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    IF condition for another sheet and whole column

    The goal here it to create a summary sheet. In that summary sheet I need to reference sheet 1 that holds all the products. Sheet 1 has all the products in one column, but some of them do repeat. My thought is to create IF statement that could call out one product in sheet 1 for the entire...
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    If Formula with text and numbers

    Hi there, I'm trying to write code for backtesting of trading strategy. Given: Active Worksheet with: Range C2:C200 with range of Text values: Buy, Sell or empty cell Range B2:B200 with Closing Price Lets assume B2= 7.30 is a price per share Reference Worksheet ("Control") with...
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    Creating a Parts Order List Referencing a Separate Sheet

    Hello! I am trying to create a Parts Order list that automatically updates as items are added to the Bill of Materials. Given the first table, I am trying to create a table that will update the quantity of items already in the bill, and add new items that aren't already on the Parts Order list...
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    Use reference sheet to autofill values (based on multiple conditions)

    Hi all, This one has me puzzled like crazy I just don't seem to get it right without writing a large book of code for all exceptions. So here's the case: I have a workbook with two sheets. Sheet1 contains a large table (20.000 rows, 100 columns), but looks simplified like this: The...
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    Replace part of file name in a formula based on sheet name

    I'm really hoping someone could help me out with this one. Here is my situation: I have a workbook with several sheets, all set up exactly the same. Each cell on a sheet is referencing the same file, however each sheet is referencing a different file. For example, this is one of the cells in a...
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    Referencing Cells in other Sheets using the Address function

    I'm building a table that references a dynamic range on a pivot table. So far I've gotten the function to return the address on the pivot table but it wont return the value. I'm doing this so that I can both refresh the two source data sets and summarize (pivot table) and also graph these two...
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    Referencing another Sheet to Generate a Graph

    I work for a staffing company and I've been tasked with creating a spreadsheet that we can use to track to number of employees with certain clearances/badges by trade. At the moment, all I have is a text-based spreadsheet that lists the employee's name, trade, clearance/badge type, and their...
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    HELP! Sums from different Sheets!

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet for monthly expenses where the fixed expenses are on sheet 1 and the actual table is on sheet 2... Fixed expenses in sheet 2 are denoted by =Sheet1!$B$3 ect, referring to sheet 1. I then tried to sum up all of the months expenses I get the correct answer on...
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    Reference Sheet in Add-In not Active Workbook

    I have an add-in that has a formula that uses a named range on one of it's sheets to lookup values needed to complete the calculation. My question is how do I in the formula located in the Add-in reference the sheet in the Add-in and not the ActiveWorkbook: Snippet of my code in the add-in...
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    Referencing data from Sheet to Sheet

    I am working on a financial document which tracks patient visits on Sheet 1 and the $ per visit on sheet 2. For example: Sheet 1 - A6:A13 contains patient initials and numbers; B6:B13 contains an "x" indicating Visit 1 was done, or is left empty indicating the visit has not yet taken place...
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    Calculate formula while inserting and removing sheets

    Hi, I need to calculate formula in sheet1 taking values from others sheets. For example I have a formula in sheet1 containing the cell A1 of others sheets (sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 only). If i remove any one sheet (ex. sheet3), then the formula should work taking remaining sheets (ie., sheet2...

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