1. D

    How to Sum the Frequency of column dependent on another column.

    Hi, I am trying to solve a problem I am have trying to add the days of shifts for multiple people but running into a issue it will correctly workout the number of shifts excluding dates that are the same but I need it read a repeating date if that person name is different. I have all this...
  2. A

    Pivot Table Repeating Values When i Want the Sum of Them

    I have a spreadsheet which has some single columns of numbers which i want to pivot (rather than using COUNT) to show occurrences of entries. But the pivot table is just repeating the values. I am dropping the column header into ROW and VALUE. The point is also that i know for example that...
  3. B

    Count Repeated Numbers

    Hello All, I need help with a formula to count the repeating for each number in multiple columns as shown the table in data range A1:X1. The result that I am looking for is as in the range Z1:AE1 where the number with higher repeating count on the left. For example Z1=5-3 where #3 with higher...
  4. V

    Power Query in Excel refreshing after small changes in queries and very slow

    All, If I even change a name of a query or something in the last step, the query refreshes all previous queries and it's very slow. Is there a way to stop this behavior that doesn't result in me just completely forgetting to refresh older ones? It's 3-4 minutes I have a few joins which make...
  5. N

    Counting Maximum number of occurences in a range that don't repeat

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate a tourism streak for attending different running events. So I have a list of events and I want to work out the maximum number of times someone has gone without repeating themselves. So in the example below the longest streak without repeating is 8, between the two...
  6. W

    Average of the Sumif result ?

    Hi everyone there is my problem; i have 2 different excel file. First one is BW, second one BI. I was using SUMIF formula for my second excel. it was fine until repeating numbers came up. As you can see its summing for each repeating numbers and i don't want that. I want the average of the sum...
  7. S

    Repeating list in Combobox

    Hi all, Wondering how to solve a repeating list of values in a combobox. After a number of blank cells the list repeats itself, these values when selected have no text attached to them. How can i make sure the list doesn't repeat itself?
  8. J

    Fitting 2 Columns / 20,000 cells on fewer pages as possible? (Printout)

    Hi, looking for some ideas on best way to achieve this I have data in: Columns A + B (Header A1 and B1) down to around row 20000 (max characters per cell is 15) and i need to compress the data so its printable with row 1 repeating. I thought of: viewing in page break preview copying everying...
  9. M

    Normalize a range of numbers..

    Hey Guys... I like to normalize a set of numbers to 0-100 EX: A. 200 numbers between top 94 ...bottom 35.......need the 94 set to 100 and the 35 set to 0 B. 875 numbers between 158 and -57......need 158 set to 100 and -57 set to 0... yes, numbers are value 67 can...
  10. H

    Repeating numbers in reducing pattern

    I am trying to generate repeating numbers in the cell by decreasing patterns Here's the pattern: if starting number is 6 <tbody> 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 2 </tbody> Thank you for help in advance.
  11. J

    Correction to Sum of repeating values question

    Is there a formula that will sum the product of quantities in Column A times Column B when both sets of numbers are separated by an equal and repeating number of rows? A B 1 2 3 20 4 5...
  12. L

    Repeating columns from the right to print on every page

    We are familiar with repeating columns on the left feature However, the state is requiring that in these workbooks we are printing that the last four columns be printed on every page exactly as they appear For example columns a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i last 4 columns w,x,y,z The last 4 columns...
  13. H

    Find repeating pattern within a column

    I have a worksheet with approximately 1500 values all in column "A". I am looking to identify sections where any ten numbers within the set repeat, and identify the repeating values by highlighting them. Anyone want to take a crack at this?
  14. N

    formula for excel to extract words

    Hello everyone, I have quite interesting/complex problem in excel. I have a one field in excel which is composed of numbers, letters and spaces in between. The problem is that there is no rule for repeating or duplicating sequence of numbers/letters. What I need to do is to extract only 5...
  15. A

    Get Dynamic Extraction from Column B to Column G

    Dear Genius ........ I'm Enter the bunch of names (long list ) in Column B that will be Repeated names, What i want in Column G i need to get unique names to be displayed without repeating .... Dynamically and Automatically Thanks in advance
  16. kelly mort

    sum formula needed

    I have a table as below Col A Col B Col C a x 23 b y 10 c 12 In A I have only three items that keep repeating. "Say yes", "no", "not sure" Then in B I have also only two items that keep repeating say...
  17. T

    Repeating dates with a repeating list

    I have a formula which is copying data and repeating it numerous times in column B in a worksheet: =IF(ISBLANK(INDIRECT("Sheet1!B"&ROW(B2))),INDIRECT("Sheet2!B"&(ROWS($B$2:B2)-(COUNTA(Sheet1!B:B)-2))),Sheet1!B2) This formula is achieving part of what I am looking for, but now I need to list...
  18. P

    Request = separate pairs with repeating digits.

    Request = separate pairs with repeating digits Ex = 01 21 = yes 01 32 = no The repeat can have 2 or 3 repeated digits The list has more than 4 thousand formations
  19. T

    Angular Repeating sequence

    Hello, I have a long repeating angle/circular sequence as example below which repeats at every 360 degrees. I wish to add 360, 720, 1080, 1440 (circles) at every turning points so I get an ascending sequence. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Original sequence Desired result Note...
  20. F

    Repeating an equations operations on result

    Hi, I have a series of IF functions, and if they all 4 of them return negatively I want it to run again. The first IF is based of a RANDBETWEEN function so it would give a different result, not resulting in a loop. I have tried code such as Sub Worksheet_Activate() If...

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