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    Loan repayment calculation

    Hi I want to take out a loan for 25,000,000 at 7% annual fixed interest rate and make month end monthly repayments. I want to take out the loan immediately "month 0" but not start paying it back until month 7... because I won't have any income for 6 months. I must pay the whole lot back by...
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    Creating an Amortization Table with a balloon payment in between the fixed monthly instalments

    This is a Hire purchase with fixed monthly Repayments. I have tried to create an Amortization schedule on this (showing the monthly interest and principal repayment portions) but have not yet succeeded in doing so. This is because there is a balloon payment sandwiched in between the fixed...
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    Amortisation Calculator

    Hi Guys, I am looking to do a presentation where I present the costs differences between 2 home loans. 1. Example one is a loan at 5% pa 2. Example two is a loan at 4% pa There are two graphs that i am trying to build. 1. the cost savings between example 2 and 1 over a 30 year period...
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    Calculate interest with changing rates and repayments

    Hi everyone! I am calculating simple interest payments for a particular month. I have the outstanding principal and the rates can change within a month. So far, I have used the formula below: =IF(E8="-",I8*(M8-1)/365*P8%,I8*(DAY(E8)-1)/365*D8%+I8*(M8-DAY(E8)+1)/365*P8%) E column stores the...
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    Formula for interest payable

    Hi There Can anyone give me a formula for calculating the interest payable on a loan, based on: Amount of loan; Interest rate; Repayment amount; Repayment frequency. e.g £3000 loan at 12% paid at £120/month. I can get it right one payment at a time, but would like a single formula to do the...

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