1. Wad Mabbit

    I want to return a list of headers wherever there is a value match in column N. Where TRUE exists in any row of a column, that header is returned plus

    I want to return a list of headers in column R wherever there is a value match in column N. Column n contains extracted phone numbers, which I use as ID's Where TRUE exists in any row of a column AB to AK, that header (AB1 .. AK1)) is returned plus a line break, for each of columns AB:AK...
  2. M

    Delete records across all sheets based on multiple criteria [user input method]

    Dear Excel, VBA community! I have an issue with my VBA code and hoping someone could very kindly assist! The code below is meant to delete multiple records across all excel sheets based on two or more criteria. So far I have made it for just two criteria where the user inputs the product type...
  3. M

    Extract/Count a records that containing a digits, numbers in a cell

    Hi, Required a formula help to extract a records (at least which contains one number in a cell) contains a numeric values in data set Column A:C,as well same values (at least which contains one number in a cell) to be count their actual quantity from the total data set. Thanks...
  4. L

    SUMIF matching 2 cells

    Good afternoon all, I am having a problem as I modified my excel workbook and I am unable to find the sum I'm looking for. I keep getting #Value ! I have dates in cells P1 and P2, start date and end date. This is located on a sheet called Records. I have a datasheet that is full of data from 3...
  5. V

    Difference in date

    I have this records below If the “PROJECT_NUMBER” is repeated AND “INCIDENT_CREATION_DATE” between the two incidents is less than 31 days then mark it as a "repeat" I am confused as how shall I do it, as did countif as well to find the duplicate and then the diff in date but the records can be...
  6. L


    Hello Guys. A quick and simple question (too difficult for me though). I have a column with dates (Column A). I need to count the number of records that are from the certain year (YEAR formula) and certain week (WEENNUM) without using any additional calculation columns (file is big, a lot of...
  7. T

    Delete only unused related records in another table

    I have used Excel for many years, but am new to Access! I am creating a database on which to log invoices received and track progress with authorisation, disputes, etc. through to eventual payment. As each invoice could have multiple progress updates relating to it, and each progress update...
  8. J

    Array question

    I have a array with 500 records and another array with 25 numbers. These 25 numbers are between 1-500. I want too clear all the records in 500 record array which are not in the 25 records array. Array1 10, 20, 31, 32, 45, 50 Array2 20, 45 After matching the result for array1 is 0, 20, 0, 0...
  9. M

    finding the size of a Data File BEFORE importing to determine how long it will take before import

    I been searching for a while to determine how many records in a data set. This is so I can determine how long it will take to import. I would like to use this information in a progress bar. I have the progress bar going, I just need to plug values in the code to have the bar move. I can make...
  10. D

    SQL Help - **Newbie**

    Hi ya'll - realizing this isn't an Excel question but hoping someone could help me interpret the output of the following SQL query and how it is structured. Here is some information about the database: - conversations_conversation records represent a single conversation between two people...
  11. Z

    how to update records through Forms

    Hello Everyone I'm Trying to Update my records through the form i created. not sure if its VBA or not! so any idea ?!:rofl:
  12. 2

    Exceptions table

    Hello, How can I return records from table-1 that do not match with records in table-2? I have a master table (say Table-1) that contains all the data. Another table (Table-2) contains records that I do not want to see in the resulting table. I need to do following: (Table-1) - (Table-2) =...
  13. CPGDeveloper

    Bound vs. UnBound Forms

    So I created and administer an MS Access DB -- approximately 20 end users -- they each have an .accde FE on their desktops, while the back end sits on a network drive. The primary data entry form has approximately 70+ fields, with currently 50k plus records. There is a subform on this form as...
  14. B

    Filter Data from Drop Down List

    Hello All, This is what I need to do. I have a drop down list in sheet 1 that when a customer name is selected I want to copy in just the selected data for that customer name from another worksheet. I do not want to see all the records just the records associated for that customer. I've tried...
  15. S

    Excel form Vlookup result ...text box display blank.

    Hi, I am trying to pull out some records using vlookup and them in the corresponding text boxes. The vookup predefined function is working properly at it correctly displays the msgbox which says records not found in purchase records but when the matching record is found the textbox displays...
  16. T

    Approximate match / vlookup

    The problem I have involves looking for records within 2 tables. Table1, (the source), contains 100 records. Table2, (the sink), contains 1000 records. So to check if each record in Table1 is contained in Table2, looping would involve 100x1000=100,000 times (if I'm not mistaken). If instead I...
  17. D

    What's the fast way to do this?

    Whats the fastest way to remove all the symbols in a column of data in access? I only want the numbers and letters to be in my data. My database is about 4 million records and one of the fields in the records is a catalog number and I want to remove all the symbols in the catalog number in...
  18. D

    Hide Multiple number of rows based on a value

    Hey There - New to VBA & I need to workout how to hide a certain number of rows from a different worksheet based on the value inserted on another worksheet. Details are: * 'Summary' worksheet cell 'H10' the user inserts a value (e.g. 350), which is the # of records which will need to be...
  19. V

    VBA Code for Inserting Rows Based on Cell Value

    Hello all, I am trying to create a macro that will perform some very basic formatting. Essentially, I have a dynamic list of records that I want to display under relevant headers. I'm using a counta formula to determine how many records exist under each category. I then need the macro to insert...
  20. S

    Copying cells from one worksheet if their value matches cells in another worksheet

    Hello! I have Googled and searched the forum here, but I haven't been able to find the exact solution I'm looking for. The context of this request is that I'm doing a database update. The source of the records includes addresses, some of which have firm names in them, some of which do not. Our...

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