1. S

    Reformatting Margin Data with calculations

    I have put together a very small sampling of test data to show what I am trying to accomplish, but am not 100% of how to go about putting this in action. We have a list of owners that pay a certain percent of margin of sales as a royalty payment. Which if it were just left at that it would be...
  2. A

    Formula to concatenate addresses formatted vertically

    Hi everyone, I have been given a spreadsheet with just over 20000 lines of data, addresses to be exact. all formatted vertically in different cells e.g. A1Customer 12Address 13Address 24Address 35Address 46Address 57Tel8Web9Customer 210Address 111Address 212Address 313Address 414Address...
  3. S

    Formatting in excel

    Hi I am very new to VBA basically copying bits from other workbooks so please bear with me! My query is as follows: I would like to reformat my output of <colgroup><col width="268" style="width: 201pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 11434;"> <tbody> 12.9000299280694 -...
  4. B

    VBA needed to reformat data

    <tbody> Existing Data 600950 600951 600952 600953 600954 A 15 15000 300 B 200 1000 100 C 25 75 50 D 100 22 500 E 5000 80 F 750 15 600 G 100 1000 25 </tbody> Hi, Would someone help me write a VBA script to...
  5. jakeman

    How to setup macro to reformat data

    Hi there - I'm not sure how to go about this problem. I have an existing table of data that is in a format which is not very usable. I want to reformat the data in a manner that requires a little bit of coding, otherwise I'll need to do data entry and that will take a long time. Currently...
  6. G

    How can I reformat groups of data into columns of data?

    Hello, Today I have been given a task to reformat a massive, 36 sheet long excel file that has pretty messy organization. This is a screenshot of the original excel sheet: And this is how the formatting should look like...
  7. S

    VBA: Reformat Column IF Header Equals....

    Hello, I am curious about something. Is there a way that I can reformat columns based off of their headers? So for example, can I create a MACRO that says, If Header Equals UPC (That is, "UPC", "Upc", or "upc") than reformat the entire column so it is formatted as a "number" format as...
  8. F

    wide sheet reformat

    I have a sheet which shows date in first column then every 15min to the columns to the right (96 columns). This makes one row per day. I would like to get this sheet which has 365 rows for the year to display in two columns. First date/time, second is value. This would reformat the existing...
  9. J

    Converting multiple rows and columns to a single row

    I am hoping someone can help me solve this formatting issue I have. I need to be able to take the data I receive in the following format: <tbody> John Smith (111) 111-1111 111 Any Road (222) 222-2222 Anytown, NY 11111 </tbody> ...and convert it to this format...
  10. G

    Reformat String to a new format using a custom formula

    Hello guys. I need a custom formula to make some reformating. The current format is as follows: AE.PR.04.484S or another example AE.EM.23.320s7 I need those to be reformated in 4484D and 23320s7 There is a huge number of Product codes but the format is the same.So the general rules are...
  11. B

    copy cells from one worksheet to another based on condition and put in new cells in multiple rows

    I have a excel master spreadsheet where sheet 1 contains a list of the residents in the subdivision. For example <tbody> L. Name F. Name Address Street Email Phone Children adam john & mary 123 main 999.000.8888 Mark Aray bill & sue 345 first 111.222.3333...
  12. N

    Macro to reformat sheet

    Hey guys, So I've got an issue with a sheet that I have and it takes me a while to reformat it manually. This is how it is laid out Column A = Dates Column B = Germany Sales Column C = Denmark Sales Column D = France Sales Column E = Germany Price Column F = Denmark Price Column G = France...
  13. A

    flatten structured data to list

    I have a report of liquor license owners where each record takes 8 rows and 6 columns. Each data element has a tag in the cell immediately to the left of the data. all records appear to be structured the same: 3 rows, a blank row, 3 rows, two blank rows between records. How can I flatten this...
  14. S

    Reformatting Database

    Hi, I have a database i've been working with and today I went to print the sheet and noticed that the sheet had many many blank rows. So when I went to print the table would not fit to the page correctly. Is there a way to re-format a sheet so that it eliminates all the extra blank rows?? I...
  15. M

    Copying/Reformatting records

    Hi, Please help I have worksheets that contains couple of records that I need to copy in another worksheet. Example: A --- B 1 AA1 ---01.01.2008 2 AA2 ---01.01.2008 3 AA3 ---01.01.2008 4 AA4 ---01.01.2008 5 6 7 BB1 ---01.03.2008 8 BB2 ---01.04.2008 RESULT: 1 TITLE ---DATE --- header 2...

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