1. A

    Conditional format on multiple cells color/colour

    Hi, I have and excel sheet and I have several cells which have conditions set and change color/colour dependant upon the drop down list, but I need a cell to change upon the colour / color of the other cells (Overall) - so if :- No Red subcategories and no more than one Yellow subcategory...
  2. T

    conditional formatting

    Hello, if the delta between cells H2 and J2 is >=2% color cells red. thanks in advance
  3. K

    Add text in red with userForm

    Hi folks, For a worksheet I'm making a comment form. What it does is simply add some text to a cell the user selects. What I've been unable to figure out is how I make only the added text in red, while the rest stays the same (black). Right now it add's the text from a Textbox to a cell. It...
  4. J

    Sumifs / sumproduct that contains multiple columns

    Hi excel experts! I'm trying to use sumifs that contains multiple columns...So I want to get the value highlighted in red if Color1, Color2, and Color3 contains "red", based on its assigned values. I was trying SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT, but couldn't really figure it out. <tbody> code (columnA)...
  5. P

    Duplicate value search

    Can some one please provide a formula to allow me to identify duplicates within a specific range. I have a value in a cell H70 which is text that is selected from a drop down list. I want to know if that value has also in another cell (H4 for example). I would like the cell fill in H70 to go...
  6. K

    Search in a Cell and Return Associate Value

    Hello, I have two tabs. [TAB1] is where I want to place my results. I want the results starting in columns C and moving right, as many columns as need be. I am hoping I can limit the columns the results section will be by only returning unique results (i.e. if there are three reference IDs...
  7. S

    Sum specific word in area

    Hello, I have 5 columns, all of them can contain specific word 6th column is numbers. Is it possible to take all 5 columns, find if cells contain specific word and sum the number if it does. For example here I want to sum numbers of red only : <tbody> red blue yellow 5 blue red yellow...
  8. I

    If And Question etc

    Hi, Can you advise the correct way to write this, If .Range("Z14") = FFFF00 and has value Then Red section has me confused
  9. K

    Conditional formatting based on another value

    I have two number columns A and B. I want to highlight column A with either a GREEN fill or RED fill. If the value of A is greater than B*0.95 AND A is less than B*1.1 fill it GREEN. If the value of A is greater than or equal to B*1.1 OR A is less than or equal to B*0.95 fill it RED. Been...
  10. C

    conditional formatting

    Hi all Ok so I have a date entered into cell H4 in Cell K4 a dateis entered when a payment has been received, what I am after is for Cell K4 togo red after 30 days if no date has been entered into Cell K4.
  11. willow1985

    Max IF formula

    Hello, I am trying to get a Max IF formula to work. At first I thought of using an index match with Max however I read online that the below formula would be a better fit: =MAX(IF(('% Complete'!A1:A6=A1),'% Complete'!$B$1:$B$7)) I need the formula to return the Maximum percentage from the...
  12. J

    Conditional formatting based on condition of one cell and value of another

    I have a column of dates in a table that has a conditional formula applied that turns the cell color red if the date is >= today()-30. I have another column with names of weekdays in the same table. I have another column that I want to turn green if the date cell is red and the weekday is...
  13. A

    Conditional formatting based on several cell values

    Good day! I have dataset that looks like this (let's assume that "Name" is column A and "Sequence" is column B): <tbody> Name Sequence BUNNY 1 BUNNY 2 BUNNY 3 BUNNY 4 TIGER 1 TIGER 2 TIGER 3 TIGER - DOG 4 DOG 3 DOG 1 DOG 2 </tbody> I am in the need of a simple...
  14. M

    vba If condition help..

    Hi Team, Is there a way to shorten this code used in if condition. If Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Green" Or Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Red" Or Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Blue" Then like If Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = Array("Green", "Red", "Blue") Then Thanks in advance Regards, mg
  15. C

    Return value adjacent based on match

    Hi all, I believe I've done something similar to my current problem but I can't quite figure this one out. Would appreciate any advice! I'm trying to match 2 values in different columns and then return the adjacent value from a third column. Hopefully this demonstrates it clearly. <tbody>...
  16. D

    change default font color

    ok, so i redesigned a template, but what i shoul;d have done is use a new workbook because every time i type something in the template, the font color is red. is there a way to change it so that it's black?? using excel 2010.
  17. G

    How is it possible for the same exact value in one cell to fail my conditional formatting while elsewhere it doesn't?

    Here is what I'm trying to do. A meeting or documentation turn-in needs to be scheduled for a certain date & be held, otherwise the cell where the date goes turns red and bold yellow font. I use an internal calendar with key dates being referenced including today's date, the date of the...
  18. A

    number to percent format

    hi, i am tring to conver number to percent but its not happening its showing as numbers please help me out this and also i want to aply a condition if based on percent if above 50% the cells should be red and for DIO if its > 30 days it should be red when i am tring in F8 its working but when i...
  19. I

    If cell has no value than change interior colour

    Hi, The worksheet cells are currently yellow as standard. The range in question is G9 & continues down the page Any cell that has no value for its interior colour to then be shown as Red until a value is added then it will be yellow again. The code i thought that would do it "shown in red...
  20. J

    Keep color coded name in dropdown list

    I've got a List with player names and whether they shoot right or left (NHL). The players names who shoot right are colored red. When I use the dropdown list I want the red color to remain with the name. How do I accomplish this? Thanks

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