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    Text Function in Excel do not recognize YYYY as Date

    Hello All, I have a problem with my Text function in excel. When I type Text(02/12/2014,"ddmmyyyy") the function show me 1202yyyy. I know that there are other posts about this problem here and on google, however none of them seem to solve my problem. Solutions that I already tried: When I...
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    Extremely slow spreadsheet with certain Windows Regional Settings

    Reporting very unusual problem with an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet loading time & flicking through values within the drop down menus varies considerably depending on the Windows Regional Settings. I need to solve this ‘performance problem’ asap, but cannot find any logical explanation or...
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    How do I know the language my system is using?

    Hello guys, I am writting a code for which I use numbers with decimal and thousand separators. I am facing a problem on the comma Vs dot criteria for different regional settings. If I could use the system language as a variable this problem would be solved as I could manipulate the user input...
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    Regional settings causing formulas not to work

    Hi everybody, Recently I have noticed that there are problems in my formulas related to the regional settings of my operating system. I am working with English (US) format but my colleagues are working with German(Germany) format. The difference between German and English is that "," and "."...
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    concatenate number and text and keep formatting (regional compliant) without vba

    I am using a custom app to export data from to excel using an xslt mapping - the requirement is that the dates and numbers must be formatted to the client's regional settings. This works great! Except that I have a need to concatenate 2 hidden fields into one visible field...
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    Regional settings

    I have got a problem that has given me a really hard time for many months. I'm using the formula '=Text(Today(),"[$-409]mmmm-aa")' to retrieve today's date as a string, expressing the whole month and a two-digit number in English. If you see I'm using "aa" since in my regional language "aa" is...
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    Excel Date Formatting VS Regional Settings

    I have a problem where I am creating excel file with date format of "mm/dd/yyyy" and my machine's regional settings are English (US). Now when my end user downloads my excel (who has English (Canada)) they see the excel file with no issues except the date's messed up due to their regional...
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    Ctrl-Shift-3 to short date format

    Hi I don't tend to post to forums since the oracle (Google) tends to answer most of my questions, but this one I have been wondering about for some years. I love shortcut keys and hate the mouse. I therefore managed to configure my Excel such that I can do pretty much anything with the keyboard...
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    Issue with VBA / max and eomonth functions

    Hello I have been writing a piece of code that (among other things) calculates the last day of the prior month, given as input the date for tomorrow. As a background, I am using Excel 2003 SP3 (English language version), and my regional settings in Windows are Finnish, i.e. the standard date...

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