1. R

    finding the most repeated dates in a range

    hi all, can you help in finding the most repeated dates in a range a1:d4 <tbody> A B C D <tbody> 2/2/2009 </tbody> <tbody> 2/2/2009 </tbody> <tbody> 2/2/2009 </tbody> <tbody> 2/2/2010 </tbody> <tbody> 4/21/2009 </tbody> <tbody> 2/1/2009 </tbody> <tbody> 8/8/2009...
  2. U

    Countif no duplicates

    Is there a way to use the Countif function and remove duplicates Countif FG Component =Countif(C:C, c2) 22070090 300432 In the example below if I drag down the formlar , I will have the same number repeated. How do I remove it?
  3. T

    formula to calculate sum of repeated text

    hello i want a formula to calculate sum of repeated text exemple when i put the text its search in table and find the repeated text and calculate the sum like in the picture
  4. R

    Table content to ComboBox

    Hi, I have a table with many names in the first column, including repeated names. I would like to create a combobox and additens with the names of this column, excluding the repeated ones. Just like the image below: Is there a method in vba with listobjects (Table) to do that?
  5. Leicester City Fox

    Want to Count number Repeated numbers in a Column

    Hi There I have a list of numbers in a Column and I have been asked to find out how manyof the same number are repeated in the Colum. I have tried a count if but doesnot appear to work. Anyideas of the best way to count how many duplicates I have as the list is very long? Many Thanks LeicesterFox
  6. A

    Support required for counting

    I have a barcode list i want to count these barcodes which are repeated more than three time Thanks in advance ?
  7. Y

    Help with Countif formula

    Hello, I am using this formula to count how may times 2014 is repeated in a range =countif(u4:u13;"2014"). I need to count how many times "2014" is repeated though multiple sheets , the range is same. Thanks in advance.
  8. D

    Match frequency of grouped numbers

    I am looking for a solution in excel that will match frequent groups of numbers for only matches 3 times to the max of 6 times. Example: I have 6 columns, and an infinite number of rows, for this example only 4 are shown. Regardless of order, (2,7,4) have repeated in row 1 & 2 & 4. (2,7,4,12,3)...
  9. S

    Dates already in Range

    Hello All, Need to find the repeated date range in the columns if equal to article numbers. <colgroup><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> Article No. Start Date End Date Result 1 10/12/2018 11/12/2018 Repeated 2 10/20/2018 11/18/2018 Unique 3 10/18/2018 11/19/2018 Unique 4...
  10. D

    Bring value (variable position) from rows to column

    Hi all, I'm stacked with a formula in Excel or a way to get things sorted. Basically, I have some rows that need to be moved into columns an repeated x-times. Do you have any idea how can I obtain this? Thanks for your help. Daniele
  11. R

    Count unique values with condition

    Hi everyone, hope you can help me with this issue. I have a sheet that looks like this <tbody> Subscriber_ID Date 101 09/01/18 101 202 08/13/18 203 09/04/18 204 205 09/08/18 205 </tbody> I need to count records from September in the "Date" column and only when it's not...
  12. P

    generate all 7-letter formations, maximum 3 letters repeated.

    generate all 7-letter formations, maximum 3 letters repeated. ex = aaabcde ... bbbcccd, etc. we have 10 letters = abcdefghij to conbine the formations with 7 letters please!
  13. E

    Counting continuous duplicates

    Hi Team, I have a below data and we would want to know how many time word P has repeated continuously for each name. I have give the result which I require for Jack it should be 4 (Its repeated 4 times continuously) and for Jill it should be 2 (Its repeated 2 times continuously) and for James...
  14. K

    Search "x time" repeated and colour the cells

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I want a Formula or may be VBA that can search "x time" for selected value it can be "1", "X", or 2</SPAN></SPAN> In the column C, there are data with repeated values in the cells C6 and below</SPAN></SPAN> In the cell B1 is entered value "1"...
  15. L

    @ in custom number fomatting

    Hi I used this code: #,###;-#,###,-;@@@@ to my surprised whatever text i type in the cell, the text will get repeated 4 time, so if i type Hi, I will get HiHiHiHi Why is that? thank you.
  16. S

    sum repeated rows

    Hi, I need to sum up the repeated rows to a new table, like in the pic. never tried this before tried all kind of formulas but didnt succeed :-( should i even use functions? maybe PIVOT? VBA?? would much appreciate your help.
  17. P

    Index match to pick nth figure

    Hi everyone, So I have a list of names and figures on A:A, B:B respectively as well as C:C, D:D and I want E:E to match names from C:C to A:A and return B:B figures. The problem is that names are repeated on both lists on many occasions with different figures attributed to them. How do do an...
  18. U

    Counting the repeating values and displaying with alphanumeric symbols

    Hello, I am not sure if this can be done with a formula, but if it is, I would appreciate the help. I have a set of data some of which can be repeated several times in the same row. And if the values are repeated, I'd like them to be displayed with alphanumeric symbols. For example, If data...
  19. N


    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with several amounts of information I have a main header going on each page along with the first 2 rows of my data being repeated as well. Issue i am having is, when i go on to the second page and on, I keep getting additional rows being repeated also so again...
  20. F

    Using IF function to return to the cell

    Hi, can I use the IF function to return to a cell? For example, A1=ABC, A2=ABC, A3=XYZ, A4=DEF. I want to know does it repeated by using IF Function. In the cell B1, I input the formular as if it’s repeated, it will return “Repeated”, if it not, it will returned to the cell “A1”. And in the...

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