have a few formulas referring to another workbook and worksheet. It worked fine. I did have to have the source workbook open but hey. But now the user wants to make the source read-only. My simple reference formulas will no longer display until/unless I save the source as read only...
  13. D

    Title of Excel workbooks

    My company has been using templates created in Excel that were set to Read-Only status many years ago. The title bar of these workbooks looks like this: "Price Change Template - 1500 (v1.5).xls [Read-Only] [Compatibility Mode] - Microsoft Excel" Our IT department made some changes to this...
  14. T

    Monitor next workbook to open

    Hi guys, <o:p></o:p> I’m trying to write VB code in workbook A that monitors the next workbook to open (we’ll call it workbook B) and reports back to workbook A whether or not Workbook B is read-only or not. Workbook B could be a VBA enabled or a non-VBA enabled workbook and could be any...
  15. J

    Making a read only file

    Hi, I've got an excel sheet with data. I have password protected the file so no one can access it. I now need to create a read only copy of it but i want the read only copy to be updated whilst the main one is updated. The issue I'm having is I want the read only copy not to be password...
  16. R

    Access opens up as Read-Only

    Hi, I created a simple database to manage contacts. I then wanted it to display in excel, so i used the option in excel to "Get External Data" and selected "From Access". I pointed it to my database and pulled the data from a query i have. The problem now is that the excel file is the master...
  17. E

    Excel treating docs like read-only when they are not

    1. I'm on a PC 2. I'm using Excel 2010 3. I'm on a networked computer where my docs are saved to a shared drive 4. I create a doc and save it to a shared drive. I leave the doc open and put my comp to sleep at the end of the day. The next day, when making changes to the doc, I can't save. I am...
  18. L

    Destination Workbook opening as read only

    Hi VBA Geeks, I have posted this question in another forum, however I thought I try my luck on here as I really require some expert advice. Please see attached link. How to avoid destination workbook to open as read-only I have multiple workbooks which will populate data into a master...
  19. A

    Want users to open in read-only mode, unless they enter the correct password.

    Hi all, I have an Access 2010 database that is on a shared drive so many people use it, and i want to password protect it so only those with a password can get into the actual file (in case we need to make updates to it.) I'm able to put password protection on the file, but the problem is that...
  20. JDaniluck

    "File In Use" Alert

    Hey All, This is my first question on this site. I use it all of the time by searching through the forums. So I thought I would finally join in the fun. :) Anyhow, time for business. I am running into a problem with the "File in Use" alert. I am attempting to write a code to automatically...

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