relationships link tables

  1. H

    How do I create a table that then considers whether or not clients appear in other tables?

    Hi Guys, Pretty new to excel so hoping there's a simple answer to this that I'm not aware of. I work in marketing insight and part of my role is selecting the best customers to send each of our direct mail campaigns to, and I want to create a workbook in where I can walk through our monthly...
  2. K

    Excel Datamodel refers to orignal file data when saving as new file.

    My workbook contains 2 different tables of data (table1 andtable2) both data tables have a column named “Product” and from each data tableI have created a pivot table (pivottable1 and pivottable2) In order for me to be able to use one single slicer toselect/filter the same value in both pivot...
  3. A

    Excel Pivot Multiple Columns

    <tbody> ItemList Colour1 Colour2 Colour3 Colour4 Colour5 Colour6 Colour7 Colour8 Item 1 Blue Yellow Purple Green Orange Red Cyan White Item 2 Black Magenta Cyan Yellow </tbody> Hi I'm new here so sorry about the unconventional formatting. I have a item table with different coloured...
  4. B

    Multiple relationships between fact and calendar tables

    Hello, I have a Power Pivot model with one calendar table. I have 4 relationships between a fact table and the calendar table. I have about 50 measures. What I would like to accomplish is that these measures could be viewed in a pivot table based on different calendar dates. I know that I...
  5. I

    help with creating relationships, new to power pivot

    Hello Everyone, I am having trouble right now creating a relationship between two tables that I am trying to link. First, I would like to mention i'm using 2010 with version 2012 sp1 power pivot. what i am trying to create is two tables for based on nba teams and their respective...
  6. A

    Do relationships flow through in Powerpivot

    hi Folks Got a dilemma. I have a chart of accounts (LinkID) and 3 tables with YTD figures in them (linked together with matching linkID). I want to show Gross profit as a single entry under Cost of Goods sold instead of as another column. I am attempting to replicate David Churchward's rather...
  7. D

    PowerPivot: Subtract quantity only if date, period and price match between two tables

    Hi, I just installed powerpivot yesterday thinking that it might be able to solve a problem that I am facing. Also, I am not sure whether the task I am looking at doing is even achievable in powerpivot. I have two tables. Master and Sub. Both of which are hundreds of thousands of rows. The...
  8. P

    How to link 4 tables with ID number in each table

    Hello, I want to be able to join 4 tables using a timekeeper ID as the bridge/commonality between all 4. Table 1 TK ID Multiple rows of Fees for each TK ID Table 2 TK ID Multiple rows of Costs for each TK ID Table 3 TK ID Status (Approved, Not Approved) - only 1 status for each TK ID Table...
  9. D

    PowerPivot | Link two columns with similar values across two different data pulls

    I have two external data pulls currently coming into PowerPivot, one looks at actual hours and the other at forecasted hours. The two pulls are not identical, however they both include many of the same fields, including things like Project Name. I have it linked so I can pull several of the...
  10. M

    Help me create my First Tables and Relationship in Access

    i am preety new in Access but and i have some task to do which is preety simple, but hard to me - to create simple table here is the problem I have to create table with some fields for each month: Account (Text is format, but it is acctually number), Account_Name (Text), Amount (Number), Date...
  11. D

    Can't remove relationship??

    I'm wondering if someone can help me. I've created Access databases before, but my knowledge was a "know-only-what-I-need-to-know" basis. I'm now trying to re-learn it properly. My problem is I created 2 tables both with phone number fields. I then created a relationship between the two tables...

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