1. L

    Help needed: Is there a way to make a number act like a relative cell reference?

    Okay so I'm probably as confused as you are hearing that question so lets explain. I have a spreadsheet, and on it I need an alert system that checks the date Today() against ("the date in another cell" - one of 3 numbers of days [30,60,90]) and changes the value of the cell containing the...
  2. T

    Paste Relative Formula in All Cells in Row Containing "XYZ"

    I have a file that references Bing API lookups through webcalls. When loading the sheet, sporadically, many of the calls work fine, and others throw out an error code and need to be refreshed. Re-pasting the formula to all cells again causes even some of the cells that were just loaded fine...
  3. A

    Relative Referencing 101 Problems

    Hello, I am trying to learn relative referencing for excel macros, and I am having embarassing problems. I tried setting up a very simple sheet like so: <tbody> 1 1 5 1 2 1 5 2 3 3 2 3 3 </tbody> The first column starts in cell A1...
  4. A

    eliminating command button from userform with empty relative cells

    Hi there! I have some problem and I will wonder if you help me on this. I have a calendar with 12 command buttons with name month_1, month_2 , ... ,month_12 and almost 365 command buttons with name day_1_1, day_1_2, ... ,day_12_29 and also 365 cells in a separate worksheet relative to this...
  5. JenniferMurphy

    how to use a named range in the Offset function

    In the table below, I have assigned the name "Balance" to column F. I would like to replace "F6" in I6 with the named range, "Balance", but the offset function doesn't like it. <tbody> R/C C D E F G H I J 4 Difference Formulas 5 Date Price Shares Balance Literal Relative Literal...
  6. M

    Formula to search for most previous match?

    I'm setting up a spreadsheet to display monitoring data in the form of X, Y and Z coordinates. I want to be able to show the relative and cumulative differences between measurements. The formula for the relative difference is just comparing it to the cell above, whilst the cumulative is...
  7. H

    Relative Reference to read a variable

    Hello, I am attempting to create a macro to process different data sets. I have gotten to a part where I need to reference data specific to each data set, so I need to use relative references, however, they did not return the proper data. So, I created a variable that will read the value I...
  8. R

    VBA insert formula

    Hi all! At times it is necessary to overwrite a formula in a cell. I would like a simple way to replace the formula when necessary. I would like to double click in the cell to replace the formula. Row 3 is the first row where this formula starts. It would need to be relative...
  9. W

    Need Named Range Formula to Auto Adjust for Every 5 Rows

    Hi everyone - I am trying to avoid creating hundreds of named range formulas. I have set up an image box to display one of three different images in A2 of Sheet1 if B2 of Sheet1 contains one of three specific values, no image shows if B2 contains the value "0". The formula I use for this named...
  10. L

    Macro - "use relative references"

    Hi Recording a macro has an option called "use relative reference". I noticed that when i use that option, the macro can run anywhere I "select" a cell. So it gives me an impression, the "relative" here meaning relative to the selected cell. It has nothing to do with relative and absolute cell...
  11. A

    Indirect Formula

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet using an indirect formula. When I put the formula in the cell it works. when I drag the formula though, I can get the first cell reference to be relative but I cannot get the second cell reference to become relative. When I drag the formula down it is going...
  12. J

    Macro to copy and paste relative columns

    I currently have three column. I'd like to record a macro so that I can copy column C insert it into a new column, D, but the next time I run the macro copy D into E and so on. Currently the macro is "absolute" and always goes back to record column C. Thanks.
  13. T

    Offsetting from Active Cell, Relative Reference Range Copy- Can't Paste in Correct Destination

    Hello All, I am trying to paste range A1:N1, which is a relative reference via an offset from the active cell (which can be A1, A7, A8, etc) to 3 rows above it and it's not working. Now, I know it sounds like I'm trying to paste my copy to an address that doesn't exist but remember I've...
  14. D

    Enumerate Higher to Lowest

    Good morning! I need help with my table. I have two lines (Raw Score and Relative Rank): <tbody> Raw Score 390 100 660 350 310 Relative Rank </tbody> And I need the second row to list the numbers from highest to lowest. <tbody> Raw Score 390 100 660 350 310 Relative Rank 2 5 1 3...
  15. I

    Sort A Linked Workbook

    My main workbook Analyzer.xlsm links to another workbook called DataSource.xlsx DataSource.xlsx is regularly updated and replaced so it needs to be sorted each time. Both workbooks are in the same folder/location Could anyone help with VBA that would run from Analyzer.xlsm to open...
  16. B

    Look up cell in an array and then return the value of a cell in that same array relative to the

    Hello, I need to look up a cell in an array, and then return the value of a cell in that same array relative to it. For example: A1 = 1/1/2018 B1 = 2/1/18 C1 = 3/1/18 D1 = 4/1/18 E1 = 5/1/18 A2 = 2/1/18 A3 = 2 A4 = 4/1/18 A4 was found by looking up A2 in the A1:E1 array...
  17. H

    How to use relative reference in a formula using vba

    Hello - I'm using an If-Then function in vba to insert a formula into specific cells based on the function. However, I'm having trouble with vba using an absolute rather than relative reference. Here is my code: Sub Macro12() Dim i As Long For i = 1 To ActiveSheet.Cells(Rows.Count...
  18. B

    Finding Row & Column of selection relative to named range

    I have a chart of names, 12 rows by 4 columns. I have named this range PLAYERS. I would like to select a name and have the vba code populate variables with the row number and column number relative to the named range. The range PLAYERS does not start at A1, but rather is in the middle of the...
  19. V

    Relative Or Absolute

    which are absolute and relative..
  20. mgirvin

    Lookup nth item in a column

    Dear Team, In Excel we can lookup a value using INDEX and MATCH function, where the MATCH function returns the row number or relative position of an item in a list. How do we do this is DAX? Specifically, I have a calculated column and this formula that returns the relative position (or row...

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