reference cell

  1. R

    VBA to highlight all possible matches on another sheet

    I am trying to create a macro that will take the value from the active cell for the First and Last name in my "Unmatched Recipients" sheet (column BN) and find the matching value in column A (first and last name) in Sheet2. When it is found, it would highlight the values on Sheet2. I would love...
  2. D

    Referencing Cells from a Separate Work Book, but NOT Cell Position

    Hi Everyone! What I am trying to do is link start and end dates from one work book into another, but not the exact cell position where the date currently is. I can do the first part easily enough by putting "=" in the cell of my current work book, and then selecting the date cell from my...
  3. E

    Drag down formula referencing non-adjacent cells

    I have one tab in a spreadsheet summarizing information collected in other groups of cells in another tab in the same spreadsheet. I would like to be able to copy down the formula in one tab to reference non-adjacent cells in the other tab, but I cannot figure out how to make each consecutive...
  4. MDHolmes

    Populating a wage based on a drop-down list

    I'm pretty much self-taught on Excel, and I'm really having trouble with this... I have two worksheets in my spreadsheet, the first is Labour Tracking, the second Data. My Data worksheet has a list of seven employees in Column A and their corresponding wage in Column B. The number of...
  5. G

    reference cell even the row is deleted

    i have no clue to doing this man, i expect the output is to be the right chart, but on the left chart is what i’ve done i want the cell to still remain the same number even the row is deleted and if i add new no. it still going +1 i need your help guys
  6. C

    Display cell contents with hyperlink from different worksheet

    Hello all, Been using Excel 2016 for many years now. I have a large workbook that I use for my department training checklists. I have a mater check list that I use to populate for all employees training. The document has multiple worksheets that has macros, text, and hyperlinks in some...
  7. E

    Copy Formatting to another sheet

    I have a document where I want to copy the cell color from 12 individual cells on one sheet to 12 other cells on the same sheet, in addition to 12 cells on a separate sheet. One set of 12 cells needs to be the master cells or the original ones that get referenced to copy to other cells. Is...
  8. E

    Tracing Formula Frustrations — due to complex cell referencing​

    Suffering some apparent limitations of Excel. Excel cell referencing (i.e. $A$6) can become a major pain when I have to make changes to a complex spreadsheet. Multiple formulas to update etc. Tracing the formula is a major pain! I.e. Vlookup(A3, ProductMaster!$A$1:$D$25, 3, false) verses...
  9. K

    Losing Absolute Cell Reference

    I have the following formula in a cell on one work sheet: {=IF(ROWS($B$4:$B$4)>COUNTIF('Lab Submissions Ad 1'!$N:$N,"upper"),"",INDEX('Lab Submissions Ad 1'!$A:$A,SMALL(IF('Lab Submissions Ad 1'!$N:$N="upper",ROW('Lab Submissions Ad 1'!$N:$N)-ROW('Lab Submissions Ad...
  10. L

    Find value in string and return reference cell

    I have been a long time viewer of this forum but just recently signed up. Based on what I have found on here I know that someone has an answer to this problem. I have a cell in column B that contains a string of values (example 1) on one sheet in a workbook. On another sheet I have cells that...
  11. A

    Formulas to make references independent-multiple sheets

    I am gonna try to make the question simpler (so only one reference is required) the actual sheet has 54 reference columns. Sheet 1 Column A: Agent ID Column B: Agent Name Column C: Agent Region Column D: Member ID Column E: Member First Name.... Sheet 2 Column A: Member ID Up till now i...
  12. F

    Reference to cells that meet a condition

    Hi, I have the A column with 215 rows and each row can contain no value ("") or 1. I should select all rows with 1 and copy the 5 cells on the right on a different column. So, for example, if the value 1 is in A5, A34, A55 and A89, I should copy B5:F5 in C1 (C1:G1), B34:F34 in C2 (C2:G2)...
  13. S

    Selecting rows from a table

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find anything in the forum that could answer my question so here goes nothing... I am recreating a table from an older board game that uses a slide rule to report numbers. During the game, the slide moves up and down according to what space you land on. However, if you...
  14. A

    VBA Copy/Paste dynamic table into cells based on text reference

    I'm trying to make a macro that will copy a table with what will be an unknown length and paste it into a new location based on a reference text cell. Cell D1 will contain the text Week X where X is the current week of the year and the table is 5 columns wide (the source being in A:E starting in...
  15. A

    Use clipboard as reference, but clipboard is empty?

    I have this code below. Whenever I send an email, I want to put a "Y" in the corresponding row with a unique code that I entered. As I go through this code, I get to the line If item_in_review = Sheets("Data").Range("K" & row_number), but it keeps saying the clipboard is empty, but the excel...
  16. S

    How to refer to a cell that its column keeps changing?

    Excel 2007 <tbody> Row\Col A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Jan-16 Feb-16 </tbody> <tbody> Sheet: Sheet1 </tbody> Excel 2007 <tbody> Row\Col A 3 The current accounting month (Feb-16) is the last...
  17. A

    Searching throughout multiple sheets and returning values between multiple workbooks

    Hello, I would appreciate any help with following. I have two excel workbooks, both containing multiple worksheets. I need to do following: - search the excel workbook 1 for a text from workbook 2 - when it is found - return a value from a specific cell in the sheet in workbook 1 (sheet...
  18. R

    Help! Excel VB refer on cell and macro question, I dunno how to explain it in word

    I have this condition as you can see in the image, 1. D3 are need data from B3 with formula =$B$3 & " and Indonesia" 2. I need to make B7 until B15, when i type "USA","Australia",etc in those cell one by one it'll do task like point no 1, so the result will be "USA and Indonesia" example : I...
  19. M

    Populating 1, 2, or 3 cells to the left with text of any cell that contains a specific value (test also)

    Hi all, hoping to get some help with this. I am establishing an availability table in Excel. I have dates listed by day across the top of the spreadsheet and people listed down the left. In the table I have the date that the individuals arrives on shift marked as AR and the day that they...
  20. C

    Fetch rows based on conditional formatting and display in new sheet

    Hi everyone! I'd like to automate excel so that it displays all records from other tabs where a certain condition is met (based on conditional formatting). In my worksheet I have multiple sheets containing data that I'd like to pull from. These sheets are all formatted in the same way (i.e...

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