ref error

  1. X

    Reference to table in different workbook is inconsistent?

    So... basicly what the title says. I have a formula which lets me filter values from a huge table as a database. the formula is as follows: =LET(Advanced, IFS(F2<>"",SEARCH(F2,'Verbrauchsmaterialien Datenbank (work in...
  2. S

    #REF! error when referencing a cell using GETPIVOTDATA

    I am trying to use getpivotdata with a cell reference but get an error when adding the cell reference.
  3. X

    Dynamic Chart Help Please I'm trying to create two different types of dynamic charts using the datalinked above. I cannot attach files. I'm trying to create the first chart on the tab called "Tenure Band (Hours- Graphs)" using the data...
  4. S

    Deleting rows of data causing #REF error

    I have a worksheet that users input employee names and date of birth for various calculations. A few users are deleting rows that are causing #REF errors with the calculations and I am looking for a solution around it. Indirect or Offset are options I am considering to solve the issue. Here...
  5. P

    VBA/Formula Combo returning reference error (#Ref) Excel 2016

    Hi all, I created a workbook with 7 sheets (a master and one for each person on my team). The sheet is meant to track our commissions. I used a VLook Up Formual to match the product with the commission rate (the table is on sheet 2). Everything works on the master sheet. However, I also put in...
  6. L

    VBA - Copy and paste values before saving

    Hi all! I'm using a macro to copy data from a sheet and save it as a new .csv file. I'm currently using the below which I got from searching online, which does exactly what I was expecting: Sub Export() Dim MyPath As String Dim MyFileName As String MyFileName = "SW_" &...
  7. E

    Indirect Function in an array formula

    Hi I am using an array function to sum values if any one of a criteria in my criteria array is a match (note it's an or not and AND requirement). The purpose being to roll up the values of multiple account identifiers into a more simplified list of accounts. The array...
  8. T

    Inserting templates with ref. to destination workbook = #REF!

    I have made several report templates, each with different cells linking to a 'Project Data' source sheet. Within the templates themselves I haven't included the source sheet. So obviously: I end up with a lot of #REF! errors in this first step, though that isn't a problem by itself. I'm...
  9. J

    Ignore #REF! error when Ranking

    Hi All, I am trying to use a Rank formula to rank a list of values, however I have a few cells that contain #REF! errors (the list of values will always contain ref errors). When I use a =rank formula, it is returning Ref errors. If I include an =if(iserror formula, everything comes back...
  10. J

    Moving machines - Dynamic range - #REF!

    Hi I have a workbook which contains many worksheets, all referenced via a dynamic named range, collating data as they are added. I learned everything here, so thank you! For example I have datacollection1 through datacollection81 in a column, as per the sheet names. These sheet names are...
  11. D

    Deleting Referenced Cells causes #REF!

    This is my first post, so I apologize if this has already been answered, but I've searched high and low without finding a solution. I have a number of worksheets with separate lists in them. Each list essentially has items in one column and values for those items in an adjacent column. The...
  12. P

    #REF! error

    I got a #REF error which actually doesnt seem to be an error to me.. The following happens: cell A1 e.g. refers to C:\Dashboard\[Dashboard v1.0.xls]Dashboard'!A1. Now I want to replace [Dashboard v1.0.xls] by [Dashboard v1.0 July.xls]. This should result in cell A1 refering to...
  13. B

    How to delete data and avoid reference errors

    Hi MrExcel and others, I have some about 90 rows of data with 7 columns. The raw data is found in the first column and then the other columns contain formulas based on the first column of raw data. So column A contains a bunch of numbers and column b: B1=A1+1, B2=A2+1 etc... I'm trying to be...

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