1. V

    How to not references from Shell and automation ?

    Hi, i wanted to do an Unzip file without using the references from Shell and Automation however currently i am facing issue of doing late blind then a early blind as early blind work in unzip my files Here is my vba code Sub UnzipAll() 'Define Variable Data Types Dim sourceFolder As...
  2. M

    Copy range paste as relative

    What would be the simpliest way to copy the following table into another sheet, but all cells are absolute references to the original. e.g. ='Custom page 1'!B2 AB1Field 1Data2Page title3Page description4Field 15Field 26Field 37Field 48Field 59Field 610Field 711Field 812Field 913Field...
  3. V

    GetObject() shows an error 432

    I use office 2016 Pro I firstly did this by using Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() Dim MyWB As Workbook Set MyWB = Workbooks.Open(ThisWorkbook.Path & ".\readings\" & Year(Date) & " - Table.xlsx") If MyWB.Sheets(1).Cells(ComboBox1.Value + 1, 2).Value = 0 Then TextBox1.Text =...
  4. C

    VBA to enable word 16 reference

    Hello everyone, I am developing an excel document that prints a table over to a memo on word. I currently have the whole process figured out except one thing... how to enable the word reference from script. I know that you can go into the tools and enable it, however this worksheet will...
  5. B

    Save with references to unsaved documents

    Hello, I have an excel file that gives the above warning message when saving. I've tried to find references to any .xl. files with find but this gives zero results. Is there another way I can find unsaved documents in an excel file? Thanks. B
  6. A

    Repeating same range of data

    Hello, How can I dos this? I want to repeat a range of data which contains 3 colums and 70 rows 20 times. First colum contains a reference number, same for all 70 rows, second column a vale which doesn't change and third colum the name of 70 different countries. I want this range to repeat again...
  7. G

    I need a Macro that sends out email with one cells contents

    I need to fix this code so that the body of the email texted out is actually the contents of Button!D44 Not the actual text "Button!D44" this is hat I got Sub TexwhenDone() 'Must add references (Tools > References) to ' 1) OLE Automation ' 2) Microsoft Outlook xx.0 Object Library Dim outlookApp...
  8. Y

    Find and replce takes 5-6 hours

    Like any software developer, when I make significant changes to my spreadsheet I increment the version (So Ref Stats V7 becomes Ref Stats V8. I then have to change the references in one sheet for a couple of different files. Each file takes up to 6 hours to replace the references. (There's about...
  9. A

    32 to 64 bit

    Someone has asked if an App I have can work in their 64 bit Office. (I think it's the online one). I installed 64 bit office 2010 onto my laptop to find out. Running the xlsm file brings up a pile of problem but I did manage to alter all the Functions to ptrsafe Functions. Then there are lots...
  10. D

    Structured References between workbooks

    Is it possible to use structured references between workbooks. I have a data work book which is pulling data from a table in a master sheet using row / column references and this is causing me an issue if a column gets added in the master sheet and I want to use structured references to get...
  11. A

    Vba for each cell in rng insert dynamic formula

    Hi all, this might be simple but can’t get my head around it. i would like to put a formula into each cell within a range (B2:AZ517) Then paste the value then move onto the next cell. The only thing is that the formula contains references e.g. row 1 and column A must stay constant. for...
  12. danhendo888

    Copy paste formulas to new sheet (absolute references)!AvjBsEPEq12ngUDMrgxRZFuYzsgm?e=ghaRAa Hi guys, I need to copy/paste cells M1:V14 to Sheet2 but have the absolute references point to the cells from the original sheet Is there a way to do this?
  13. F

    How do I replace all cell references with another one when they appear multiple times in an expression?

    For example here is the expression i got...
  14. AndyTampa

    Save a copy of a workbook with a new name

    I have two workbooks that I open every day. Workbook #2 relies on cells in workbook #1 . Occasionally, I need to save Workbook #1 with a different name, but when I "save as", it changes the relationship source for cell references in workbook #2 . What I need to be able to do is run a macro...
  15. B

    Return text value base on match index

    I am trying to match a range of references between two worksheets to return corresponding text string . so far I've got this but to no avail. {=INDEX('Sheet 2'!F$3;F$2000,MATCH(A1,'Sheet 2'!A$3;A$2000))} Sheet 2 A$3: A$2000 contains references Sheet 1 A1 is a reference Sheet 2 F$3:F$2000...
  16. H

    VBA/formula to show w/c date, month, quarter and year across all columns

    So I 've got a Gantt with lots of narrow little columns each of which have the date in UK short date format on that row (row 22) so that just the date shows eg '6' for the 6th of March 2019 say Row above that one (21) references the date in row 22 but is formatted to appear as "W/c Mon 05" Row...
  17. J

    VBA Updae Cell References

    Hi, I'm sure this will be a dumb question because I'm sure I already know the answer. I have written a dozen modules of code in a spreadsheet and now the main sheet used needs to be edited slightly. This means inserting 6 rows to it so all my code references are now out by 6 rows. I don't...
  18. E

    Is it possible to use RegEx in Search and Replace?

    Hello I want to use back references and regex with Search and Replace, is it possible? Thanks!
  19. E

    How to use names of columns instead of references?

    Hello I have a sheet with the first row being the titles of the columns. I want to use COUNTIFS but I don't want to use the references of the columns as these may change. I want to use instead the names of the columns. I use INDEX/MATCH to locate the name of the column I need. How can I...
  20. D

    Can't find project or library error HELP!

    Hello All, This has happened to me before, and I still have no idea how to fix it. I have looked around for an easy fix, and it usually revolves around "going to tools, then references and unclick the missing reference". My problem is that I can't open the References box, it just won't open...

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