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    Sharing .xls files with real-time currency conversions

    Hi All Been using these boards for years and finally have an issue that I can't seem to find a solution/instructions for so this is my first post. (I'm also not the best at explaining things so please bear with me) OK, so I have a rather large workbook and on one of the sheets is a real-time...
  2. D

    Can Excel 2007 import from JSON data in real-time?

    I'm trying to create a file that pulls in real-time golf scores -- the PGA tour site appears to provide data JSON format (which I've never worked with) here: I don't quite know how to parse that wall of text for use in Excel 2007. Later...
  3. P

    Serial-Excel communication

    Hello everyone, I have a project that is pushing analog values into my COM12 serial port every three seconds (3000ms). As of right now, I have a VBA so that I can manually copy the whole COM port data and paste it into the workbook, run the VBA and it takes the values and arranges them...
  4. X

    lookup macro, solver macro, realtime macro

    Hi, Please see attached files at the following links for more detailed info and a sample sheet. sample sheet word document I would like the following things to be done using a macro in real-time. (It is impossible to do with just regular excel functions) So if the workbook is open I...
  5. M

    Time - Accurate Vehicle Animation using Excel VBA

    I am a novice VBA/Excel programmer in need of help. I work for a small firm, Brach Engineering, that develops accident reconstruction software. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> To give you an idea of what we're looking for, Jon Peltier's “RollingWheel” example...
  6. Y

    Unhiding individual cells in real-time

    Currently I have a macro that goes line by line and determines if a specific cells's content needs to be hidden based on if certain cells in the spreadsheet are null. The macro works well but I would to see if the reverse could be checked in real-time. For instance, at the moment cell "I10" is...

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