1. B

    Creating a shift Rota / Calendar

    I am currently devising a rolling shift rota/calendar for a friend and his colleagues who work different shifts (Earlies, Lates and Nights). I want to input an abbreviation/letter (for example 'N' for night-shifts) in a cell and then get excel to automatically repeat that same 'N' entry, every...
  2. S

    Linking Excel to Outlook: Creating Email Reminders

    I work in accounting and deal with a reoccuring vendor invoice tool that I would like to link up to Outlook to send reminders of when vendor invoices are approaching their due date. Is there a way to create email reminders from excel? Thanks Jeff
  3. C

    Reoccurring ghost toolbar cannot be deleted!!!

    I have a workbook and every time I open it a custom toolbar appears at the top when it is not supposed to. This toolbar was attached to another workbook but that workbook and toolbar are no longer used. This workbook was working fine until the other day. It seams that it has somehow attached...

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