1. A

    Add a file to the "Recent Items" listing in Outlook Attachment

    I have an Access program file that manipulates files that are on my network/pc. When I work with an excel file for example, I want to have Access add that file to list of recent Items using VBA. That way, the file that I manipulated in Access is right there in my recent items list so I can...
  2. T

    New Analyst - New Problems

    Hello all, I am a recent college grad (<12mo) and recently began a new career as an analyst. I am working on a simple macro to change and move data into a uniform format and have run into a small snag. I am attempting to get the macro to completely skip blank cells (and preferably delete the...
  3. A

    select the most recent value from one block of 10 columns

    Hi everybody, I have one block of 10 columns. The 10 columns contain data ordered by year (from the most recent to the oldest - 2019 - 2018 .... - 2010). Example of block of 10 columns: <tbody> company A 2019 A 2018 A 2017 A 2016 A 2015 A 2014 A 2013 A 2012 A 2011 A 2010 value...
  4. E

    Automating my Pivot Table's Rolling Date Checklist

    Hi there, I send out weekly reports that include data from the most recent two weeks and data from the most recent month. Each time I refresh my report with new data, I have to go in and manually uncheck the boxes of previous weeks and select the most recent checkbox. I wondered if there could...
  5. DataBlake

    Insert 1st sheet of most recent xlsx file from directory [vba]

    I'm looking for a way to insert an entire sheet from whatever the most recent xlsx file is from a specific folder location so lets say theres 3 xlsx files in "C:\Users\bsnyder\Desktop\Excel Program\backups" i would want it to automatically insert a sheet with the data of the first sheet of the...
  6. L

    Excel Transpose (T) From Column to Row specific position.

    I would like to ask any possible Transpose shortcut on my recent project, which wish someone here guide how to Transpose as attached image. Appreciate someone help. thanks
  7. A

    Return value of most recent non-blank value in column

    Hi, I have a column of data values separated by rows with blanks. How can I return value of the most recent non-blank value in a column row using VBA for use in a VBA sub? Thanks, Art
  8. A

    calculate trend as a value?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to calculate the "trend" in student GPAs as a value of some sort, indicating if the overall trend is negative, positive, or flat. I've done some digging but can seem to figure out what this value would even be called. Possibly r-squared when you add a trendline to a...
  9. Y

    recent files in a list box

    using a listbox, how do i let it display up to 60 recently opened files.
  10. S

    INDEX MATCH Find Largest Date with criteria

    Please can someone help advise where I have gone wrong with this. In Column N is where this formula is and I want to generate the name of the headed column in O, P, Q, X or Y only (R through to W should not be included in the results) I want it to find the "largest" (most recent) date, and...
  11. J

    How to clear Recent Places

    How can "Recent Places" list be cleared with VBA? I have a hidden folder that I do not want to reveal.
  12. K

    Querry Stopped Updating

    Question: What would cause a simple query to stop updating? I can see historical information but can't edit or add. I can delete an old record directly from the table and that appears to be reflected in the query but no other edits seem to pass between the query/form and table. We've used this...
  13. L

    Comparing two dates

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with multiple dates on it. I am essentially looking to compare dates between 2 columns. One column is the most recent visit date and the other column is when we last provided a service. I want to know if there has been more than a year between the most recent visit...
  14. S

    Unable to Filldown from Date Variable in VBA

    My goal is to find the most recent date in column A (the date in column A is determined by a formula) and filldown one row from the most recent date in column A through column T. I am able to locate the most recent date in column A utilizing Max_date =...
  15. P

    Macro Date Selection

    I wanted to make it to where anytime I first go to a Report worksheet (like “Sheet1”), it defaults to the 4 most recent weeks’ worth of date: “To” defaults to date with most recent data. “From” defaults to 4 weeks prior to most recent data (“To” date minus 21 days). Afterwards, anyone can...
  16. I

    Count number of rows since a specific word most recently appeared in a cell

    Hi Column A contains consecutive dates (most recent date in bottom row, added to daily) and Column B contains text relating to the date in Column A. What I am looking for is a formula for the number of days (rows) since the most recent occurrence of the word REST in Column B. Many thanks!
  17. F

    Clear Recent Colors

    I was designing the perfect color scheme for my User Forms and now I have 10 different shades of pink under "Recent Colors" on the Home tab. How can I clear this?
  18. E

    Recent workbook not showing up in recent menu

    When I open a file through a macro, it doesn't show up in the recents. How can I make it show up? Sheets("RAW DATA").Select Range("A2:K2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Copy Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "\\blah\blah\blah\Elimination...
  19. J

    Help referencing most recent payment date

    Hello All, Thanks in advance for whatever help comes my way. I have been doing a lot of research on how to return the date of a most recent payment, unfortunately, my situation seems to be a little different than what the videos out there are showing. Bottom line, I have a running daily...
  20. M

    Default for file tab

    Before updating to Office365, when I clicked on the file tab the option displayed on the right contained the recent workbooks. Now, when I click on the file tab, the default option is INFO and I have to click on OPEN to see the recent workbooks. Is there a way to change this?

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