1. L

    Help with Excel Formula

    I have the below formula that am trying to paste but for some reason is not taking =, what am i doing incorrect =AND([@Date]>=Calculation!$D$2,[@Date]<Calculation!$D$2+7) See sample link the sheet is called Raw Data but is calling from calculation...
  2. E

    Why is TRIM function failing in VBA?

    We have a macro for users to run. One user has Excel 2007. Would this version be the reason the following code fails on the "TRIM" function? I works in 2010 and later. theAnswer = UCase(Trim(Cells(ques, 2).Text)) or theCaption = UCase(Trim(UserForm1.Choice1.Caption)) ' This is reading a...
  3. Z

    arrays verses worksheet for math

    I have a workbook which currently uses a worksheet to do a lot of math for a user form. Speed, accuracy and overall performance is very stable so far. My question is, I've always wanted to do the math in memory with arrays just because I guess and learn arrays. So short of that is there a more...
  4. T

    Simple Question that I don't have the answer -- How to change Excel 365 keyboard shortcut?

    I have used Excel for years and always able to change the font to bold by Cntrl B. Today, for whatever reason, it does not function. How do I check what Cntrl B is assigned to and how to change it back. Thank you in advance!
  5. D

    Dependent dropdowns

    Hi all, I've created a spreadsheet with multiple dropdowns, and while it's been working perfectly, I have added a new item to dropdown A, and for some reason can't figure out why it won't link dropdown b to provide me with the coinciding info. No tables present, but dropdown B info is located...
  6. P

    Formula Help: Counting Blanks

    Hi I am struggling with writing a formula to achieve the following: We want to count how many times there are two or more consecutive blanks. Below is a snapshot of what the data looks like. In addition, while we are here - We have the following formula...
  7. A

    Multiple conditions to throw up a comment

    <tbody> ODE FTE Temp Total ODE Change SR Variance Comments 80 40 40 80 0 All in Sync 80 38 40 78 -2 Negative HC, please state reason 78 38 40 78 -2 0 Negative ODE change, please state reason 80 38 40 78 2 0 All in Sync 80 42 40 82 2 Positive HC, please state reason 82 42 40...
  8. R

    Counta with If

    For whatever reason, I'm drawing blanks on this one. I'm currently using =COUNTA(tblCourses[Name]) to count the number of courses I have. I had to add a column to my table, tblCourses[State] and I intend to type "Inactive" if the course is no longer available. How could I modify the counta...
  9. R

    Matching Formula has me Stumped!

    I've been working on this one for a bit with no success. I've outlined what I'm trying to accomplish below: Currently, the return works very well, but only with exact matches, everything else throws me an ERROR. I tried modifying the match_type which causes me to throw an error for some reason...
  10. jackfox68

    If Statement with two concatenates

    The bold underlined formula below is equating to 9.63 for the selected fields, which should default to the second concatenate, but for some reason it is defaulting to the first concatenate. Any thoughts on why...
  11. R

    Importing data from webpage

    I am trying to record a macro wherein I am importing stock market data of Nifty fifty stocks from NSE website: However, the destination cell only displays the following message "no data". Could you please tell...
  12. I

    formula help

    HI I am having issues doing an if statement , i seem to get the wrong end result, below is the data i have <tbody> A 1 0.48 2 - 3 0 4 1 </tbody> now when i do this formula below i should get 175 but for some reason i get 75...
  13. E

    Lookup returning blank on numeric criteria

    Hi all, I have the following formula which works fine for alpha numeric criteria but does not return anything on numeric criteria only? Could there be a reason I am missing here ...
  14. J

    Formatting all 1 as ✔ and all 0 as Blank (with vba ? )

    Hi, i have the following working directly on worksheet ✔;;;@ but the problem is when trying to reapply the formatting with VBA, as the tick isnt recognised. example, when i record myself applying the formatting, the output is: Range("A1:A23").NumberFormat = "?;;;@" Does anyone have a way...
  15. N

    if And

    Hi, This code should return the value in AQ10, but for some reason I'm getting a #VALUE error. =IF(AND(VLOOKUP(A10,'WOs (DSP Only)'!A:B,2,FALSE)=VLOOKUP(A10,'WOs (DSP Only)'!A:C,3,FALSE)=VLOOKUP(A10,'WOs (DSP Only)'!A:D,4,FALSE)=VLOOKUP(A10,'WOs (DSP Only)'!A:E,5,FALSE)=VLOOKUP(A10,'WOs (DSP...
  16. E

    VBA Windows Object

    I've been given the responsibility to fix a broken macro of a termed employee. This individual used the code listed below but I don't understand he used the Windows object rather than Sheet object. Is there any logical reason to do this? I suspect there must be a reason that I'm not aware of...
  17. Sharid

    Code issue which I can't fix

    Please can someone help, I have this code which pretty much does what i want, only problem is that it stops at row 414 every time for some reason. I have attached a downloadable excel sheet, see link below. i have removed all the emails from it. on sheet 1 there are about 3000+ url and one...
  18. B

    Match Array Formula

    Hi everybody, Today I noticed that something and I really wondered the reason of it. Normally when I use Match formula for the match type generally I am just selecting exact match from the popup and never seen any problem. Today I was trying to find first blank cell in a range so wrote this...
  19. H

    comparing to data sets

    Hi all, I am quite new to excel so pretty basic questions from me but I would appreciate your help. I am trying to work out how I would find the top 3 reasons for a particular month compared to another month with percentages. And if they have changed position. example. the data would be on a...
  20. O

    Alignment issues

    Hi. I have an issues with alignment in the worksheet below. .For some reason the column headers have started behaving strangely. You can see, even thogh they are centre aligned and columns are plenty wide enough they have started to be misaligned. Please help! They have all of a sudden done...

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