1. L

    undo read only excel file

    Hi I saved a file as read only (save-->tools-->others--> checked [] read only). Now even for me, it open as read only. If I want to save it, it will create a copy of it and save the copy but original one is still read only. How can I undo Read only or that is not possible? Thank you. Thanks
  2. K

    Value in column B corresponding to column A listed in column c separated by a comma

    Looking to list out all values for Column B that correspond to column A listed out in Column C at change in value of column A separated by a comma <tbody> Column A Column B Column C 100001 35 100001 64 100001 45 100002 64 100002 72 100002 74 100002 68 100002 59 </tbody>...
  3. D

    How to Sum the Frequency of column dependent on another column.

    Hi, I am trying to solve a problem I am have trying to add the days of shifts for multiple people but running into a issue it will correctly workout the number of shifts excluding dates that are the same but I need it read a repeating date if that person name is different. I have all this...
  4. T

    Autosave Macro when doc is not read only

    Hi there, I am somewhat new to macros but getting better each day, much thanks to this forum. I have been fighting a macro for a while so I thought I should ask. I would like a macro that autosaves the current workbook every 5 minutes without opening a dialog box or whatnot. Just as if they...
  5. N

    Adding a +1 to a Row when dragging across Columns

    Hi again, I have a formula that uses a row reference ROWS($B$1:$B1). I want to drag this across the columns, but need the second part of the ROWS formula to +1. So in Column B the formula would read ROWS($B$1:$B1) in Column C it would read ROWS($B$1:$B2) and so in. Is this possible? Thank you.
  6. K

    STUCK! read cell from previous page (s)

    Morning from Scotland, Intermediate level excel user. I use excel to organise my staff and to give them their rotas weekly. So I have a workbook with 58 tabs. The problem I am having is that I would like to have a cell from 1 week read from a cell in the previous week. I can obviously use the...
  7. C

    Saving Read Only

    I have a file that I am using as a template for divisions to retrieve productivity report. So when user opens (Read only), he then logs in and their particular division(s) data will open. Since it is read only. I t prevents people from saving over the file so all can use as a template and I...
  8. Z

    Restrict Print Until Some Conditions are made

    Good Afternoon Mates! I want to make an excel sheet which will not allow the user to take print until the the latest changes are saved. Actually I have created a file which requires "password to modify". Without entering the password, one can access the file with "Read Only" mode. But, in read...
  9. B

    No Read Permission message

    Anyone know how to clear this issue. I get this message with any query I run associated with this table and can't find this table anywhere now. I no longer see tt in my relationship either. I tried deleting my import table and rebuild it but, I can't do that either. RAW_NJUNS is the name of my...
  10. M

    Recover Deleted Tab - I think we are out of luck

    Ok, so one of our executives often works on excel files straight from email - in other words, he opens an excel file straight from an email and DOES NOT save the file before making changes. He will have 20 excel workbooks open all in READ ONLY status. Well, he worked on a READ ONLY file for...
  11. A

    Simple "IF" statement for a newbie

    I have a sheet which has a list of numbers ranging from -10000 to 10000. I need an IF statement which says if the number is less than -1500 then it should read "red" if it is less than -500 then read "amber" and if it is greater than -500 then should read "green" I can get it do parts but...
  12. M

    read from .txt and extract data

    Hi All, I need to read a txt file and dump the data into a spreadsheet. each txt file with contain two different data sets always starting with DXE and ending with DXS Id like to extract the first set in to column A and second set into column B the data needs to be inserted row by row...
  13. H


    I am performing an if formula that has 2 AND criteria, fo which one is a contains wildcard. I read that countifs may be the solution but I am still off the mark Can anyone help please? Many thanks
  14. T

    Button Macro to read values in a few ranges then concatenate & list values based on the results of the read

    Okay, so I guess I cant attach a spreadsheet, but here's an Imgur link: So what am I trying to do here? Well, let's say that I click the button that says "20k thru 30k". I want a macro that will read D5:D16, F5:F16, H5:H16, K5:K16, M5:M16, O5:O16, and then if the...
  15. M

    SumIfs Help or Alternative Formula

    Hello I'm trying my best to construct a Formula to read across several sheets that will pick up everytime a in column B the 31 different sheets it says X (which its reading from Sheet1 H3) and the value matches (what Sheet1 I3) then it will add up from all the sheets (name simply 1 and 2 etc)...
  16. W

    Average Streak Based on Criteria Ignoring Blanks

    I'm creating a program for my job to evaluate the behavior management system with four levels (0,1,2,3,4). I am stuck on finding a formula to calculate the average streak within given time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) based on criteria (grade). The biggest issue I am having is if...
  17. R

    Excel/VBA/Python - sharing variables/application.caller offset/read textbox

    I've been working with VBA and Python recently but I've never combined the two. I'm just trying to get my head around how the 2 communicate with each other. Is it possible to set a variable in VBA and then Python can read the value of the VBA variable? For example, if the VBA variable was from...
  18. TinaP

    Communication methods

    Greetings Excellers! I'm currently working on a workbook with lots of UDFs and other volatile functions. Trust me, I've done my research and the UDF/volatile function mode is the preferred method in this instance. (The key phrase is "in this instance.") I also have other workbooks where...
  19. L

    Formatting a number

    Good morning everyone, I have many numbers in excel which read like this; @01392293 I need the numbers to read like this; '@01392293', When I try to format the number to custom it reads the ' at the beginning but not the rest. I'm not sure how to do this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  20. CPGDeveloper

    Back End Only Opening Read Only

    So this has happened now 2 days in a row -- I administer an Access DB with 12-15 users -- each user has an .accde copy of the front end on their desktop and the back end is on a shared server. I got a call saying that all of a sudden nobody could add a new entry to the db. I look into it...

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