1. dageci

    Refreshing References on Excel Workbook Start

    Hello, I have created an ActiveX server control that I'm using from within VBA. But when I create a new version of this control on the user machine I need to go to References uncheck the reference click on OK and then again I need to go to the references and add it to get the fresh version. The...
  2. S

    Referencing a big number of ToggleButtons

    I have a table which has a ToggleButton next to each line. I would like to write a script that does something for each line of the table, but only if the ToggleButton on that line is pressed. Is there a way to define the if condition in an elegant way? I would imagine something like: For i =...
  3. L

    Mirror column from another workbook that moves

    In one workbook, I have a column A which A1 contains "Cities". In another workbook there is a "Cities" column, however, it's not in a static position. Is there a formula that I can use to look across Row 1, find "Cities", and list all the not empty cells in that column on my local workbook...
  4. W

    Countifs not referencing same cells and getting 0

    I am trying to use CountIfs and every thread I come across all reference when someone is trying to reference the same cells for different criteria, which I understand why that does not work. What I am trying to do is reference three columns all for different data, but I am getting zeros...
  5. A

    to get the values from data file to format file, based on sheet name, reference column and date

    I have two excel files, one is file named data and other one is flile named format. The data file has multiple sheet named as "north" ,"south" and "west", each of these sheets have a reference column containing values a, b,c,d,e as values of first column and dates from Nov 4 to Nov 10 as values...
  6. G

    Reference the sheet name in formula as a number

    I'm trying to write the following formula: =MAX('02'!C5:C18) But instead of referencing the sheet named "02" I either want to reference a cell that outputs the name or number of the sheet, or have it reference the current sheet (because there are 200 sheets just like this one and they are all...
  7. D

    Enable Microsoft Scripting Runtime with vba within a Public Sub with Public Declarations

    I have a Public Sub that has Public declarations as Public sdProcess As New Scripting.Dictionary Public sdHeaders As New Scripting.Dictionary I would like to automate the activation of Microsoft Scripting Runtime using this code or something similar...
  8. M

    Sum with Indirect

    Good morning! I would like to modify this formula in a macro so that it always looks at a specific column reference (column K) ActiveCell = "=SUM('Review Tab'!K:K)" I've changed it to this: ActiveCell = "=SUM(INDIRECT(" 'Review Tab'!K:K"))" However, VBA now thinks that everything after...
  9. B

    offset cell reference

    Hi! Wondering what the best way to sum a number of columns based on a particular cell which is dynamic. <tbody> I can use this formula when E3 is static, but wondering how to get E3 to be dynamic based off a cell value <tbody> =SUM(OFFSET(E3,0,-3,1,3)) </tbody> </tbody> Example below...
  10. T

    IF condition for another sheet and whole column

    The goal here it to create a summary sheet. In that summary sheet I need to reference sheet 1 that holds all the products. Sheet 1 has all the products in one column, but some of them do repeat. My thought is to create IF statement that could call out one product in sheet 1 for the entire...
  11. D

    Creating dynamic reference from another workbook

    I want a drop down list in one workbook that references a dynamic list in another workbook ie it may have entries added to it so I can't hard code the reference? If I select data validation for a cell, I set it to allow a list but what do I put in the source for the list to be from another...
  12. C

    How to include a string character with wildcard reference to cell - Countif

    I need to include a Comma plus 1 blank space to come before a wildcard reference to a cell content with countif/countifs Here is how the formal looks without the comma and blank ", " added =COUNTIF(ref_name,"*"&$A1&"*") Is this possible?
  13. R

    How do I copy a formula to multiple cells and only change one reference cell but not others?

    I am trying to copy the following formula that has multiple If Statements referencing multiple other cells for the desired results and only the first cell referenced but not the follow 3 cells referenced in the desired results. =IF(A2=1,'Team 1'!B13,IF(A2=2,'Team 2'!B13,IF(A2=3,'Team 3'!B13...
  14. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - FormulaR1C1 Reference Not working

    Hello all, I have a code that creates an array SUMPRODUCT formula and for whatever reason the R1C1 part of the formula is the only thing not working. I am sure I am doing something weird but hopefully someone can spot the mistake and provide a revision. Here is the line of code: sF1 =...
  15. W

    Distinct values - Powerpivot

    I've been doing some work to identify some issues with the data in a couple of my database tables. I've got one table [tbl_customer] with a reference number (unique) and details of customers, and another [tbl_sales] with details of the products that they've purchased (many products and many...
  16. N

    using vba or excel find the first reference match

    hi guys, i would like to ask how can i resolve this..... Below is my actual data. date time temp 1 10/7/2019 0:12 120.3 2 10/7/2019 0:13 119.5 3 10/7/2019 0:13 121.3 4 10/7/2019 0:13 120 5 10/7/2019 0:13 121.2 6...
  17. I

    reference multiple tables within search range

    I'm using the below code to check for existing records (in case the user of my UserForm clicks "add record" instead of "Update" 'Checks for existing record in case user clicks Add record instead of update. Dim reference As String reference = UserForm1.Ref_Num.Value Dim aCell As Range 'Set...
  18. B

    Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library

    Hi, I have an Access Macro. In this macro, Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library is ticked in Reference. I want to un-tick this reference. However while doing so I get pop-up as ‘Can’t remove control or reference; in use’. How do I find out what objects in my macro are related to this reference...
  19. S

    Match & sum

    Hello All, I have a requirement, where in i have a master sheet, with Sheet Name reference, column Name, what i have to do is =Sum(sheetname reference with indirect formula),column Name reference in master sheet, where the columns in data sheet is in A5:D5).
  20. B

    calculation without Circular reference

    Have a question if I may, I want to use two adjoining cell;let say C3 & D3 and I would like to be able to put a figure in either ofthese and have the empty cell calculate either way. How can this be achievedwithout causing a circular reference? Steve

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