replace text

  1. R

    Excel VBA error when attempting to replace text that has multiple lines a cell

    Below is some simple code I use to find and replace text. It works great when the text has 8 or less lines. When it's more than 8 lines it gives me the wonderful Mismatch Error 13. Basic example below - Line 1 Line 2 Line Randomn Another Line So on and so forth replacetext = ("") k as...
  2. 1

    Recorded vba for "replace text" does not work

    Hi, I have some VBA code that loops through column D and uses the values in range B:X. My problem is that sometimes, the value in some of the cells will have the error #DIVISION/0!. This stops my loop and creates an error. My solution to this was to put the below code before rendering the rest...
  3. P

    VLOOKUP Replace Text of Array Name with New Text

    I have 2 spreadsheets. Spreadsheet "b" has multiple arrays defined. I want to bring values from these arrays into spreadsheet "A". I have an existing VLOOKUP statement that accomplishes the basic purpose. Here is an example: =VLOOKUP(E70,'Quotes+Orders_Worksheet_2018.xlsx'!NWINTLAY120,3)...
  4. J

    Replace text within formula - with "dynamic" absolute reference to cell 1 row above

    Okay.. this is kind of a tongue twister but... I need to replace the text "$D$26" within column D with an absolute reference to the cell address of *the cell 1 row above* the cell containing this formula. The formula will appear every 10 rows. I have the code below, that seems to work but... I...
  5. Q

    Stripping out certain words from start of cells

    Hi I'm new to this forum, and hope someone might be able to help me. I have a range of about 5000 rows, each representing a title of an article, and I need to be able to strip out the words "The ", "Les", "A ", "Le ", "La " or "An " if they are at the start of each title. So e.g. I start with...
  6. D

    Replacing a single row in a table with multiple related values

    I am trying to break down the following 2-column table to include only each 'FinishedGood' and all its 'Inventory Parts' broken down to the 'Component' level. I want to replace each 'SubAssembly' Inventory Part with its corresponding 'Components': Source Format: <tbody> Assembly Item...
  7. T

    Macro to delete all data contained within <>

    I am working on an large excel workbook. On of the coloum contains email addresses, we want to clean it up to just show the name - is there a formula that would find and replace the information contained within <> with a space? Ex. T. Copeland< - I only T. Copeland to...
  8. T

    Clear Chevron Characters and Characters Inside Chevrons

    Happy New Year, Excel folks. Is there an Excel formula to remove the spacebar + characters in red, as shown below? I need to be left with only the last name, first name and the semicolon. Mouse, Mickey <>; Microsoft Outlook has changed the way that email addresses from...
  9. W

    Cells.Replace question: How do I replace text in one specific Column?

    Dim Lastline As Long Dim i As Integer Lastline = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For i = 1 To Lastline Cells.Replace _ What:=Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(i, 1), Replacement:=Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(i, 2), _ LookAt:=xlWhole, MatchCase:=False Next End Sub As per the following code, how do I...
  10. F

    Small snag with non-alphanumeric replacements

    Hi all! I was to change "[" and "]" in the same cell to "-". However, my code does not seem to be able to replace the second bracket in the same string. My Code: Sub DataParseSVOC() ' ' Routine for parsing 2008-2009 UATMP SVOC data ' Dim LR As Long Dim Itm As Long Dim MyCount As Long Dim...
  11. M

    [help] VBA Replace in Text won't finish at the end of text

    Hi, i want try to change some character in one cell with replace functions in VBA to another cell. every rows seem ok but at 13th row. i miss full code. not fully code can't be replace and severed at the end of code. Dim p As String Set a = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("temp") i = 1 While...

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