remove number

  1. M

    How to remove desired text or numbers from a cell

    HI All, Can any help me with below format in excel formula,Please find the below mentioned details i need to remove text or numbers from a cell <tbody> Raw Data Already Data Present Required Result Shastri Market,Mohan Cinema Mohan Cinema Shastri Market SCO.2 & 3, Sector-65/A, Phase-11...
  2. Tosborn

    Remove selected numbers from text & number string

    Howdy, Data is typically as such: <tbody> <colgroup><col width="389"></colgroup><tbody> 25MAR16 CHAMPS FLOWERS HMP WAGGA W 67.00 1,037.00- </tbody> <colgroup><col width="389"></colgroup><tbody> 01APR16 HUNTERS NEWSAGENCY WAGGA W 821.00 1,858.00- </tbody> <colgroup><col...
  3. R

    Auto-calculate 2 column that contains numbers and words words

    Hi everyone, I've been using conventional method to do this and it's time consuming. I would like to total up 2 column. A multiply B to be exact. Below are some examples: Table 1 - Before totaling up: <table dir="ltr" border="1" bordercolor="#05ad00" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1"...
  4. S

    Move numbers contained within a string

    Folks, Hello all, newbie here so please be patient. I have entries in approx 6500 cells which contain a string that is a mixture of text and numbers. What I need to do is to move the number value of the cell to the adjoing cell on the right - it sounds fairly simple deosn't it? Why have I no...

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