1. K

    display the comments from referenced cell in cell of different sheet in same workbook

    I have a multi page work book and one of the sheets is for marking the status of personnel I reference their status in another sheet, but I would like not only that info to show but any comments that are attached to the referenced cell. Any ideas?
  2. C

    Counting with blank cells

    Hi everyone, I have a formula like this in cell E14: =IF(COUNT(C14:D14)=2,(D14-C14)*24,"") which is checking that there are numbers in both cells, if yes find the difference, if no leave blank. This formula repeats a number of times along a row with different cells referenced. At the end of...
  3. vettetax

    Macro to allocate line item data

    My 'Data sheet' contains a combination of values on each row. Certain rows require special allocations, the combination of which is referenced on my 'Allocations' sheet. Certain rows are fine and should not be allocated, but merely left in its virgin state and copied over to the 'Revised Data'...
  4. F

    Formula to check formula?

    Hi! I have a table with many rows, columns and formulas. I'd like to use a formula to check if the cells referenced in formulas, are in the same row. For example, if I have a formula like this: =IF(AND(ISBLANK(S3);ISBLANK(U3));"";IF(AND(S3>0;U3>0);U3/S3;"Check the price.")) I'd like to...
  5. P

    VBA to save a workbook's referenced workbooks and add-ins

    Its pretty annoying having to manually save every related add-in referenced by a workbook. How can I automatically save them upon saving the workbook? So, in the workbook itself I have code in the "ThisWorkbook" module: Private Sub Workbook_AfterSave(ByVal Success As Boolean) If Success...
  6. B

    Sorting a sheet with referencing cell in different sheets

    Hi All, I have a work book with 2 sheets Sheet 1 has a bunch of dates Sheet 2 has other info but also has these dates there but are referenced from sheet 1 If I want to sort by a column with all the info in sheet 2 how do I get the referenced dates to follow the row ? Thanks
  7. M

    Reference Cell not Updating

    Hello, I am trying to setup a spread sheet where 1 cell (A1) equalsa cell in another spreadsheet. In theformula bar it looks like =[Book1]Sheet1!$B$1. This works perfectly well, however when the value in Book1 at B1 needsto be updated we copy the column, insert the copied column over top of...
  8. U

    SUM Referenced Range where 3 sets of criteria met

    Hi Hi, I have three referenced ranges. 1) DaysOpen 2) DateLogged 3) IncStatus I am trying to work out the total sum of DaysOpen where the following conditions are met: 1) If the cell date is between two dates using referenced cells DateLogged >= C8 & DateLogged =<D8 C8 = Date Cell (Feb-19)...
  9. J

    Sum cells none direct reference

    Want to insert a sum formula: Want to sum the 2 cells: The cell referenced 2 columns above and the cell referenced 3 columns to the right.
  10. M

    Show Cells that are referenced in data validation

    I took over a spreadsheet for someone and I want to clean it up. On sheet1, there are several places where list validation is applied that references lists on sheet2. I am pretty sure some of the lists on sheet2 are NOT being referenced, so I want to get rid of those items for the sake of...
  11. M

    Countif formula that references a range based on the value of a separate cell

    Sorry, I couldn't figure out a better way to present this. I have a named Range in my spreadsheet. I want to use a Countif formula. But I want the name of the range to be referenced from another cell. I can't figure out how to write the formula. In example 2 below, the cell E8 contains Range1...
  12. K

    DIV/O when using Average function

    Trying to get an average of one set of data if the other set of data is greater than or equal to another number (cell referenced). I am getting a #DIV/0 error. Right now I have it written as averageif(A3:A27,">=A55",B3:B27). This returns a #DIV/0 error. I have made sure there are not spaces and...
  13. N

    Excluding the Initial Cell from a Range in a Formula

    Hello, I am currently looking for a way to exclude a referenced Cell from an Excel formula but I'm fairly new to Excel. The function I am currently using is used to generate a referenced Cell based on "duplicated" information in the Cell (IE. If A1 has "Text", and A4 has "Text", C3 will...
  14. J

    Select Sheet referenced from cell.value. VBA

    Have a sheet name referenced in cell A5. I want to make a macro to select the sheet referenced in cell A5.
  15. T

    Finding value in first cell of rows where value appears within an array

    Hi, sorry that my title probably doesn't fit my question correctly, but I didn't know how to describe it.I have a table of document numbers and the other document numbers that are referenced inside:eg document 1 references documents 2, 3 and 4, document 2 references 1 and 3. What I'm looking for...
  16. H

    Highlight numerous referenced cells through Loop

    I have the need to highlight about 20K+ cells in one worksheet with cells referenced in another worksheet. Need a VBA loop solution for this. As example: Have a sheet named "GoBaby" in which the cells need highlighting if they match the cell values referenced in sheet named "Matched" . So...
  17. S

    Index and Match on a protected sheet

    I have an Index|Match formula that references a password protected sheet. I am finding if I make a correction in the referenced sheet, it is not getting updated in my original sheet that contains my lookup formula. Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. C

    REF error when deleting cells

    Error #REF ! Occurs when a formula references an invalid cell, most commonly when the cell is referenced by a formula that has been deleted or pasted. For example, in the image below, the Outcome column is referenced by the formula: = SUM (A2, B2, C2). If you delete the "Number 2" column...
  19. Q

    Help: How can I reference in every nth cell?

    Hi guys, I need to figure out a way to enter a cell reference in every nth cell. Is there a macro or cell reference function I could use for this? Example: cell AA is referenced in cell BB, cell AB is referenced in cell B4, cell AC is referenced in B6.... and so on. I want to reference the...
  20. R

    VBA Saveas Reference problem

    Hello, Can someone look at this and let me know if this is built correctly? Application.DisplayAlerts = False ' suppress overwrite warning message ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="\\\data\Data1\VMSSHARE\FS\FPSCOEASSO\Temporary Fleet Reports\313670 Avanir\Final Result\" &...

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