1. A

    index Reference letter change when i insert a column in refrence sheet

    hi guys, i have an issue where the following index letter $E7$:$E$100000 changes whenever i enter a call to refrence sheet "Raw Data for PR Dist" =IF(INDEX('Raw Data for PR Dist'!$E$7:$E$100000,MATCH(1,(A3='Raw Data for PR Dist'!$A$7:$A$100000)*(B3='Raw Data for PR...
  2. G

    Cross-file changing refrence

    Hi, I have a weekly file. just for the eaxmple file names are: 4-Oct.xlsx, 11-Oct.xlsx, 18-Oct.xlsx. now i am working in the file named 25-Oct.xlsx and i want to have a formula that can take values from the 3 above ( 4-Oct.xlsx, 11-Oct.xlsx, 18-Oct.xls) i want to use a formula so next week when...
  3. G

    Linking to Cells on Tabs Based on a List

    Good Afternoon Everyone, A co-worker asked me a challenging question in Excel today. He has a listing of tab names written out in column B on a tab called "total order volume". He wants to return the value in cell C17 on each of the other tabs into column F on the "total order volume" tab based...
  4. B

    Check for duplicates for 2 columns in other sheet

    Hello all, I am using Excel 2010. Looking for some help with a template i am creating for work to find duplicates that match both the column A and B values exactly in another sheet. I work with purchase orders and when a we are trying to track what purchase order AND line items vendors are...
  5. F


    hi all i am usinga lookup formula and need help the forumula is at the momnet =lookup(d5,{1,2,3,},{11,20,3,0}) this forumul wil have over 100 numbers in each array can anybody advise how to use cell ref in place of actual numbers
  6. R

    Count a Column Refrencing another column

    For the life of me I cannot remember how to do this and I know it is easy!! I need a formula that refrences Text in column A but counts the corrosponding row in another column. So John Smith's total for Owner would be 1 and for Logistics it would be 4. Stacy Jones' total for Owner would be 2...
  7. T

    refrence annother workbook

    I think I can write the code myself, I just need to know how to refrence a different workbook from a drive on my network in my code. I think I need to have the macro open the workbook in order to use it? How would I go about doing these things?

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