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    VBA Code to replace "0"s withing Column "I" to value in column "M"

    I am new to VBA and trying to simplify a repetitive task with a loop. I have searched multiple forums and can not find a code that will work just for one column, any help is much appreciated! I have header row. The data starts in row 3. I am tryin to search column "I" and if value is zero/...
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    MS Excel 2016 Replace function help

    Hello everyone, I am working on an assignment and for the life of me cannot figure this out. Below is my spreadsheet: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet I am trying to replace the B column that is 1-64 with their respective Division names in Column H. I have my formula posted in...
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    Replace with calculation

    Hi, In Cell A1 i have some values like "Shoulder (cm) : XS: 37cm S: 38cm M: 39cm L: 40cm XL: 41cm XXL: 42cm..." i want to convert only cm values to inches and rest of the values would be same e.g. 37cm to 14.56in formula would be 1cm x 0.393701 so 37cm x 0.393701=14.5669. Please Help.
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    VBA Find and replace values with formulas

    I am stuck on a section of my macro. I have come to a spot where in column C I have values ranging from 0-999 never in the same order or number of records, Any value that is less than 10 I need to replace with the sum of the adjacent cells in column A+B. example C5 = sum A5+B5. I am not sure...
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    join column & variable to replace cell number "V65536"

    my question: how do i join "V" (my column) and "erow_three" (my number of rows) to replace "V65536" in the following statement: Range("X1") = "=COUNTA(V2:V65536)" my current code: Dim ws_three As Worksheet Set ws_three = Sheets("Responsiveness - operations")...
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    Search - Find - Replace

    Hi, I have the following situation: In cell A1 to A10 there are names like London, Chicago, Brussels. In the cells B1 to B10 there is a code corresponding to each word. So London corresponds with 1, Chicago with 2, Brussels with 3 etc ... I have a list from F1 to F100 where the cities are...

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