real estate

  1. U

    VBA Real Estate Reporting Application

    Hello, I have a couple of files that my manager uploads into an internal folder for our department on a monthly basis. Those files relate to multiple existing real estate investments of our own. Each real estate file differs in terms of its format. What I need is one cell from each of those...
  2. Q

    IRR Help

    I am getting different returns when calculating for IRR. The far right is the "desired" ending return that should be populating in the IRR column as well (I pasted these numbers in the desired column and am using the formula below for the IRR column). I was able to get the first year to match...
  3. S

    Determining Purchase Price on Real Estate Transaction using Goal Seek, NPV, and IRR

    I work in commercial real estate and we are trying to back into a purchase price by determining what initial outlay gets our NPV to 0 and IRR to 30%. Essentially, what acquisition price gets us to a 30% IRR. We're looking at this over a three year period. For purposes of simplicity, say I can...
  4. A

    Real Estate Commission with Cap Formula

    Hello All! Via some google searches, I found a few similar questions answered by you fine people but didn't see my exact question and couldn't tweak on my own. Here is the scenario: Agent has an 80/20 split with the brokerage. If they sell 100000.00 house, they get 3% commission (3000) and...
  5. D

    nested IF statements in a cash flow model

    I am building a cash flow model to determine my IRR depending on when I sell the investment. The logic I am trying to follow for the equation is: If current period is equal to harvest period, then populate the cell with the sell price minus the cash outflow for that period. If current period...
  6. D

    Real Estate Rent Roll

    I am having difficulty trying to figure out the most efficient and cleanest way to project and roll up for future cash flow modeling a large list of retail tenants. Each tenant has different lease start and expiration dates, rent-able SF, rent price, renewable options, and rent escalations...
  7. S

    Calculation Timing of large/complex spreadsheets

    I have a relatively complex spreadsheet that started out at around 30MB and was built with array formula. I've pared away most the arrays by adding helper columns and cut the file size in half and Full Clac time from 7.9 to 2.8 seconds and Recalc from 4 to 2, but want more speed...
  8. I

    How do I add add decimal seconds to time

    Working on another real estate application and one of my employees are trying to add decimal seconds to time. So my column looks like this where column 2 is the amount of seconds passed and is a decimal type COLUMN1 COLUMN2 COLUMN3 12:32:07 66.22 = COLUMN1 +...
  9. L

    Please verify that my XIRR calculation is correct

    <tbody> </tbody> Trying to calculate an IRR on a piece of buy and hold real estate. Using the XIRR function I am coming up with a 5% IRR. Would someone be kind enough to run the formula and verify my calculation? Thanks in advance for Your help. Dates Cash Out/In 5/28/15 -44766.72...
  10. L

    IF(And()) Formula

    Hi, I have a loan on a property that expires in 7 years. I want to model the property's sale in year 7 or earlier but not after year 7. I am trying to think of a formula that looks up what year the cash flow is in and what year the holding period is and if the cash flow year matches the...
  11. P

    Finding certain text and then summing annual numbers

    I work in commercial real estate and use Argus and Excel to underwrite properties. Argus is real estate software that outputs annual/monthly/etc proforma with varying detail depending on the property. What I'd like to do: - Use a sheet to annualize the data outputted by a monthly Argus Model...
  12. B

    Calculate median sale by month and year

    Hey everyone! I am working with a large set of real estate sales data (nearly 38,000 records). It spans from January 1, 2008 until March 31, 2014. I am trying to figure out a way to get the median price for each month and year. So I am looking for 75 median figures (6 years, 3 months). We...
  13. L

    Commission Breakdown for real estate agents, tried a million different ways...PLEASE HELP

    So I'd like Excel to help me create the following breakdowns, I've been doing it manually (which leads to errors). Tried "if" and "left" and such in Excel and can't seem to get the results I need. Please help Fields All Calculations are based on: Sales Price: cost of home Total % of Commission...
  14. M

    IRR Calculation

    Hi there. I am trying to understand how/why the IRR calculation is different than I would inherently assume. Let me explain. You can also view the simple file I created here on dropbox. Assume an investor required a 10% internal rate of...
  15. T

    managing apartment - how to add all rent for the month

    Hey everyone! I have spreadsheet that is basically a bank statement. here is what is looks like; A1 has the deposit or withdraw B1 a drop down menu of it either being a deposit or withdraw C1 Year To Date information On cell C2, all I am trying to do is getting all incoming rent to add up...
  16. W

    Help - Real Estate Waterfall (Promote Levels, IRR Lookback)

    Would like assistance finalizing a waterfall tab in an excel model. Model already includes tabs to define cash flow, debt payments, etc. Need help working a contract's waterfall description into excel. Have a good start, but need assistance finalizing. Let me know if you can help.. Thanks.
  17. LadyOfTheLake

    HUD-1 Settlement Statement

    I'm a newbie, so this may be old stuff to forum regulars, but I was wondering if anyone has created an Excel template of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement for buying/selling a house. It would be great to have a dynamic form that can be customized, saved, and changed. Also easy to keep records on...

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