1. A

    Repeating macro for each cell in A (with offset)

    Hi everyone! Right now I'm having troubles with how to repeat my macro for each cell in A. I have some offsets so it becomes very confusing. Here is my code. I recorded the macro while ticking 'Use Relative References' on. Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you very much in advance :) Sub...
  2. D

    Data Validation VBA Input Message

    Hello, I have a large batch of data. There are 5 different types of data. Every 5 rows, there is a new set of data. I am trying to implement Data Validation Input Messages so that when a user is on a certain cell, they will know what type of data is being referenced. Not sure if that makes...
  3. G

    Systematically add 150 more rows every 51 cells down

    I have a sheet that has groups of 50 rows with a row to separate each group from the next. I would like to increase the amount of rows in each group by 150 (a total of 200). So starting on cell ("D55") add 150 rows above D55:AA55, then go down 51 rows and repeat for cell ("D106") [add 150 rows...
  4. S

    Compare each cell of a row with another row from another excel file

    So, hey people. Thank you for reading this and for putting some thought into it. I have a long line in an excel file, let's call it X, that I need to compare it with another line from another excel file, we'll call it Y. The thing is that the Y line has the same first 6 cells as the X one...
  5. V

    Difference in date

    I have this records below If the “PROJECT_NUMBER” is repeated AND “INCIDENT_CREATION_DATE” between the two incidents is less than 31 days then mark it as a "repeat" I am confused as how shall I do it, as did countif as well to find the duplicate and then the diff in date but the records can be...
  6. A

    How do I use this to repeat Column n times based on number in table?

    I hope this is possible, but I want to be able to repeat column headers n times depending on the table below. I would just put the formula on the far right on the same row, but hoping it would come out like the bottom picture. Thank you if you know how to do this! Example of output:
  7. P

    Repeat Macro

    Hi All, Been looking all over the place and cant find an answer to the following I have this simple macro and want it just to repeat constantly with it never stopping Sub refresh() ' ' refresh Macro ' ' Calculate End Sub So wondered if someone could assist at all please???
  8. L

    Develop a loop based on a tables characteristics

    I need assistance to develop a loop based on these 2 tables below. The first row contains the values that will repeat along the table. For the first table each value will repeat 04 times. For The second table the values will repeat 05 times. Table01 <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O A...
  9. M

    vlookup help, can this be done? (cells in J&K filled with info from G&I if data in C is a repeat)

    ok, I am sure I was doing something stupidly simple wrong. but I need to get results based on an entered data point. example in the spreadsheet: enter data in C16 search column C for the first repeat of data starting at current entry(C16) if found(C9) pulls data from column G(G9) and enters...
  10. G

    VBA Repeat cells

    How would I turn: A1 A2 A3 Into: A1 A2 A3 A1 A2 A3 as many times as I want into a different sheet?
  11. R

    IF Function ignoring NA

    Hello guys, I am currently processing a huge dataset. My question is that how can I ignore NA when I want to run and repeat this function in excel. =IF(AND(RankLN!D45>0.3,RankLN!D45<=0.7),"M",IF(RankLN!D45>0.7,"W","L")) In detail, for example, I have a column, we say column D. In this column...
  12. P

    Indent text

    I have a spreadsheet where text in column D may repeat several times. The repetitions will always be grouped together. I need to look at the entries in column D and when they repeat I want to indent them five spaces. So the first occurrence of a text value will be left justified with no...
  13. A

    Analysis, Functions and Formulas.

    Lets say I have a table of three or more columns and rows with a number in each cell ranging from 1-25. I want to find every row that has two numbers that repeat in other rows. I'm not sure which to use, Match? Lookup? Offset?
  14. A

    Excel Formulas and data analysis

    I want to find row in which three numbers repeat in other rows. How do I do this? Thank You In Advance.
  15. S

    Tring to get VB code to automatically scroll through a table.

    Hi. I have VB code that looks at a table connected to a form and runs a macro ("ApdTabtoTotalTest"). I have it set up to go to the next record. It works, but the issue is that I have to manually run the code for each record. There are around 150 records. So I click a button and it runs. I then...
  16. B

    Repeat a value or number in a sequence multiple times.

    I have a list say: A,B,C,D,F (IN COLUMN A) I want the user to select a member of the above list in column B1 and say how many times it must be repeated in column C1. The extracted list can now follow in any other column (a multiple of times say 2) Example. User selected A Repeat 3 List 2 times...
  17. F

    row to repeat at top

    Is it possible to modify the cells located in the "rows to repeat at top" when printing each page Thanks. Jim
  18. L

    increment cell reference

    in a cell H3 i have ref to =C3 i need H4 to ref cell =B3 i need H5 to ref cell =C4 and repeat down many rows . if i copy down excel doesn't work out i need the pattern to repeat. how can i simply copy down? i.e then in H6 need =B4 H7 =C5 H8 =B5 and so on TIA
  19. M

    Trouble Repeating VBA Code

    Hello, I'm new to VBA coding. I found a very useful code that allows me to produce a checkmark when I double click on the task I've just completed. However, for some reason, I can't repeat the action. See code below: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...

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