1. S

    Excel2010 VBA for reminder Outlook2016 emails, three months before review date

    Hallo, I'm an admin and VBA newbie, trying to send automated reminder emails from Excel 2010 via Outlook, three months before the review date (in Column C). I've managed to send an email from Excel :) But can't get any further, have tried the YouTube videos but am baffled and was advised to try...
  2. H

    VBA Code to generate Outlook Reminder

    I have written code to send a reminder to outlook based on a date on Col C I have dates and text In Col C I need the code amended so that where there is either no date or text, the...
  3. J

    How to create a pop-up reminder when a certain cell is chosen but dependent on a value of another cell?

    Hi, I would like to ask: How do you create a pop-up reminder when a certain cell is chosen but dependent on a value of another cell? To be specific, we have the type of service cell J2. "Transportation" and "Guiding" is part of a drop-down menu and every time they are chosen, there is a...
  4. M

    VBA Code To Check If A Reminder Already Exists

    I have some vba code that creates a reminder in my outlook calendar from data in excel. But I don't have a way of knowing if I already have created the reminder previously. I want to know if someone can help me tweak my code to show me if I already have this reminder set in outlook. The reminder...
  5. M

    VBA Mails

    Hello All, I have a small problem but I have no idea how to solve this, so I want to send a few emails to one person, just not one by one like in the code, but as package or something. For example: Mail to Mr.A where's assigned a few positions should be send in one mail. In mailbody will...
  6. M

    Create a Macro to automatically re-send or forward a reminder e-mail

    Ok guys, this might take some time, so please bear with me. Is it possible to create a macro that would run everyday (either automatically or when prompted by me) and resend a reminder e-mail? I would have the outlook message saved in a folder and have a cell on the excel table with the path...
  7. M

    VBA Expert please help!

    Can some please help....I am working on a short deadline. My table: <tbody> A B C D 1 A gentle Reminder: Your trip is scheduled in two weeks 2 Destination Date Days Reminder 3 Boston 8/18/2018 10 Send Reminder 4 New York 8/18/2018 10 Send Reminder 5 South Africa 9/20/2018...
  8. M

    Need more help...

    I recently created a spreadsheet that will notify me of upcoming offsite meetings by two weeks. Here is a partial code With OutLookMailItem .to = MailDest1 .bcc = MailDest2 .Subject = Range("a1").Value .Body = Range("B1").Value I like the subject line to include the...
  9. B

    service reminder

    Good evening from Australia. I'm new to the forum have been told it's a great forum with very helpful members. I require some assistance with a formula for work. Hoping the formula is possible. I have a number of fleet vehicles that I look after and want to get a reminder when services are due...
  10. M

    Multiple reminders from excel to outlook

    Hi there, I'm struggling to create a workable macro to send an email reminder when a due date arrives. The headings below cover everything in the spreadsheet. The first part of the code is to email a colleague when the "Date report due" with the information from No./Description and Date of...
  11. Y

    Send specific worksheet as attachment via mail (Condition)

    Hello together, This is my first post. Happy to be part of this. I have created an excel projectplan including nearly 40 milestone-tabs. My goal is to remind the respective milestone owners via email if tasks are due. Actually, this works pretty good using the code examples of Ron. There is...
  12. M

    Render does not work when uploading a CSV file to Outlook 2016

    I have uploaded CSV files to Outlook Calendars for many years and have previously used the Reminder set to TRUE with a Reminder Date and Reminder Time with no problem. With the latest upload to Outlook 2016 the Reminder field is changed to FALSE with no apparent error. I am uploading three...
  13. S

    VBA Send Reminder Emails Based on Cell Dates

    Hey Everyone, I wonder if you can help me with some VBA for sending out reminder emails based on cell contents. I have a worksheet that looks like this: <tbody> Role Name Manager Name Manager Email Status Opp Date Recruitment Deadline 1st Reminder Email Sent 2nd Reminder Email Sent Officer...
  14. K


    I need to sort column A thru Z by column B, but only down to the first empty cell, then skip 3 lines and sort the reminder.
  15. C

    VBA to send email if cell contains a notifier

    Hi- I've watched dozens and dozens of youtube videos and I can't figure this out. A1 and B1 are both formulas based on other cells and if they meet certain criteria they say 'Send Reminder' or they are blank. They pull from other cells so one could be blank and the other not. I want to create...
  16. O

    Excel auto open

    Hi i have excel sheet with a user form the question: I need that file to open automatically on specific date and time then close again by it self after a while. (to work as reminder). Thanks
  17. K

    Annual Reminders

    Hi, I have a data table in a worksheet with client names (in column "A") and start dates stored as "dd-mmm-yyyy" (in column "B"). In Column "D" I have the following formula "=IF($A1 = 0, " ",( TEXT($A1,"mmmm")))" to reflect a renewal month. Column "A" = "Client names" Column "B" = "start date"...
  18. H

    VBA Code for Outlook reminder

    I have written code to reminder me of the due date in cell C6. I would like to amend the code so that reminder are sent to Outlook calender for C7 onwards where there is no blank cell See Sample Data and code Excel 2012ABCDEF123/08/20172No.BranchReminder Due Date-10Due...
  19. A

    Outlook 2013 - Daily Reminder with Yes / No Message Box, Record Response

    I have some experience with VBA but I am new to applying it to outlook. I am curious how I would go about having a daily reminder that also pop up a message box with a yes, no response and then record that response on a excel document. I am not entirely sure about what sub I should be using...
  20. C

    VBA Email Reminder from Excel

    Hi everyone, I have dateline in date format in cell C13, and the following is my codes. How can I auto send a reminder email 3 days prior to the dateline in C13? Thanks, Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim strbody As String Dim sTO As String, sSubj As String, sCC As...
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