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    Replacing values separated by commas

    Hello all, Currently I have written a macro that converts values in a cell to values mapped in another tab list. My code is: Sub DataFormatPR() Dim PremiumType Set PremiumType = Sheets("PremiumType").Range("PremiumType") For Each cel In PremiumType.Columns(1).Cells MainTemp.Replace...
  2. A

    Help with cell value replacement across multiple worksheets

    Hi, I am quite new to Excel and need help with the following problem: I have three worksheets: ROLE (worksheet 1) - contains ID number (cells A2:A13) and NAME (cells B2:B13) PERMISSION (worksheet 2) - contains ID number (cells A2:A16) and NAME (cells B2:B16) ROLE_PERMISSION (worksheet 3) -...
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    Linking to other worksheets and replacing

    Hi, I have a master workbook that contains links to a bunch of other workbooks. Primarily, I am just linking to the data themselves, which are numeric. My links currently look like =[source_file.xls]sheetname!A5 I would like to do a few different things here: 1) incorporate replacing in this...
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    Replace #¡VALOR!

    Hello, I have some formulas in a cells, but some these due to formula, receive this "#¡VALOR!", and I want to replace this "value" with "", I s this possible?, if so, how can I Do it. I made this macro, but can raplace any string, but with "#¡VALOR!" DON'T WORKS. the code is this: ' Replace...
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    Replace cells if there is data to the right

    I have a spreadsheet of about 4000 rows. I have shipping box dimensions in 5 columns per box (L x W x H x Weight x Freight Class), with a total of 8 potential boxes. Columns AR - CE (40 columns) are split into the 8 groups. Box 1 :AR - AV Box 2: AW - BA Box 3: BB - BF ..... and so on. For some...
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    Loop through column

    Hello, I have a excel sheet that houses some wrong data in the first column. The lay-out is as following. Column A: 1111-111111.ipt, 1111-111112.ipt, 1111-111113.ipt ect. The amount of rows in this column is variable. (From 5 to 50). I want to loop through the column and remove the...
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    This One's Gonna Be Tough! Replace single cell based on duplicate

    Be warned, this will be a challenge. The company I work for has a lot of movement in the organization structure, so employees may have over 5 managers a year. Displaying employee metrics can be an issue like in this example. How would Excel find duplicates and replace mismatched cells with the...
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    VBA - replace contents depending on a cell

    I am hoping someone could help me with a problem I'm trying to tackle at work to make my job so much easier. First of all, I am NOT a VBA programmer at all so I apologize for my complete "newbie-ness" with regards to creating this macro. Here is my dilemma... I have a spreadsheet with...
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    Easy for most headache for me!

    I am trying (without success) to update a downloaded spreadsheet. I have 2 columns of info - one with codes and another with prices. i require to change the prices from a second spreadsheet containing the same (but not quite) codes and new prices. some of the codes do not exist on the new...
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    Need Help Fixing Incorrect Data

    I download info from my local real estate MLS every week in order to produce reports. The data has many errors in the "Original List Price" field. I need a quick way of correcting the prices if they are more that 200% larger that the "Current List Price". All of the "Original List Prices"...

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