1. G

    Need an interpretation

    =INDEX($C$1:$C$16700,MATCH(1,INDEX(($B$1:$B$16700="A")*($B$1:$B$116700="B"),0),0)) On my spreadsheet, I had two columns, one for work shift, and one for what printing press was used. Now both columns are filled with these formulas. I don't recall writing them. I'm a little bit confused as...
  2. A

    Recalling multiple variables

    Hello forums, My problem is IÂ’m trying to recall multiple variables in a row to the end of a column. For example, my table will look like this: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H 1) Model. Worktop Time Door...
  3. L

    structural tables issues

    Hi One time someone told me there are so issues with structural tables (Insert-->Table) when it come to ??? (I do not recall, when it come to sorting, or searching, or filtering). I do not recall. I tried google "issues with structural table but could not find clear answer". Would appreciate if...
  4. R

    VBA variable trace

    I recall seeing someone (I don't recall who/where) use a shortcut or option within a lengthy code in VBE to trace the origin of a variable... i.e., find in the previous code where the variable had been declared and defined or set. Can you help me remember or rediscover this?
  5. J

    User form memory

    I am trying to write a code so that the last input is saved in each of the text boxes in the user form in the most recent submission. I want it to recall the current price on an item, so it can be compared and changed if needed. It is rare that we change prices on all items, but there is always...
  6. S

    trying to get my form to recall onto the correct box

    hi, i have this userform that im using why wont it recall back into the boxes i inputed the data into link below Dropbox - 4.4 need to work out .xls
  7. G

    How to save a function string

    Hey there! First time posting here, so I apologize if anything is amiss! :) Program - Excel 2016 MAC I just moved to excel from Apple Numbers and most of what I am seeing I am liking. However, there are a couple things I have noticed so far that I expected I would be able to do no problem...
  8. F

    How to Recall Stored Data back into a Userform based on a Reference Number

    I am trying to create a way to recall the data that has been input into my excel by my userform. I have looked EVERYWHERE and nothing works i need help. vLookup doesnt seem to work for me or im not using it right. Essentially i have 2 Userforms Userform1 = Input Form Userform2 = Recall Form I...
  9. S

    Recall Images from cell to userform control Images not showing all the time.

    I am using this forum and getting advanced in my project. Thanks to all. One more support is required. When I recall the images from the worksheet cells everytime there are some images not loaded. If i reload the userform and recall the data to edit, other image boxes are ok and the one loaded...
  10. S

    Recall Data with column reference -dynamic variable

    I am trying to set dynamic variable for column reference during recall and no idea how to do it. searched in web but no success. Attached the sample form. Help needed.
  11. S

    Recall from data/spreadsheet to userform for edit

    I have made a form to enter the details to save in database. I want to recall the data for editing. Using web help, used the below code, but showing error when i press the findnext or findprevious command and highlighting in Set LastFind = Where.Find(Me.NO, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart)...
  12. E

    Simple question. How to find max value in a cell that is constantly changing (due to recall function)

    Hey cell ac1 has recall function in it. The value in the cell changes every few minutes. The formula in ac1 is the following =if($m$2<0.88125,if(customer!$h$5="",$ac$1,recall()+(billing!$y$7)),0) the recall function adds the present value in ac1 with the value in y7. Now if the 'if'...
  13. S

    Populate Form and Print

    I'm halfway home, I just can't find what I need to finish this project. I have created a user form that takes ten strings (dates, numbers, sentences) and stores them in the next available row in the sheet "Equipment Repair Log" Yay. NOW I want to move over to the next worksheet "Repair Log...
  14. S

    Search Worksheet, Input Data to Form, Back to Worksheet

    I am trying to create a form which will "add" a record by searching a worksheet for and ID number. I need to be able to add cell information from the row which is found (identified by ID number). The data I am seraching from is organized as follows: I used : in the example to seperate...
  15. S

    Searching and Recalling

    Good evening all, I am working pro-bono on a program for a friend to help him organize/update accounts for his business. I have worked a lot in vb6 and some in vb10 and Excel, but really have no idea where to start with this program. The main things I want to be able to do is go back...

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