refer to workbooks

  1. L

    Macro for Formula with Reference Cell

    I’m creating a macro so I can click and drag down a formula X rows. The formula contains reference cells in another excel file that automatically increment. This is what I want. When I run the macro, the cells keep incrementing past what the original formula increments to. How do I repeat...
  2. S

    Replace texted reference formula with real one with non existing files

    So I have a reference formulas created by Concatenate formula. which is spread on 3500+ cells Here is concatenate formula CONCATENATE("=","IFERROR","(",CONCATENATE("'",$B$2," ",TEXT($B33,"yyyy"),"\",TEXT($B33,"mmm"),"\","[",TEXT($B33,"ddd, mmm...
  3. K

    Formula to replace CountIf with a ">0" criteria

    Right now I have a Summary workbook (let's call it [Summary.xlsx]) which has links to about 60 other excel documents (I'll refer to as [Other.xlsx]). I'm trying to pull the last number in a column from the [Other.xlsx] documents into a cell on the summary workbook, but the [Other.xlsx] is...
  4. J

    Avoid Using Indirect Function to Refer to Other Workbooks

    Hello, :) I want to refer to a cell in another workbook and I need to use a string value from a cell in the current workbook as part of the name of the Workbook that I want to refer to (so that I can use "Data Validation - List" to quickly change the input. I know it can be done by using...
  5. K

    Extracting Text from Pivot Table

    Hello, I am trying to extract text from multiple cells that exist in a pivot table and return the concatenated text to one single cell in a separate workbook. Below are more details on what I am talking about. In workbook one, there are data in this format in a pivot table: Column A) Line...
  6. 3

    Macro loop to copy data from master file to all files in folder

    I need help writing a macro loop that will copy data from a master file (always open) to all files in a folder (over 80 files in the folder). My current, inefficent method is to explictly state the file names and their location and the master file which is already open. Any help would be much...
  7. D

    new workbook contains macros that reference original workbook, how do I switch this?

    I created a new workbook from an existing one that adds an extra 2 sheets which both reference some of the original sheets. all of the original macros are still used for the same operation and I've added a new module with a few new macros for my two new sheets. upon opening this workbook it...
  8. R

    Private information accessible for specific users

    Hello, I'm facing an information privacy issue at work. I will try to make it clearer using a simpler example. The current situation is as follows: 1 - There is a shared workbook in the server with 3 columns (A - orders / B -prices / C - production dates) 2 - 3 users accessing and working on...
  9. P

    Save workbooks in variable in an addin

    hello, In an addin, I need to handle 2 workbooks, unfortunately their names vary, so I don't know how to refer to them so that it would work. 1) I open the first workbook and save it under the variable WB1 (workbook1) 2) then I open the second workbook using the code and save it under...
  10. E

    Reference to a cell in different spreadsheets

    Hi all, Here is my problem in a few lines. I have a lot of company models which I summarise in a separete spreadsheet. My problem is that whenever my boss updates the input spreadsheets, he changes the name of the spreadsheet (e.g. he moves from 'Company model 6.xls' to 'Company model 7.xls')...
  11. D

    Refer to workbooks as workbook(1), workbook(2) etc.

    Hi, I want to write a loop which goes through all excel files in a folder and copies some stuff. For the purpose, I want to avoid using file references by any specific file name. However, I am not sure how I can do that formally in VBA. Can you please help? I need something of the kind: For...

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