1. E

    Sum function returning 0

    I have a spread sheet where I'm trying to get a calculation of a sum of two cells where their data is referenced from two other sheets. And I'm getting 0 as a result. What I'm trying to do is: in cell R10, I want R10 to =SUM(O10:O11). It should =80 but it's not. Formatting is the same on all...
  2. R

    [VBA] Trying to use sheet names in listbox as source to run code - can't figure out reference

    Trying to keep this as simple and clear as possible as it is pretty involved but happy to post more to get to a solution if necessary. I've got a command that works. I'm trying to shift from using a cell (cell is a named range) where you input a sheet name and it does the action on that sheet...
  3. H

    Create tab with dynamic summary info pulled from multiple other tabs

    Hi, To give you a bit of background I work for a property company and we currently keep our database of properties on Excel. There are multiple entities and each entity has a tab on a workbook, each entity tab contains the same column headers across the top and down the side are the list of...
  4. MDHolmes

    Populating a wage based on a drop-down list

    I'm pretty much self-taught on Excel, and I'm really having trouble with this... I have two worksheets in my spreadsheet, the first is Labour Tracking, the second Data. My Data worksheet has a list of seven employees in Column A and their corresponding wage in Column B. The number of...
  5. G

    Conditional variable type declaration

    I have an API module that suppose to work for multiple programs. The object type refer to different reference for each program, but they are actually same functions inside the library so VBA code would be same for each program. I want to make my code short (implement DRY). Ideally, I would...
  6. G

    reference cell even the row is deleted

    i have no clue to doing this man, i expect the output is to be the right chart, but on the left chart is what i’ve done i want the cell to still remain the same number even the row is deleted and if i add new no. it still going +1 i need your help guys
  7. A

    Sumproduct in VBA linking to external (opened) workbooks

    Hi, I have this piece of code: With Workbooks("MyWorkbook.xlsx").Worksheets("MyWorksheet") Workbooks("OtherWorkbook.xlsb").Worksheets("OtherWorksheet").Cells(i, "MR").Value2 = _ .Evaluate("SUMPRODUCT((W2:W150000=MYRANGE)*Z2:Z150000,AA2:AA150000)") End With The code seems to work if I...
  8. S

    Drop down list selection to fill down results on multiple rows

    Hi! I've been breaking my head trying to figure out and or find an answer on how to use a drop down list (of names) to fill down a column with the results. More detail. Lets say I have multiple sheets, each with a name, an a list of objects they own like this: And on another sheet, I have a...
  9. E

    Copy formula and paste into next cell down - updates references of formula

    Hello, Please could someone help. I have no idea how to edit it to get it to do what I want. If I fill down the formulas, the offset won't work because there is already numbers in the V column Here is my(someone wrote this for me originally) code: Sub RectangleRoundedCorners2_Click() Dim...
  10. A

    Creating a dynamic file reference

    I need help creating a dynamic file reference in Excel (Please let me know the correct terminology as well). Currently, it is "='[SDR2021_AFG_NN.xls]Forecast NN 29 -- T5B5 -- AFG'!C2" I want to do something like this: "='[SDR2021_$P$94_NN.xls]Forecast NN 29 -- T5B5 -- $P$94'!C2" In cell...
  11. 3

    If you insert an object (pdf) to a cell (linked or not), can you reference it from another sheet?

    Good morning, I have a list of about 10 people. These folks have added files to a folder (same folder where the excel file is located for ease). I'd like to run a list where names are in ColA and next to them in ColB I would attach the files (in whatever way makes this work). I'd like to...
  12. S

    Possibly an =IF statement??

    Hi, I am hoping someone could assist me please. I am helping someone with a spreadsheet and they are wanting to flag dates at various stages. Essentially they are looking for two queries; - When 10 business days have passed column P (Closing date), column W (Selection Report finalised) will...
  13. E

    Cells Value to Filter Multiple Pivot Tables

    Good Evening, I am trying to find a code that allows the filtering of various Pivot Tables located on different sheets within the same active Workbook. For example, one of the active Workbook have the following pivot filtering conditions: Sheet Name "Group" Sheet Name "Purpose" Sheet...
  14. C

    Referencing cells in another workbook error

    Hello I have a workbook that recives data from an external source (WB01). I am trying to create another workbook (WB02) that looks at certain cells in WB01, as the data in WB01 changes then the this is reflected in WB02. I have both workbooks open and they are in the same folder (I have no...
  15. X

    Reference to table in different workbook is inconsistent?

    So... basicly what the title says. I have a formula which lets me filter values from a huge table as a database. the formula is as follows: =LET(Advanced, IFS(F2<>"",SEARCH(F2,'Verbrauchsmaterialien Datenbank (work in...
  16. E

    Dragging formula along columns with changing reference cells

    Hi, I wrote the following formulas in Cell B2, C2 and D2 of Sheet 2: B2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!T2<20160000;Sheet1!U2>20150000);Sheet1!V2;"No") C2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!X2<20160000;Sheet1!Y2>20150000);Sheet1!Z2;"No") D2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!AB2<20160000;Sheet1!AC2>20150000);Sheet1!AD2;"No") I want to drag this...
  17. S

    Bulk Import Named Ranges

    Hi, I have a list of names and range references to load into name manager. Do you know if there is a way to import them in bulk. For reference I've tried create from selection but it can only store values not the range reference. Example of name to import Name_1...
  18. K

    Finding end date with some criteria

    Hi everyone, I trying to find the end date of production for a given production order. As in the table, I have the start date, of the production, however, the production may take up to 3 days (from 15/01 - 17/01) and officially ends in 18/01. But I cannot find an appropriate formula to find the...
  19. H

    How to reference a formula as text in one cell in a different formula

    Hi, I have a very long formula using nested IF formulas. It is basically checking different columns showing management chain levels and returning a value if a certain manager is in it, and if not, continuing down the IF chain. There are a few pieces that are repeated many times that I would like...
  20. T

    Update cells in a table using the text in column A as the reference to find the correct row

    Hi everyone, I have a worksheet called DATA TABLE which has some 30+ columns. Located in column A is the specific site name. I have another worksheet called DATA AMEND which I am able to populate specific cells with information from DATA TABLE. I wish to then alter any of the cells in DATA...
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